Does your hair go back to normal after highlights?

hair returns to normal after highlights

  • Your hair doesn’t go back to normal after highlights because highlights are a permanent change to your hair.
  • That’s because you have to bleach your hair to get highlights. Bleaching your hair is a IRREVERSIBLE process during which you remove your natural hair color to lighten it several tones.
  • Because of that, once you’ve gotten the highlights, you can’t undo the process to make your hair go back to normal. If you don’t like how the highlights turned out, there are other things you can do to hide them. I’ll tell you about that soon.


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2 ways to get rid of your highlights forever: let your hair grow or dye it to your natural color


Disappointed? Well, unfortunately it’s the truth.

 If you get highlights, you have to bleach your hair and there’s no going back. 


Because bleaching your hair changes your hair structure permanently.

  • Bleaching  changes your hair color permanently  because it gets rid of the pigments in your hair, both natural and artificial.
  • And  it also changes the structure , because in addition to getting rid of pigments, it gets rid of nutrients. Because of that, your hair will dry out.


Even though you can’t get your natural hair color back after bleaching your hair, you can always repair it to get the lost moisture and nutrients back.


But, your natural color will never come back after getting highlights. At least,  the hair you bleached and where you applied the highlights won’t go back to normal. 

Of course, the hair that grows in after getting highlights will be normal hair. I mean that the new hair that grows in will be your natural color.


So, what can you do if you get tired of or don’t like your highlights to make your hair go back to normal?

You have two options. I invite you to keep reading to discover which one is best for you.

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If you want your hair to go back to normal after getting highlights, use a dye that is the same color as your natural color on your whole head

cover highlights with hair dye

That  will leave your hair the same color as before you got the highlights. 

But let’s break this down.


When you got highlights, the change you made to your hair was permanent and irreversible because you bleached your hair.

Bleaching your hair is a chemical process in which you use a mixture of two chemicals, developer and bleach powder.


When you apply that bleach mixture to your hair, it removes color, both natural and artificial from your hair to lighten it several tones.

This change is permanent because it happens inside the innermost part of your hair, the part called to medulla.  By lightening your hair color in the medulla, your hair will not go back to normal. 


If you got highlights and you don’t like the result or you’ve gotten tired of the highlights, what you can do is dye your hair your natural color.

Now, I don’t want to lie to you.  Your hair won’t go back to normal. But what you’ll get is hair that looks the same color as it was before you got the highlights. 


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And I should also be realistic with you. Once you use the dye to hide the highlights, you should be very strict about maintaining the color.

Because as you wash your hair, the dye will start to fade, revealing the highlights beneath.

Although your hair won’t go back to normal, covering the highlights with dye is the most common way to “get rid” of them.


Now, what happens if you don’t want to have to deal with touching up your dye all the time?

Hmm, well there’s another solution, but I don’t know if you’re going to like it.


If you want your hair to go back to normal after highlights, but you don’t want to dye your hair, you should cut it

cut hair with highlights to match color

Of course, when I say it like that, it sounds like I’m announcing the end of the world. But don’t worry, we’ve heard that before and, well, we’re all still here.

 When I say you should cut your your hair, you can do it progressively .

It all depends on how much you want to cut off while waiting for your hair to go back to normal.


You should always keep in mind that, on average, hair grows an inch a month. Keep in mind that I wrote “on average.”

So, there will be some women whose hair grows an inch and a half a month and others whose hair grows half an inch.

With that in mind:

  •  You can cut a few inches each month to progressively  get rid of the bleached hair.
  •  Or you can cut off most of your hair , and adopt a style like a bob, lob, pixie or layers.


You should also keep in mind that if you cut your hair often, it will grow faster. Because if you have damaged, split or dry ends, you need to cut them so the nutrients your hair’s medulla sends aren’t “lost” and your hair can grow at normal speed.

If you cut your hair, even just a little trim, every month you’ll see that it starts to grow in healthier and faster.

And, each time you get those ends trimmed, you’ll be getting rid of some of the bleached hair.



Highlights are a permanent change to your hair, so your hair won’t go back to normal until new hair has grown in.

If you’ve gotten tired of your highlights, you can cover them with a dye the same color as your natural color. Or, if you don’t want to use a dye, the only solution is to cut your hair to get rid of all the bleached hair.

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