What to do when your highlights grow out: you have 4 options

woman covers her hair with her hands because she doesn't know what to do with overgrown highlights

  • When your highlights grow out, you have four options until your next color renewal. We’ll start with the easiest one.
  • Option 1: change your hairstyle. You can do ponytails, braids, and curls, so the focus is on your hairstyle rather than your grown-out highlights. Avoid hairstyles with a middle part.
  • Option 2: if you have warm-colored highlights that have turned orange, wash your hair with blue shampoo to keep them ashy-colored until the next color renewal.
  • Option 3: if you have light blonde highlights that have gone yellow, use violet shampoo to make them pearly-colored.
  • Option 4: if you have a lot of gray roots, use a root touch-up spray dye to disguise them.


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How long does it take for highlights to grow out completely?


You’re probably experiencing it firsthand. Highlights need a lot of maintenance. And I’m not going to go into details, because by now, I’m sure you know the routine of going to the salon regularly to maintain your highlights.


But logically, life isn’t always the same. Every day brings surprises, and your present obligations may prevent you from doing your highlights as often as you’d like to.

And then, what happens?  Your highlights keep growing. And each time you look in the mirror, you feel like smashing it into a thousand pieces. 


But don’t do that, because breaking mirrors can bring you seven years of bad luck. And in this day and age, no one needs seven years of bad luck.

That’s why I’m about to give you some options that you can put into practice right now if your highlights have grown out and you can’t get to the salon to renew them.


If your highlights have grown out, the easiest option is to change your hairstyle

hairstyle with braid to do when highlights grow

 This will help you hide your roots. 

Try to avoid hairstyles with a middle part and straight hair. Why? Either of these two hairstyles will expose your roots and your overgrown highlights will be more noticeable.

Want some ideas on how to disguise your highlights as they grow out?

  •  If you want to create a fun look , dampen your hair, then twist it into a bun. When your hair dries, let it down and you’ll have awesome beach waves.
  •  If you want a rebellious look , make curls, using curlers or flexible rods. This hairstyle should be done on your hair before bedtime. Sleeping with curlers in may be a little uncomfortable, but the results will be amazing the next morning. What do you do? Wet your hair, separate your hair into small sections, and roll each of those sections into the rollers. The next morning, remove the rollers, comb your curls with your fingers, and go out into the world, proving that your overgrown highlights are not a problem in your life.
  •  Surprise with a Viking-style look , with diagonal braids, ponytails with loose braids, and half braids with waves in the rest of your hair.


 The more volume you have in your hair, the more you’ll disguise the growth of the highlights until you go to the salon for a renewal. 


If your highlights have grown out and changed color, use a toning shampoo

blue shampoo for grown highlights

This is a simple and economical solution that you can use for a month or more until you go to the salon to renew your highlights.

 Why did your highlights change color as they grew? 


Because the toner you applied to your highlights to tone them has faded. And when the toner fades, harsh colors such as yellow or orange appear.

  •  If you got highlights in warm colors like honey, caramel, or chocolate , when they grow out, they can turn orange. Wash your hair once a week with blue shampoo to neutralize the orange, so your highlights stay ashy.
  •  If your blonde highlights have grown out and turned yellowish , use a purple shampoo once or twice a week to make them pearly-blonde again.


If your highlights have grown out and you’re getting a lot of gray, use a root touch-up dye

Don’t panic. Root touch-up dye is a spray that covers your gray hair completely in just a few minutes. It lasts until you wash your hair.

Simply comb through your hair, exposing the gray roots. Apply the root touch-up spray about four inches away from the roots. Then comb it through gently to distribute the dye.

You can find root touch-up sprays in various colors, from dark to light.



Don’t panic if your highlights have grown out and you don’t have time to go to the salon for a color renewal. You can disguise your highlights when they grow with different hairstyles or wash your hair with toning shampoo once a week.

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