Will light ash blonde cover orange brassy hair? Yes, if you choose the correct one

woman holds a lock of her orange hair in her hand

  • If your hair is light orange brassy, light ash blonde dye will cover the orange. Therefore, you should use light ash blonde hair dye 8.1.
  • However, if your hair is dark orange brassy, the light ash blonde dye won’t cover the orange. Instead, you should choose a dark ash blonde hair dye 6.1.
  • Finally, if your hair is medium orange brassy, the light ash blonde dye won’t cover your hair either. In that case, you could choose the ashy blonde hair color 7.1.


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 Do you want to cover up your orange brassy hair with a light ash blonde dye?  


Before you run out and buy a light ash blonde hair dye, you should keep two things in mind.

  •   First, the intensity of the orange in your hair.   Light brassy hair is different from dark brassy hair.
  •   Second, remember the color neutralization chart.   Do you know what it is?


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The neutralization chart is used to remove unwanted tones from the hair. The chart displays the opposite colors that neutralize each other.

  • Blue neutralizes orange. Ashy hair dyes or toners contain blue pigments to neutralize the orange or brassy unwanted tones.
  • Green neutralizes red.
  • Purple neutralizes yellow. Therefore, many iridescent or pearlescent hair dyes or toners contain violet pigments to neutralize them.


So, you’re on the right track. Indeed, ash blonde dyes with blue pigments neutralize brassy orange hair.

  You only have to take into account whether your hair is light, dark, or medium orange brassy. 



Light ash blonde hair dye only covers light brassy hair

L'Oréal light ash blonde hair color
Let's start with the easy part: to help you identify which dye will cover your light orange brassy hair.

In this case,   you should use a light ash blonde hair color 8.1 to remove the brassy tones from your hair.  


How did you get light orange hair?


Light orange hair appears in the later stages of a bleaching session. Your hair will tend to be brassy or yellow according to the color you start from.

Light oranges are always the result of bleaching light browns or dark blondes.

In this case, your hair is blonde level 8. Therefore,   when you apply the light ash blonde dye, (8.1 dye) the bleaching level won’t change. 


However, the blue or ashy pigments in the dye will neutralize the brassy ones.


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If your hair is dark orange brassy, you should use a dark ash blonde dye 6.1

Dark brassy hair is very common after bleaching when the natural hair is brown.

  Dark orange hair is level 4.4 or 5.4. Therefore, dark ash blonde dye 6.1 will cover the orange completely.  


Why shouldn't you apply a light ash blonde dye 8.1 in this case?


If your hair is 4.4, and you apply light ash blonde 8.1, the developer will lighten your hair even more brassy.


If your hair is medium orange, you should apply a 7.1 ash blonde hair dye

Medium orange brassy hair, as we call it in the salon, is always the result of a faded blonde dye or a bad bleach.

In this case, it’s not so strident or light brassy, but it isn’t dark either.

A medium color doesn’t look good on anyone. It's a dull color that darkens the face and doesn't disguise gray hair.

  To neutralize it, you should use a 7.1 ash blonde hair dye.  


Other ways to cover orange brassy hair

orange hair toner application before and after
We often think that the simplest solution to cover orange hair is to apply hair dye.

However, as you may have noticed, this solution has some complications. For example, you need to distinguish the intensity of the brassy tones in your hair and choose the right ash blonde hair dye according to your base color.


Also, if your hair is orange, it's probably because you bleached it. Bleaching always damages the hair because it takes away moisture and nutrients.

Therefore, by applying hair dye, you add a chemical process to weak and dry hair.

Can you opt for less damaging alternatives to ash blonde hair dye?


Yes! Let’s see.

  •   Blue toning shampoo.   This product can be used on both light and dark brassy hair. This type of shampoo is applied up to twice a week for three to five minutes depending on the manufacturer. The blue pigments adhere to the outer layer of the hair to neutralize the brassy tones. You can start using it before applying an ashy dye.
  •   Toner.   Toner is a coloring tool to neutralize unwanted colors after bleaching. It’s widely used in salons. It includes pure colors, such as blue, violet, and green, which are widely used in salons. Some brands also launched toners for home use, such as Wella. If you want to cover your brassy orange hair, you can opt for two Wella's toners, T18 and T14, They’ll remove any orange residue and leave your hair ashy and even.


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If you’re inexperienced in coloring, and want to cover your orange brassy hair with hair dye, my advice as a professional is that you go to a salon.

An expert can tell your bleaching level to know if it’s dark, light, or medium, and apply the corresponding ash blonde hair dye.

A professional can even recommend other alternatives such as balayage or highlights to cover the orange brassy.

A stylist will also check if your hair can withstand the process.



Light ash blonde hair color can help you cover orange brassy hair if your bleaching level is light. In that case, you should apply a light ash blonde 8.1 dye.

Alternatively, if your hair is dark orange, the best dye to cover the orange is 6.1. Finally, if your hair is medium orange, the best dye to use is 7.1.

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