Olaplex vs Keratin treatment: Which one should you choose for your hair?

a lot of frizz and dry ends

New hair treatments in the last few decades offer all types of benefits and advantages. But although they may all seem the same, they’re not in the slightest. And that’s the same with Olaplex and keratin treatment.

  • If you’re looking to end frizz or replenish moderately damaged hair, the best option for you is keratin treatment. It is also easy to get and is done in just one application, and it works by nourishing the external layer of your hair.
  • On the other hand, if your hair is extremely damaged because of excessive use of the straightening iron or chemicals like dye and bleach, the best thing you can invest in is the Olaplex treatment. It’s more expensive than keratin, but it’ll repair your hair from within the capillary fiber at a molecular level, and it should be applied in three different sessions.


They may seem the same, but they aren’t.

Not in price, nor in objectives, nor in the application, although both of them are good treatments when it comes to hair repair.

While it’s true that both of them play a role in repairing hair fibers, they do it in different ways.


 While Olaplex works from within the hair fiber at a molecular level, the keratin only repairs the external part of the hair fiber. 

This is why Olaplex is recommended for hair that has been extremely damaged by bleaching chemicals, repeated application of dye, or even the excessive use of heat, with tools such as the hair drier and straightener.


As you can see, you should decide between one treatment or the other, depending on your hair health and what you’re hoping to achieve, so that for each dollar you spend, you know it’s well invested.

And so you can make the most accurate decision, today I’ll let you know the secrets about each of these two nutritive treatments. So stick around, because I’ll tell you:

  • The important differences between Olaplex and keratin
  • How to apply a keratin treatment
  • How to make the most of an Olaplex treatment.


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The important difference between Olaplex and keratin

To understand the most important differences between each treatment, we need to keep in mind several factors, which include the following:

  • The health of your hair fibers and the goal of treatment
  • Prices and the ease of getting the products

Let’s start with the health of your hair fibers.


For what hair type is each product recommended?

  • Olaplex works at a molecular level inside the hair fiber, joining together molecular chains, which are broken due to coloring and bleaching treatments. This product puts the molecular chains back together, and in this way, the hair fiber is restructured.

So, if your hair shows signs of extreme damage and is at risk of breakage, Olaplex is the right treatment for you because it only works when the damage is at a molecular level.

What changes will you observe after using Olaplex?


  • First, when you brush your hair, you won’t have as much falling out.

And second, it will be stronger and shinier.

Do you know what damaged hair looks like under the microscope? It looks like a chain that’s missing links because some of them have deteriorated.

Olaplex fills in all of these broken or empty spaces in the chains so that each one becomes strong and resistant.

with argan oil

  • On the other hand, keratin works at the external level of your hair fiber and can be applied to any hair type.

Do you know why? Because keratin is a protein that’s found naturally in your hair and nails. But its power only reaches the outer layer of your hair, filling in the damaged parts that cause frizz.

So if your hair is moderately damaged, with dull, dry ends and frizz, keratin is the treatment for you.

Once you’ve used the keratin, your hair will look shiny and healthy thanks to the proteins contained in these types of treatments, and of course, you won’t have any more frizz.


Price of Olaplex and keratin and where to find them

  • On this subject, as they say where I’m from, I have good news and bad news for you. Because while keratin is really easy to get, finding Olaplex is like stumbling upon a hidden treasure. That is, it’s tough to get.

Yes, even nowadays, Olaplex is still very difficult to find. The product’s inventors intended that it would only be used in beauty salons. So, to achieve the best results, the professional experience would be required.

But nothing can stay captive forever, and today, it’s possible to get Olaplex on Amazon, for example.


  • Although you must always be careful, because they may not be original. If you don’t see a seal that authenticates it as an original, don’t buy it because it’ll only be a waste of money because it isn’t genuine.

Olaplex comes in two sizes, and its price varies between 80 to 150 dollars.


  • Also, you should keep in mind two other details.

The first is that the inventors of Olaplex recommend that you apply it with distilled water to achieve optimal results. That is, you should add the cost of the distilled water.

And secondly, don’t forget about delivery fees.


  • What about keratin? As I told you before, keratin is a protein, and for that reason, many brands offer keratin-based treatments.

So, as there will be more options, you’ll have more opportunities to find lower prices.

All of the biggest brands offer keratin treatments and other nutrients like coconut oil, argan, or aloe vera, and you’ll be able to find them in pharmacies or whatever store that sells hair products.


Have you been weighing the pros and cons of each treatment?

Then you’ll be able to know which is the right one for you. The only thing left to do is to tell you how to apply them.


Differences in the ways of applying the products


How to apply keratin

easy to apply

Concerning the application of both products, as I said before, it’s very different.

The application of keratin is much simpler, given that you can do it with a bath or mask.


If you ask me, the most effective application is with heat and in a salon.

Your stylist will apply the product, will dry it using a hairdryer, and lastly will seal it with a straightening iron. This last step provides enough heat to allow for the restructuration of the hair fiber.

You should repeat the treatment once every three months to achieve the best results.


And lastly, I recommend that you don’t dye or bleach your hair immediately after applying keratin. You should always wait at least 15 days.

You can reinforce the effects of the treatment with shampoo and conditioner enriched with keratin.

Now, let’s move on to the application of Olaplex to extremely damaged hair.


How Olaplex is applied

The Olaplex treatment includes three different bottles: Olaplex 1, 2, and 3.

Both the one and two are applied in the salon to repair hair that has been damaged by a bleaching or coloring treatment so that the molecular restructuration occurs during the process.

I advise that when you go to the salon and ask for Olaplex treatment, you inform your stylist if you want to bleach your hair or put in dye after the Olaplex.

Do you want to know why?


Because in this way, you’ll be able to mix Olaplex with the bleach or dye, given that it’s impossible to do the Olaplex treatment first, and then bleach or dye your hair because it will lose its effect.

 So your options are: you can use the Olaplex only for hair repair, or you can use it during a bleaching or coloring session, minimizing damage during application.  

The Olaplex three is the third stage of the treatment, which you should continue with at home, applying it for two weeks so that the product will have its total effect.


One detail that you should keep in mind is that all Olaplex treatments are done with distilled water, which means to say that you shouldn’t use regular water when you wash your hair, given that it could alter the effect of the treatment.

And lastly, to repair your hair from end-to-end, you should apply Olaplex once or twice per month.



  • To repair hair that has been extremely damaged from excessive use of dyes or bleach, the best option is Olaplex.
  • If you want to nourish your hair, put an end to frizz, get back the shine, and use keratin treatment.


Now, tell me, which of these treatments will you be using in your hair?

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