How long should you wait to use heat on your hair after dyeing it?

woman with dyed hair and hairdryer in hand

  • To use a blow dryer after dyeing your hair, you should wait three days.
  • To use a straightener after dyeing your hair, you should wait one week.
  • To use a curler after dyeing your hair, you will have to wait 10 days.


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No matter what type of heat tool you want to use on your hair, you should be aware of one thing:  heat is the worst enemy of color-treated hair. 



Because when you apply heat to your color-treated hair, you lose moisture. That is, the moisture in your hair evaporates both when you blow dry your hair and when you straighten or curl it.

But unfortunately, moisture isn’t the only thing your hair loses when you use heat tools.  Along with the water, the color molecules of the dye also evaporate. 


So your color will become less intense and more faded and will last for much less time.


Therefore,  if you want your dye to last longer, it’s essential you wait a few days after coloring your hair to use heat tools. 

Because this way, the dye will finish settling into the inner layer of the hair, and then the heat from the tools won’t affect it as much.

Want to know how long you should wait to use each heat tool on your color-treated hair? Read on.


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After dyeing your hair you should wait three days to use your hair dryer

hair dryer

 The blow dryer is one of the least damaging heat tools for colored hair.  While it can reach high temperatures, you also have the option of using it on medium or low heat.

Why does the heat from a blow dryer damage the hair less than heat from a straightener, for example?


It’s because the dryer only expels the air it sucks in through the back. And to reach high temperatures, it contains a regulator that increases the heat according to how you set it.

In addition,  the dryer doesn’t have direct contact with your hair . You should always use it at a distance of at least fifteen centimeters away from your hair.


However, you should also be aware of this. If you use the blow dryer at its maximum temperature and blow dry your hair every day, after a few months you may notice that your ends have dried out and will be lighter in color.

I recommend that if you use the hair dryer at a high temperature, apply a few drops of heat protectant to your damp hair first. This will help to maintain the color of the dye for longer.

And remember,  once you dye your hair, it’s important you wait three days to use the dryer and if possible, use it on a lower setting. 


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After dyeing your hair you should wait a week to use the straightener

woman ironing her dyed hair

Yes, I know it may seem like overkill to wait a week to straighten your hair after dyeing it. But trust me,  if you want your hair color to last longer, you should wait. 


Because the straightener is made with two ceramic plates that contain two heating elements. These can reach temperatures of up to 450°F or 230°C. And that’s a lot, a real lot of heat.

When you run the straightener through your hair, you’ll notice steam rising. That’s not smoke, it’s the evaporation of moisture from your hair.  If you straighten your hair immediately after dyeing it, along with the moisture, the color molecules will evaporate. 

Therefore, the color will most likely look faded and dull.


That’s why I recommend you start using the straightener at least a week after dyeing your hair. Because this way, your hair will have finished absorbing the dye pigments.

It’s also a good idea to use a heat protectant before straightening dyed hair. You should also avoid using the straightener more than once a week.


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After dyeing your hair you should wait ten days to use the curler

A curler reaches very high temperatures, similar to those reached by a straightener. But curlers are more damaging to your hair. Why? Because  when you twist the hair in the curling tongs, the heat can cause the hair to break. 

When hair can’t withstand heat, it breaks.


So, what if after dyeing your hair, you immediately use the curler? Apart from the color fading faster, you can also irreversibly damage your hair.

Finally, it’s vital you use a heat protectant before curling your dyed hair.



Now you know how long you should wait to use heat on your hair after dyeing it. Unfortunately, heat tools make the color of the dye fade faster.

That’s why it’s important to use a heat protectant before applying heat to your dyed hair. You should also reduce the use of a blow dryer, straightener, and curler as much as possible.

As a general rule, in the case of curlers and straighteners, I recommend using them once a week at the most.

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