I Regret Getting a Balayage; What can I do? Can I go back?

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If you regret getting a balayage, don’t worry. It can be solved. But it will depend on why you don’t like it. For example:

  • It was too dark for you. Solution: redo the balayage, this time with bleach.
  • It was too light. Solution: re-color your hair to tone down the extra-light blonde.
  • It’s too orange. Solution: bleach with low-volume peroxide.
  • You got a very noticeable line. Solution: bleach some strands and dye others in your hair’s natural color.
  • Your hair is damaged. Solution: moisturize it.
  • It looked great, but you don’t like your balayage. Solution: pre-color and re-dye.


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Have you gotten a balayage, but now you regret it?


Don’t worry; everything has a solution.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the most common reasons why you might  regret getting a balayage  and the possible solutions to each problem.

Let’s go!


Your balayage is too dark

angry woman with dark balayage

In this case, you likely didn’t have your hair bleached first.

In other words, you did your balayage with a dye or a super-lightener. So the difference will be minimal.



Re-do the balayage, but  this time with bleach. 

The effect will be an extra blonde balayage with some darker highlights. These will be the remains of the previous balayage.

It will look gorgeous.

But if you intend to remove all traces of the balayage,  apply a dye in your natural shade . That’s it.


Your balayage is too light

hair with very blonde balayage

This can happen when you leave the bleach on for too long. It causes  extra contrast against the rest of your hair. 

While balayage is meant to go gradually from dark roots to light ends, an extremely light shade won’t always look that great.


A darker dye that darkens the extra light blonde  will be enough to remove the contrast and soften the tone. 

Remember that since you over-bleached your hair,  the new dye will wash out quickly. 

So you’ll have to repeat the balayage quite often until you get to a base color that allows it to last longer.


If you decide to remove the balayage for good, first pre-color your hair to support the dye you’ll apply. Then  apply a dye in the same color as your roots.   You may get a slightly reddish hue , but no trace of the balayage will remain.


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Your balayage turned orange

angry lady because her balayage turned orange

This often happens when doing a balayage on hair that was previously dyed a dark color.

Possible causes of the mistake are using too little bleach, leaving it on for too little time, using low-volume peroxide, etc.



Do the balayage again,  bleaching again with a low-volume peroxide . You only need to remove the coppery undertone.

Finish by applying a purple toner.


If you decide to remove the balayage, use your base tone. But in this case, it would be advisable to use your base tone with an ash tint  to neutralize the coppery undertone. 


You got a very noticeable line in your balayage

girl with very blonde hair at the ends and very dark at the roots

This happens when the hairdresser that does your balayage doesn’t have much experience with the technique.

As a result,  you may be left with an almost straight line in the middle of your hair. 

This is an absolute horror. But don’t worry; it can be fixed.


Get some light highlights, starting from the top of your head, to hide the mark. On the bleached hair,  dye some dark highlights  to blur the line in your balayage.


On the other hand,  if you prefer to remove the balayage , dye all your hair in your natural color.

 First, do a pre-color , making sure to remove all the blonde. That way the dye will get rid of the mark of the balayage.


The balayage damaged my hair

girl checks in the mirror the damage of her hair

This may be due to the harshness of the bleach.

If your hair was dyed a dark color or a deep reddish tone before, the hairdresser likely used  a high-volume peroxide  and had to do bleach more than once.

This weakens the hair fiber.


If you had virgin hair, using a harsh bleach may not have been necessary. But  it still may have affected your hair’s quality. 



You can apply moisturizing masks, flax or argan oil, keratin, hair botox, or hair lifts that  will make your hair look great again. 

Consult your hairdresser for the best option for you.


It looked great, but I just don’t like my balayage

A girl with curls and balayage cries and covers her face

It can happen. You might have had certain expectations about the balayage, but what you got wasn’t what you expected.


Apply a dye again to all of your hair. For this, you have 2 options:

  • Pre-color the entire balayage and  dye it with a dark tone . That way you’ll go back to a single color.
  • Taking advantage of the balayage, apply a color that’s not quite dark enough to cover it all, leaving traces of the balayage. This way  your hair will have two tones , and the ends will still look lighter.



As we saw, if you regret getting a balayage,  it’s possible to modify it (if you got it wrong) or go back to your favorite color. 

Remember: it’s best to make an appointment at your regular salon.  Your hairdresser will know what to advise you  on how to proceed.


Don’t hesitate; GO FOR IT!

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