Can I use blue shampoo on red hair? What color will my hair turn?

  • You should only use blue shampoo on your red hair if you want your hair to end up purple.
  • If what you want is to color your hair blue, you’ll need to use a hair dye. However, firstly, you’ll need to bleach it.
  • If you want to tone some red highlights that are too bright in your red hair, you should choose a green shampoo to neutralize them.


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I always wonder about so many crazy ideas regarding changes in hair color. I think I know where they come from.

Nowadays, information is king. However, despite so much information, misinformation also exists.


Usually, misinformation comes from those who upload videos to social networks announcing successful drastic changes in their hair.


However, nobody mentions what happens after those changes.  No one tells you that the next thing they had to do was run to the hair salon to fix the disaster. 

No one mentions the hairdresser’s efforts to save what’s left, or what she can, from that hair that was exposed to drastic changes.


 So, if your hair is red, and “someone” told you, mentioned, suggested, convinced, etc. to use a blue shampoo, stop for a moment and think. 

Why would you use it? What would you achieve?


  • Are you looking for your hair to end up in a beautiful purple color?

joico color blue

Very good! In that case, you can apply a blue shampoo to play with your purple hair for a while.

After all, and according to the laws of color, RED + BLUE= PURPLE


 If you add the blue pigments of the shampoo to your red hair, it’ll turn purple.  The purple shade you’ll get will be lighter or darker according to the red shade you have in your hair.


  • Now, if you weren’t looking for purple hair, forget about the blue shampoo! What were you thinking?

You obviously had some concerns about your red hair. I won’t let it unsolved.


So, stay with me, because I’ll tell you:

  • How to turn red hair into purple using blue shampoo
  • What type of product should I use to color my red hair blue
  • How to tone very intense highlights in red hair


How to turn red hair into purple using blue shampoo

dark pigments

Blue shampoo will be your best ally to go from red hair to purple if you want to avoid a dye or other chemical process.


I think it’s good because you won’t be using chemicals to transform the color. Also, if you don’t like the color change, all you have to do is stop using the blue shampoo.


But, as you’ll notice,  it won’t be a permanent change because blue shampoo contains neither peroxide nor ammonia,  which are the chemicals that change colors in the hair fiber.

The mixture of the blue shampoo pigments and the red of your hair will result in a purple shade.


The purple shade you’ll get will depend on your red level.

  • If your red is dark, the blue shampoo will turn it “dark purple”
  • If your red is medium, the blue shampoo will turn it “grape”
  • If your red is light, the blue shampoo will turn it “light purple”



Blue shampoo is very easy to use.  I recommend that you choose a daily shampoo to deposit blue pigments gradually in your hair. Then, pay attention to the results. 


Now, if you want to color your red hair blue, no shampoo will meet your expectations. Why?


To color red hair blue you’ll need to use hair dye

semipermanent hair color

Get ready! The process is more complex than buying a simple coloring kit.

Troubled waters begin because you’ll need to bleach your hair. And the waters get even more turbulent, so hold on to the raft.


You’ll need to bleach your hair at least twice, as  red pigments are very resistant and difficult to remove. 


Imagine that your hair is like an onion. It has several layers of color. You’ll strip one color with each bleaching session. First, you’ll get to the orange shade. Then, you get to yellow. Only then you’ll be able to apply the blue dye.


If you don’t do the different bleaching sessions successfully, your hair won’t be blue. Also, you should know that bleaching is an aggressive process for your hair because it takes away moisture.

Therefore, your hair will be weaker and more prone to breakage after each bleaching session.

Do you want my advice?



 To get through the rough waters that will turn your red hair blue, it’s best to go to a salon. 

A stylist will assess the health of your hair fiber and proceed with the bleaching without risking your hair.

Only then you’ll be able to enjoy a midnight blue or a navy blue in your hair.


Now, what if you really love the red color in your hair but want to tone some highlights that are too intense?

In that case, your solution is to use a toning shampoo.


But not a blue one.


To tone intense highlights on red hair, use a green toning shampoo

opposite colors are complementary

Red hair dyes have several undertones or secondary tones that can be coppery, ashy, or even red.


If your red dye is too red and you want to neutralize it, you should use green toning shampoo.


Have you heard of the color wheel?


 It tells us that all colors have an opposite one that neutralizes them. The opposite of red is green.  

The solution is very simple. You’ll be sailing in calm waters because you’ll only have to wash your hair with green toning shampoo. Then, those intense red highlights will disappear.


But don’t get too excited. If you don’t use the green shampoo often enough, your hair will turn brown.

Once the highlights on your red hair are gone, you should stop using the green shampoo.




  • In a red hair, the only effect of blue shampoo is to turn it purple. It is a not permanent change.
  • If you want to change your hair from red to blue, you’ll have to bleach it several times. Then, apply a blue dye.
  • If you want to tone your red highlights that are too intense, you’ll need to use a green shampoo.

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