Swimming with hair dyed purple, red or any other semi-permanent color

  • If you colored your hair with a semi-permanent dye, be it purple, red, blue, or any other color, you should not swim in the pool or the sea for at least 72 hours.
  • Chlorine, salt water, and exposure to ultraviolet rays make the pigments in semi-permanent dye fade more quickly.
  • After those first 72 hours, you should also take extra care. Here I’ll tell you how to make sure that sea and pool water don´t become your hair color’s worst enemy.


faded semi permanent dye

The rainbow decided to take a vacation, and it came down from the sky to the earth, coloring the heads of hundreds of ladies who love fantasy colors.

Hair dyed purple, blue, green, blue, and red are becoming more common, and it has to do with semi-permanent dyes.



Besides the fact that the hair dyes are beautiful and very personal, you can use them for a while because they fade with washings.

However, they have an enemy. It is hidden in saltwater and chlorinated water. It is an enemy that can make that pretty semi-permanent dye fade as you enjoy a few laps in the pool.


And the reason is simple.

 All dyes take between 48 and 72 to fully set. So, if you wet your dyed hair in the pool or the sea, you’ll lose some of the pigmentation. 


Summer in the southern hemisphere is approaching and, with it, vacation planning. But you have many doubts and want to be prepared. After all, there are dozens of snapshots waiting for you to take for your Instagram account.

Should you dye your hair if you’re going to enjoy a few days at sea or in a hotel with a pool? And, if you color it, how do you take care of it, so you don’t leave a trail of color every time you swim?


Don’t worry about it.

I’m one of those who welcome the summer with a smile, and I was hoping you could do it too. So, today I’ll tell you:

  • How to care for semi-permanently colored hair when swimming in a pool
  • Semi-permanent dye care on the beach

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How to care for semi-permanent colored hair when swimming in a pool

chlorine affects hair

We must face it: chlorine is a fierce enemy for any semi-permanent hair dye color because it can fade up to 60% of the pigments.

If we continue to rely on mathematics, this means that if your semi-permanent dye usually lasts 20 washes, after swimming in the pool several times, you will notice your color fading after 10 washes.

When you swim, you obviously increase your hair washing frequency.


 Chlorine is a chemical that keeps the pool water crystal clear and free of moss and bacteria. However, it also sweeps away recently applied dye. 

What can you do to avoid it?


The obvious answer would be to swim less or, better yet, avoid the pool.

But, the pool is there, tempting you with the crystal clear water that could give you a relief from the scorching sun’s rays.


That’s why  the first thing you’ll do is not fall into temptation at least for 72 hours after you’ve dyed your hair. 

Once you have overcome the temptation, the strategy begins.

Take note because your purple, green or red hair needs you in this battle against chlorine, and you won’t give up.


  • Wear a swim cap

Yes, the same one you used when you were little and attended swimming lessons.

It may not be very glamorous, but it  is the only thing that will prevent the semi-permanent dye from fading with the chlorine in the pool. 


If at any time, and in the excitement of winning the Olympic medal, the cap came off and the chlorinated water came in contact with your hair, rinse it with tap water immediately.


  • Use color depositing shampoo

for dyed purple hair

Yes, one more product on the must-have list for colored hair care. You should choose the shampoo that deposits pigments of the same color as your semi-permanent hair color.

If you want better results, apply it directly to your dry hair, leave it in for 20 minutes, and continue with your regular wash.


 Pay attention here. You can’t avoid this product! You must use it! If you don’t add pigment to your hair dye, you will have to re-dye in less than a week.  

Just as you take care of your skin with sunscreen, you should take care of your hair. If you don’t, you will leave a beautiful multicolored trail behind you.


Now, what will happen to your colored hair if you swim in the sea?

You can imitate the movements of the mermaids, but always take care of the hair color. And that’s what I’m talking about next.


Caring for semi-permanent dye at the beach

salt removes pigments from hair

Bad news!

Both chlorinated water and saltwater are harmful to the pigments in the semi-permanent dye.


I know you’re planning to go to the beach, looking for relaxation and fun. You even felt that “this” was your summer and that you had gathered enough courage to get on a surfboard.

I won’t clip your wings. You can still try to ride the wave-like the great champions, but you will have to take extreme care of your colored hair. Yes, life is full of ups and downs.

Why do you have to take such extreme care?


 Because your colored hair will be fighting a battle against several elements.  So, let’s take a look at your strategy to protect your hair color while you enjoy the beach.


  • Wear a hat

protect keratin from uv rays

The sun is a natural lightener.

So,  the first thing you'll do is buy a hat, or a bandana, or a scarf, or something that will protect your colored hair from the sun's rays. 


The hat will not only protect your hair from the sun's rays. It will also defend it from sand, which can be very corrosive. When wind and sand meet, the cocktail is deadly to your hair because it produces the same effect as an exfoliating soap.

If you have long hair, tie it in a beautiful braid to prevent the wind from doing its tricks.


  • Wet your hair with tap water before and after swimming in the sea

with shampoo and conditioner

Saltwater contains mineral salts that can fade your semi-permanent dye in a short time. Up to 75% of the color may fade on a beach day.

So, if your semi-permanent dye lasts for 20 washes, swimming in the sea is equivalent to 17 washes. Is that clear?

The best thing would be for you to wear a swim cap, but I know you won't because even I don't do that. It's all about being realistic and coming up with ideas that work.


So,  the best thing will be to wet your hair with tap water before and after swimming in the sea.  Most beaches have showers. You can also keep a two-liter water bottle handy and use it exclusively for wetting your hair.

As it absorbs the water from the tap water, the hair fiber swells, and it can no longer retain the saltwater's mineral salts. So, your color won't fade quickly.


  • Revitalize color with a pigment depositing shampoo

shampoo deposits red pigments

Your vacation bag may be missing the latest fashion lipstick, your favorite novel, and even your cell phone  . Still, you can't miss a color depositing shampoo with pigments identical to your dye. 

This product will make your hair color last much longer while you enjoy the sea and the beach.



It is strictly forbidden to swim in the sea and pool for at least 72 hours after dyeing your hair with a semi-permanent dye.

If you don't respect this statement, your color will fade as quickly as the waves come and go.

Protect your hair using items such as hats and swim caps and always have a color depositing shampoo at hand.

This way, you will be able to enjoy the summer, the pool, and the sea without any fear.

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