Is it ok to mix red and copper hair dye? Yes, but consider this…

woman with open arms before mixing red and copper dye

  • It’s a good idea to mix red and copper hair dye if you want to achieve a unique color with a red base and copper highlights.
  • However, make sure the dyes you use are the same brand. Also, choose colors at the same level. In other words, the first number of both dyes must be the same. I’ll tell you all the details to achieve the perfect mix of red and copper dye.


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If you want to mix red and copper hair dye, there’s probably a colorist within you struggling to emerge.

And truth be told, you’re not misguided.

 Mixing red and copper hair dye is an excellent idea if you want to achieve a unique color. 


Even, if you have red-dyed hair, you can add copper tones. I’ll tell you how to do that later.

Still, to mix red and copper dye, you’ll have to consider some recommendations. I’ll give you professional advice as a colorist.

Shall we get started?


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How to mix red and copper hair dye

Step 1: Choose the best dye brand for both the red and the copper dye

Unbelievably, each brand stands out as a specialist in certain colors. For example, in this case,I recommend you choose Garnier.


Step 2: choose the most suitable red and copper dye

Garnier red dye to mix with copper dye

We already said we would mix two Garnier dyes. And now we’ll go one step further. You’ll have to look at the numbering of both dyes and choose the same main number. For example:

Garnier Nutrisse natural light golden copper dye 6.43 and Garnier Olía red dye 6.60 light intense red.

Did you notice something strange?


That’s right! You’ve probably noticed two details that stand out if you pay attention:

  • First, both dyes are from Garnier, but from two different lines. Don’t worry. The brand works with very similar components. The only difference is that in the Olía line, Garnier includes oil extracts that protect the hair, while Nutrisse incorporates avocado.
  • Secondly, both dyes have the same color level. The main number in both dyes is 6. And that’s something you should stick to when you mix red and copper hair dye, whether you use the Garnier brand or any other brand. Both dyes must have the same main number.


Step 3: Proportions of red and copper hair dye

 You should use half the red dye and half the copper dye, plus one container of a developer. 

The formula in numbers would be as follows:

30 ml red dye + 30 ml copper dye + 60 ml of a developer.


In other words, you’ll only use one of the two containers included in the two dye boxes. If your hair is longer than shoulder length, you’ll need to use more dye. Then, you can mix the two dyes with the two bottles of the developer to cover all of your hair.

Once you mix the dyes, apply the mixture and start enjoying your new hair color.


If your hair is dyed red, you can add some copper tones with a toner

woman with dyed red hair

Remember to do that when you touch up the color.

 You should mix orange toner and one 10-volume developer, apply it to your red-dyed hair, and let it act for 20 minutes. 


The toner lasts for about three weeks. So, when you touch up the color, mix red dye and copper dye of the same brand and numbering.



You can mix red and copper hair dye to achieve a unique and personalized color with a red base and copper undertones. But remember to you choose dyes of the same brand and numbering to achieve the best results.

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