What happens when you bleach black hair? What´s the resulting color?

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  • If you have virgin black hair and bleach it, it´ll be dark orange with some reddish tones.
  • Alternatively, if your black hair is dyed, and you bleach it, it´ll be red and uneven. It´ll be lighter and darker red in different areas.
  • As a professional colorist, I recommend you go to a salon in both cases. Black pigments are the most difficult to remove and bleaching is an aggressive chemical process.
  • I’ll tell you about other alternatives too.


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What Color Can I Dye My Black Hair Without Bleaching? 2 possible paths


Now you know what happens if you bleach your black hair.

 If your hair is naturally black, it´ll turn dark orange after one bleaching session. Alternatively, it´ll turn red if it´s dyed black. 


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However, it won´t be an even and harmonious color in any of those cases. It´s because there are usually unwanted undertones after bleaching hair.

Also, bleaching is a very aggressive process. Therefore, it should only be applied by professionals. Otherwise, you risk burning your hair.


Are you sure bleaching is the only possible way for your black hair?

Maybe you have other alternatives. That’s what I want to talk to you about.


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If your hair is colored black, you can use a color remover instead of bleaching it

color remover for black hair

This is good news. Color removers are far less damaging than bleaching.

However, it´s not all plain sailing.


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 You can apply a color remover to remove the black dye from your hair  if it´s the first time you dyed it or if you applied the black dye only a few days ago.


Color removers, unlike bleaching, don’t contain ammonia or peroxide. So, you don’t run the risk of burning your hair.

You’ll most likely notice your hair is a bit drier after using it. You can easily fix it by applying moisturizing masks least once a week.


But I’m not going to fool you. Black hair dye contains very resistant pigments. You’ll most likely need to use the color remover at least three or four times.


What color will your black hair look like after applying the remover?

 It´ll be the same color you had before applying the black dye because it only removes the artificial color. 
  • If you apply black to brown hair, it´ll be brown.
  • If you apply black to blonde hair, it´ll be blonde.
  • If you apply black to red hair, it´ll be red.


If your hair is naturally black, you should bleach it, and you should do it at a salon

hairdresser working at salon

As your hair is virgin, you should avoid running the risk of ruining it with a bleaching session gone wrong.

At the salon, the professional colorist will advise you on how many bleaching sessions you need to get the color you want. They could also suggest some products to protect your hair during bleaching.

Nowadays, professionals have tools such as Olaplex and Wellaplex, which are included in the bleach to minimize the risks involved in the process.

Now the moment of truth has arrived.


Should you really bleach your black hair?

bleaching powder for black hair

I´ll give you a piece of advice from my own professional experience.

  •  If your hair is colored black,  the you should go to a salon. Bleaching black hair involves a plan that can take months according to the color you want to achieve. Each bleaching session will leave your hair weaker.
  •  If your hair is naturally black,  keep in mind that bleaching is a permanent process. Once you bleach your hair, there´s no going back. Your whole life changes forever in terms of your hair. You’ll be on the lookout for new hair colors or toner. You’ll have to start using specific products to take care of your hair. Above all, your black hair will never come back unless you color it.



You´re free to follow my advice. As the saying goes, ¨forewarned is forearmed.¨Whether your hair is dyed black or natural black, you should go to a salon to bleach it.

If you don’t believe me about the risks of bleaching black hair, search YouTube for videos of other people’s experiences. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

On the other hand, as the writer, Paulo Coelho says, “he who doesn’t want to hear you, won´t listen to you even if you shout.”

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