How long does L’Oréal HiColor last? Does it last longer or shorter than other permanent hair dyes?

lasts longer than other permanent dyes

  • L’Oréal HiColor lasts between 5 and 8 weeks. It’s a long time compared with the duration of other permanent hair dyes that last between 3 and 5 weeks.
  • Of course, this duration will always depend on how you take care of the color: the more you care for it, the longer it’ll last.
  • Another thing that also influences the duration of HiColor is the shade you choose. For example, reds are the least long-lasting shades.


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Oh, how we are!

You’ve just colored your hair that HiColor shade you wanted for months. Now you’re wondering how long the color will last.

At what university do they award a Bachelor of Science degree in the Sciences of Non-Enjoyment?


 Firstly, I have to tell you not to worry about how long the HiColor will last. It won’t fade overnight. 


Hair dye duration doesn’t work like that.

HiColor will fade gradually. How will you notice?


tone the color

Because the color will gradually lose brightness and intensity, which is normal.

What is not normal is for the HiColor hair dye to last less than 5 weeks.  If it lasts less than that, don’t blame the hair dye, the phases of the moon, or the friend who helped you dye your hair. 

It may have to do with you. You won’t have to pay a fine or go to prison. Instead, you’ll have to dye your hair again and learn some issues.


They have to do with the care of the HiColor pigments.

It reminds me of my favorite black pants. I loved them so much that I washed them every other day to wear them again. One day, when I paired it with a black shirt, I noticed the color difference.

My pants weren’t deep black anymore. Instead, they were a washed-out shade!


The same goes for hair.

If you wash your colored hair every day, you’ll have to touch it up more often. But there’s also another very important factor: the color you choose. Today, I’ll tell you which HiColor lasts the longest.

First things, first.

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How to care for your HiColor color-treated hair to make it last longer

dyeing hair red without bleaching

HiColor lasts approximately 5 to 8 weeks.

It lasts longer than other permanent hair dyes due to the strength of its pigments. Also, it’s applied with a 30-volume developer, which helps lock the color into the hair core.

 The higher the developer volume, the stronger the reaction. 

What does this have to do with the duration of HiColor?


All in good time and you will understand. The vast majority of permanent hair dyes are applied with a 20-volume developer, which is perfect for changing hair color.

But  HiColor needs a 30-volume developer on dark and medium colors and a 40-volume on blondes. 


Don’t forget that it’s designed for women with natural or artificial dark hair who want to avoid bleaching.

Of course, although it’s less aggressive than bleaching, HiColor needs more strength to color dark shades.

The stronger the reaction, the deeper the pigment will be absorbed. So, the color will last up to about eight weeks.


If you want the color to last that long and maintains its brightness and intensity for long, you must take care of it

uses dry shampoo between washes

  • Don’t use very hot water when washing your hair because the cuticles will open up and expel hair dye.
  • If you want to moisturize your hair, I recommend using natural products such as argan or jojoba oil.
  • Don’t dry your hair by rubbing it with a towel too hard. Otherwise, you’ll cause pigment loss.
  • Wait at least 72 hours for the first wash to help your hair fully absorb the color.


The HiColor shade you choose also influences the duration.


Some HiColor shades may last longer than others do

L’Oréal offers a wide palette of HiColor shades. However, some shades lose pigmentation much faster than others do.

 The base color on which you apply the hair dye is related to that duration. 

Traditional bases, such as brown or dark blonde, help disguise the growth when it starts to fade. The same goes for blondes and gray hair.


The more grays you have, the lighter the blonde you choose to disguise the growth.

If you apply a violet or red shade over a brown base, the hair will be uneven when the hair dye starts to fade.



L’Oréal HiColor lasts longer than other permanent hair dyes. Also, it offers vibrant, innovative colors.

However, you should wash your hair less frequently with warm to cold water to extend the duration. Finally, if you choose a color such as violet, red, or magenta, maintain the color with a color depositing shampoo.

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