My bleached hair is falling out in clumps, can I still save it?

  • If your hair falls out in clumps after bleaching, you may have used more peroxide than necessary or not waited long enough between bleaching sessions.
  • The only way to save your hair is to remove the damaged parts so that it grows stronger and healthier.
  • You will also need to do intensive nourishing and moisturizing treatments to strengthen your hair, prevent breakage and stop hair loss.


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Is your bleached hair falling out in clumps?

The first thing you should do is stay calm.

I know these circumstances can be difficult, but it’s the only thing that will save you from making bad decisions in a hurry.


So first, “breathe”.

Because, as Luis Fonsi sings, I know that you are “blindly walking between fear and sorrow”.

You feel completely devastated, alone and want to hit the wall.


However, calm down and take a deep breath.

 If you’ve just bleached your hair and now it’s falling out in clumps, clean up the whole space you’ve been working in. 

Throw away whatever you have to throw away and, while you do it, keep breathing deeply.

Do you feel better now?


If you still need a little more time to feel calm, try listening to your favorite relaxation song. Remember how your mother would comfort you when you were younger. Keep breathing slowly.

Now, do you feel calm enough to keep reading carefully?


Keep it up, because the first thing I’m going to tell you is that the world will keep on turning.

Your loved ones will not stop loving you, nor will you have to exile to another country or change friends if you start losing hair after bleaching.

Your hair falling out is not what you were looking for, but it’s no use stabbing yourself. The most important thing is to understand what went wrong during the bleaching process. Do you know why?


Because only then can you avoid the same mistakes in the future.

In addition, because you really have to focus on what you can change, and not on what you cannot.

You can’t go back and undo the bleaching to prevent your hair from falling out.

However, what you can do is take action and do everything you can to stop the fall.


Remember, we must have the calm to accept the things that cannot be changed, the courage to change the things that can be changed and the wisdom to recognize the difference.

Do you feel you have the serenity, courage and wisdom to face this moment?


Then, stay with me, because I will tell you:

  • Why your hair is falling out in chunks after bleaching
  • What to do if your hair starts to fall out after bleaching


Don’t stop breathing, because you are already on the way to solving the problem

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Why your hair is falling out in clumps after bleaching

hand showing hair

While maintaining your serenity, I ask you to really look at what is going on in your hair.

Does your hair fall out in clumps or is it just a handful of hair?

  • If you really have chunks of hair caught between your fingers when you run them through your hair or in your comb when you brush it, it’s best to ask a professional stylist.
  • If it’s just a handful of hair, you shouldn’t panic. After bleaching, it’s normal for weaker or dryer hair to fall out due to the chemical reaction.


Therefore, if it’s just a handful of hairs, I ask you to go back to the time when you prepared the elements to perform the bleaching.

You used developer and bleaching powder. What developer volume did you use?

Concentrate and think, because this is a very important detail.


  • Was it a 40 or 50-volume developer?

If so, that may be the reason why your hair falls out in chunks after bleaching.

Bleaching should be done with peroxide or 30-volume developer.


 If you used a higher volume developer, your hair obviously didn’t withstand the chemical reaction or heat and broke. 

The 40 or 50-volume developer can be very harmful to your hair, even more so if your hair was previously bleached. And this is where I want to stop.


  • Was it the first time, the second time or the third time you bleached your hair? How much time passed between one bleaching and another?

If you bleach your hair too often and don’t allow a reasonable amount of time between one bleaching treatment and another, the hair loses thickness and elasticity, causing the hair fiber to break. When the hair fiber breaks, hair falls out.

In addition, the volumes of peroxide or developer add up. What does this mean?

 If you used 30-volume peroxide when you did the first bleach and 20-volume when you did the second bleach, you actually bleached your hair with 50 volumes of peroxide in a short time. 


Surely, now you understand why you have this sudden hair loss after bleaching. Since you can’t undo the process, you need to focus on what you can do. That’s what I’m going to talk to you about next.


What to do if your hair starts to fall out after bleaching

Now that you are more relaxed, the first thing I recommend is that you visit a salon and ask a professional stylist.

Unfortunately, it’s not something you can solve on your own and a stylist will do a diagnostic to evaluate the health of your hair.


 If your hair is burned, she will be able to trim it to even out what has fallen out and repair the rest of the hair with specific professional products.  In this case, any type of moisturizer mask you buy at the supermarket will not work.

They are specific products to rebuild the core of the hair fiber.


Unfortunately, it is essential to remove the burned part of the hair. So, you must cut it.

Believe me,  the moment you cut away the damaged parts, you’re giving your hair a second chance.  That shows you have the courage to change the things you can change.


Once you’ve got rid of the burned hair, it’s important that you incorporate intense hair care routines. It’s not too complex and your hair deserves it.


  • Choose moisturizing masks for chemically damaged hair.

There are several brands with specialized lines for repairing chemically abused hair. They usually contain keratin, coconut and argan repair oils, hydrolyzed proteins and vitamins B5 and B12. Applying them is very simple:

  1. Wet your hair and apply the moisturizing mask from root to tip, covering your hair with a cap.
  2. Leave in for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.
  3. Repeat this process every 3 days for at least 8 weeks.


  • Use coconut and argan oil.

keeps hair hydrated

Two undisputed allies of your hair’s health. Coconut oil penetrates the hair fiber to its core to moisturize it, while argan oil repairs the damaged structure and moisturizes the outside of the hair fiber.

  1. Apply a few drops from root to tip during the day and rinse at night. You can also apply it at night and rinse in the morning.
  2. Use them twice a week and you’ll see your hair become more manageable and easier to style.


  • Moisturize your hair daily with micellar water.

helps moisturize hair after bleaching

Micellar water is truly a miracle moisturizer for dry or burned hair.

Spray the micellar water 6 inches from your hair, every 2 hours, during the day. It absorbs quickly, leaving your hair shiny and silky.



If your hair falls out in clumps after bleaching, it has obviously suffered irreversible damage. Therefore, the first step is to completely remove the burned parts. To do this, it is best to consult a professional stylist.

This will help the hair fiber strengthen and grow healthier.


It is also important that you intensify your hair hydration treatments, using specific masks for hair damaged by chemical processes. In addition, that you incorporate coconut or argan oil and micellar water into your daily routine.

The recovery will be slow, but you will be on the safe side. After four or five months, you will be able to enjoy healthy and strong hair again.

Remember, serenity, courage and wisdom!

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