7 Clues to Tell if a Girl is a Natural or a Fake Blonde (don’t be fooled!)

  • At a glance, the differences between a natural and a fake blonde are the shade of blonde, the color of the roots, and the texture and shine of the hair.
  • Other hints, which should be evaluated with more time and closer to the person, are highlights, white/gray hair, and color variations.


darker roots

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Have you ever wondered if that actress you’d like to imitate has natural or artificial blonde hair?

Well, I have. When the movie starts, a sexy blonde and a sexy brunette actress appear, we all know that they are styled to fit the characters they have been assigned.


 Most likely, even their hair isn’t natural. The same happens in real life. 

We usually see women in our daily life, such as a bank employee, a hotel receptionist, an office secretary, or a doctor, wearing a gorgeous and natural blonde color. Very natural, indeed?


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You’d be amazed at how many blonde women actually owe their hair color to a hair dye. It gives them a color that looks great with their eyes and skin color.

Do you doubt whether the girl who stole the heart of the love of your life is a natural or a fake blonde?


Although knowing this won’t possibly make you get that man in your life, at least you can discover that not all that glitters is gold in that blonde girl’s life.

How will you do it?


Today, I’ll tell you the 7 foolproof clues to recognize when a woman has natural or colored blonde hair.

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Clue 1- The level of the blonde tone does not lie

young women

Natural blondes range from dark to light blonde. The other ones are artificial.


Dark blonde is similar to beige. Light blonde, in turn, is similar to a pastel yellow.

A lighter blonde than pastel yellow or light blonde would be  a platinum blonde. Unless the person is Caucasian, albino, or Nordic European, it can only be achievable with hair dye. 

Such light natural blondes don’t exist.


Clue 2 – Highlights. Nature only paints them gold or copper

Don’t ask me why natural highlights are only gold or copper. Maybe it’s because nature is too busy to create a more versatile color palette.


 If you come across a hair whose highlights look ash, mauve, reddish, or auburn, chances are that they aren’t natural blondes. 


Those tones are achieved with products that emphasize color, such as toner.

So, in that case, it would be a neat artificial blonde, but artificial.


Clue 3 – Dark roots or growths: fake blondes can’t escape them

with brush

If you want to know if your worst enemy in the office is wearing hair dye or her hair is a natural blonde, look for any excuse to get up close and look at her roots.

She could be growing out her natural blonde hair. Even if she managed to apply the same shade, which is quite unlikely, color degradation will begin in a few washes.


When that happens, the artificial pigments don’t have enough support to last. Therefore,  in a few days, you’ll be able to see the artificial color, and the truth will come out. 

Your worst enemy in the office is a colored blonde. On top of that, she’s untidy because she let her roots grow.


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Clue 4 – Pay attention to shine and texture in blonde hair. If it doesn’t shine and looks dry, it’s most likely color-treated hair

fake blonde is too yellow

Color-treated hair without proper maintenance will never have the shine or the texture of natural hair.

The reason is more than obvious. Hair that is never chemically treated, i.e. never colored or bleached, retains its internal structure in better condition than treated hair.


 Therefore, its shine and texture will always be much more noticeable.

Of course, there can always be exceptions, for example, in the case of people who suffer from an illness or receive medical treatment.


Colored or chemically treated hair tends to dry out. So, you must moisturize and nourish it must if you want to maintain the shine and texture of natural hair.

If her hair is colored and untidy, we discovered it!


Clue 5 – The weather and other issues are the worst enemies of fake blondes

Natural blondes suffer changes in the color of their hair due to chlorine from swimming pools, the sun, or the sea. In that case, the ends become lighter.

For example, I have a blonde nephew. In the summer, when he spends several days at the beach, his hair turns white. Then, it darkens progressively during the rest of the year.


 When highlights are not naturally blonde, hair will get lighter and lighter. It may even become greenish,  which proves that the color is artificial.


Clue 6 – Natural blonde hair turns white as the person ages

hide gray hair

This is one of the easiest clues to verify. White hair doesn’t grow only at the roots. In a natural blonde person, hair turns white. So, it should come from roots to tips.


 Gray hair on artificial blonde hair doesn’t completely match the shade of the hair dye. They tend to shine a bit  and tend to get the color of the hair dye undertone.

So they will be more golden, coppery, or mauve than the rest of the hair. Also, the naked eye can see the blonde color on one side, and a lighter and more pronounced blonde color on the other, which will be the gray hair.


Clue 7 – Artificial blondes will eventually degrade

from yellow to ashy

A person wearing an artificial blonde will be able to conceal it for one, two, or three months. However, eventually, their color will begin to vary, even if they always apply the same shade.


After all,  even if you touch up your roots, the artificial blonde color degrades in the mid-lengths and ends. It darkens the roots, and the mid-lengths and ends progressively lighten. 


If the color is applied to the entire head, the over-pigmentation will cause the hair to darken progressively.

In both cases, you won’t be able to keep the same color forever. This is more than evident proof that your blonde hair is artificial.



I don’t know what intrepid research work you’re doing that you’re so concerned about whether a woman is a natural or a colored blonde.


If your goal is to fool your colorist, I’m sorry to disappoint you. You won’t succeed.

In my years of experience, when someone comes to the salon for the first time to have color work done, and I ask them if their blonde color is natural, it’s out of simple courtesy. I already know the answer beforehand.

If you want to expose the secrets of your enemies, now you know how to reveal their secrets about blonde hair color.

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