What color to put over orange bleached hair? 4 ideas to check

mujer con pelo naranja decolorado

  • If you bleached your hair to orange, you should consider the intensity of the orange before choosing a color to apply.
  • If you went to dark orange, you can apply light ash brown 5.1.
  • Alternatively, if your hair is orange, you could apply dark blonde 6.1 or ash blonde 7.1.
  • Finally, if it’s light orange, you could apply light ash blonde 8.1.


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Now you know   what colors you can put over your orange-bleached hair.  

I’m sure something caught your attention. All the dyes I mentioned end in 1.

Can you imagine why?


  Number 1 in hair dyes indicates that they contain blue undertones. As you may know, according to the color wheel, blue neutralizes orange.  


So, any of these dyes will completely cover the orange and leave your hair ashy. This little guide will also prevent you from choosing other colors that can leave your hair on the verge of disaster.


resultado del tinte sobre pelo naranja decolorado

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Are you eager to find out what each of these colors will bring to your orange bleached hair?

Let’s get started!


If your hair is dark orange after bleaching, you can apply light ashy brown 5.1

pelo naranja decolorado a castaño claro ceniza

Light brown ash is a warm color.

Therefore,   if you’re looking to intensify the warmth of your look, conceal some small imperfections on your face, and rejuvenate your features, this color is for you.  


Best of all, you can wear it in both winter and summer.

Light ash brown 5.1 could be both permanent and semi-permanent dyes. That’s a plus.

Do you know why?


Because if your bleached orange hair is too dry, you can use a semi-permanent hair color. It doesn’t contain ammonia and isn’t applied with a developer. Therefore, you’ll have a new hair color free of hair damage.


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It’s ideal for curly hair because of the variety of brown undertones it presents as well as mocca and brownish colors.


If your hair is orange after bleaching, you can apply dark ash blonde 6.1 or ash blonde 7.1

tinte rubio oscuro ceniza para pelo naranja decolorado

In this case, there are two options. What’s the difference between dark ash blonde 6.1 and ash blonde 7.1?

There’s an almost unnoticeable difference, but   ash blonde 7.1 is more yellowish than dark ash blonde 6.1.  



  •   Dark ash blonde 6.1   is an ideal color for those who are transitioning to blondes.
  •   Ash blonde 7.1   is for women who are determined to go blonde, but are hesitant to take the final step.


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Let’s analyze the advantages of these colors for your orange bleached hair.


Dark ash blonde 6.1 on orange bleached hair

  • It’ll give you a sophisticated and elegant look.
  • It’s an ideal color for fall. It looks great with turtlenecks and 7/8 jackets.
  • If your hair is straight, it’ll bring a unique luminosity to your hair.
  • I recommend it for women over 30.


Dark ash blonde 7.1 on orange bleached hair

  • It’ll give you a relaxed and youthful look.
  • It’s an ideal color for the transition from winter to spring. It looks great with white shirts or t-shirts.
  • If your hair is wavy or curly, this color will highlight the body and volume of your mane.


If your hair is light orange after bleaching, you can apply light ash blonde 8.1

mujer disfrutando de su pelo rubio claro ceniza

This   is the summer color by excellence because it’s fresh, fun, and youthful. However, it could also be worn in winter.  


Actually, in my opinion, light ash blonde is the “all-in-one color”.


  • You can wear it in both winter and summer.
  • It looks good on curly and straight hair.
  • You can combine it with any style and color of clothes.
  • It looks good on both young and older women.


Once you decide on the color, you only have to worry about extending its duration. And that’s what I’ll talk about next.


How to keep the new color longer on orange bleached hair

shampoo azul para mantener el pelo rubio o castaño ceniza

Orange is a very persistent color. Therefore, to keep the ash undertones longer in your hair, you’ll need to use a blue shampoo to tone it.

This way, you’ll deposit blue pigments in your hair every time you wash it with the blue shampoo. This way, the shampoo will prevent the orange tones from appearing. Moreover, you won’t damage your hair because the blue shampoo contains no developer or ammonia.


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Its application is very simple. Just replace your usual shampoo with the blue shampoo once a week and leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes.

Remember that this is a general guide. So, I recommend you follow the manufacturer’s instructions of your product.



You have several color options to apply to your bleached orange hair. Remember to consider the intensity of your orange hair to choose the perfect blonde or ash brown.

Finally, after coloring your hair, use blue shampoo to prevent the orange undertones from reappearing.

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