Can I Tone My Hair Twice In a Week? I don’t recommend it

you can tone your hair twice a week

  • You shouldn’t tone your hair twice a week. You should wait at least three weeks before reapplying the toner.
  • First, toning your hair twice a week will severely damage it.
  • Second, your hair may end up purple or blue.
  • Lastly, if you apply toner twice, the color will fade faster because your hair will be saturated with pigment.


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How long should I wait to tone my hair again?


 Are you thinking about toning your hair twice a week?  

If your answer is yes, I imagine one of these two things is happening:

  • You didn’t achieve the color you wanted.
  • Your hair is still yellow or orange after toner.


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I can also imagine that you’re frustrated, but you shouldn’t make any hasty decisions.

It’s like when a spark of fire flies out of the fireplace into the curtains and the fire starts to spread.

Would you try to put out the fire with a lit match?


Of course not. At least, I hope not.

Now, let’s take this example to your toned hair.

You’ve bleached your hair. That means your hair went through a chemical process, but not just any chemical process. Bleaching is one of the most aggressive chemical processes for hair.


In good, professional hands, the damage is always controlled and minor. In inexperienced hands, the damage can be severe.

Anyway, you bleached your hair and it resisted the bleaching process. I imagine you did the strand test before applying the toner.

However, if you didn’t, the least you can do is to do it before toning your hair again.


Let’s imagine the test confirms that your hair would withstand the process and you apply the toner. The next day, you look in the mirror and realize that you still don’t like the color.

So, you think about toning your hair again. Since you can’t wait because you feel the urge to see your hair the way you dreamed, you decide you’re going to tone it again.

No waiting. No thinking about what might happen to your hair.

Do you want me to tell you what can happen to your hair?

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Toning your hair twice a week can ruin the color

toning hair twice in a week ruins it

I’m sorry to be so straightforward, but this requires it.

 “] If you tone your hair twice a week, you’re putting out a fire with more fire. 


But I’d like to talk about hair toning.

Toner neutralizes unwanted colors to achieve a particular hair tone. It also adds color or revitalizes your mane.


It’s applied with a 20-volume developer to open the cuticles. Then, ammonia fixes it in the core and changes the color.

But coloring doesn’t end the moment you rinse the toner out. The toner’s pigment absorption process is a bit more complicated.

The toner slowly settles into your hair and waits for your core to absorb it. But it doesn’t absorb it immediately.   It can take up to three days for the hair to absorb the toner pigments.  


So, if you toned your hair, and it didn’t even take two days, how can you know for sure that the first toning didn’t work?

You can’t.

That’s why   you should wait at least three days after the first coloring to know what color results in your hair. 


Also, if you tone your hair twice in one week, you’ll saturate it with pigments. The most commonly used toners are violet or blue.

  •   If you tone your hair once in a week.   the toner will neutralize strident colors.
  •   If you tone your hair twice in a week.  your hair may end up purple or blue. You’ll definitely ruin your hair color.

But we still have to get to the tricky part.


If you tone your hair twice in one week, you’ll severely damage it

hair loss after toner

At this point, you can’t pretend you don’t know what’s going to happen to your hair.

A few moments ago, I explained what happened to your hair when you bleached it. Also, what happened when you toned it for the first time.


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Then, it’s time for you to make a conscious decision.

There’s a lot of talk about “mindfulness” these days. Mindful eating, mindful breathing, mindful attention, etc.

Well, from this moment on, you and I are going to be riding the “mindful hair health” trend together.

It means paying full attention to your hair.


  If you tone your hair twice in one week, you’ll dry out your hair fiber to the point of breakage.   Your hair went through several chemical sessions after bleaching and toner application.

It won’t resist a new coloring session.

Then, you have two ways out:

  •   Toning your hair twice in one week   and risk burning it out.
  •  Make a conscious decision   and wait three weeks to tone it again.


You should wait to tone it again. In the meantime, in a “conscious” way, you should moisturize your hair with masks.

Also, be patient. After three hair washes, take a look at the color.

If you didn’t like the color because it was too bright the first time,   chances are that the color will be paler after three washes.  


Maybe, you don’t even need to tone your hair again.

If you think you need to tone your hair again after those three washes, you won’t be able to do it for another three weeks.

Your hair also needs “conscious” care.



If you don’t like the result after toning your hair, you need to wait for at least three weeks to tone it again. In the meantime, you can use a toning shampoo.

The toning shampoo doesn’t contain ammonia and isn’t applied with a developer. So, it’ll help you tone your hair without having to expose it to a new chemical process.

My final advice is to use the toning shampoo after you have washed your toned hair two or three times.

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