Bleach Gone Wrong? Don’t freak out!!! You still have time to fix it

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Did you bleach your hair and something went wrong?

Did your hair end up a color that you don’t like?


Don’t worry, there’s a solution.


Clients come into the salon all the time with poorly-done bleaching. Every damn day.

They think that because the bleaching products are easy to get, they can do it at home. And that is how they end up with poorly bleached hair.


For example, the other day, a girl came to the salon with a traffic light orange tone.

She had bleached her hair at home and it was the first time she had done it. The result? A horrible color.

Luckily, we could help her and she left the salon with a beautiful blonde color.


 What I want to say is that all problems have a solution. All poorly done bleaching jobs can be fixed. 

And today, I’m going to tell you how to do it.


In this article, I’m going to tell you the most common problems when we bleach our hair and how to solve each one of them.

Let’s start with one of the most common problems!


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I bleached my hair and the roots ended up lighter than the lengths

This is a very common problem and the reason is very simple.

Your roots do not have as many dye processes as the rest of the hair. For example, if you have 2 cm of roots, you’ve only dyed it 1 or 2 times, while the lengths (for medium hair) more than 20.

It’s always recommended to start the bleaching at the lengths and for the last few minutes, apply to the roots.



Apply another bleaching process just on the lengths with heat with 30-volume developer and a thermal cap.

If after rinsing you still see the difference, I recommend that you wait some time, approximately 15 days, nourishing your hair so you don’t damage it extremely.


I bleached my hair and my tone isn’t what I expected

Here there are a few points to keep in mind.

If your hair is very dark (black or dark brown) you aren’t going to be able to bleach to very light tones (blonde, light blonde) in the same day. It’s a process that takes at least three bleaches with 1 month in between.



You can bleach to get to a middle color and nourish your hair while you wait until the next bleaching.

It isn’t recommended to abuse this chemical process since it generates damage in the hair.


I bleached my hair and my tone is orange/yellow

This is another of the most common problems.

Dark-based tones always bleach copper (copper-orange).

Medium-based tones bleach golden-yellow.



At the hair salon store you can find toners or toning shampoos.

They are dyes to get rid of undesired tones.

  • If your hair ends up an orange color, you can use a blue toner.
  • If your hair ends up a yellow color, you can use a purple toner.

You can also buy a gray toner, which turns off the reddish and orange tones.


I bleached my hair and I ended up with “spots” or places that are lighter than others.

You should be very careful with how to apply the bleach. Keep in mind that where you put developer, your hair will change tone. Ask for help if you can’t do it yourself.


An important piece of information that maybe you don’t know is that the scalp is skin, and on your skin, you have moles.

 The same thing happens in our hair. There are lighter áreas. When we apply the bleach, “spots.”  


Malena, a client that I’ve had for years, has one of those moles. It’s a small section of her hair where the dye or bleach never gets to the tone that she is looking for.

Malena knows that this is going to happen, so it doesn’t bother her. But maybe for you it does!



Apply the bleach again without needing to touch the part of the hair that is already bleached.

To do this process, it would be best that you ask for help from a friend so that the mixture is distributed evenly and you are sure that the whole surface is covered.

Remember if you apply the bleach extensively, the tonal difference will disappear.


I bleached my hair and it feels dry and looks opaque

Yes, this is a consequence of the bleaching.

Since it is a chemical process, it damages the hair.



Apply a keratin cream bath to fix the hair fibers.

There are gold masks that work miracles on bleached hair.

You apply it from the roots to the ends and let it sit with a thermal cap.

Your hair will end up shiny and soft.


 All the products that you choose for your har should be “for lightened hair.” They are special lines that fix the hair fibers. 


I bleached my hair and it is broken and feels like “gum”

This is the worst problem that you could have, and it means that our hair didn’t put up with the chemical process and the hair fiber broke because of that.

If you bleach starts from the roots, it’s strange that it breaks at this point, since like I said before, the roots are where the least amount of chemical processes have happened.

Surely it was from the middles to the ends.

What is gum hair?


 This is the name given to hair when it is difficult to comb or when you are able to, the hair bounces up immediately like if you were to stretch gum. 

This almost always happens in the lengths and ends of the hair after a lot of bleaching processes.



If you apply the bleach and you notice that your hair starts to get dry and split, RINSE IMMEDIATELY.

Don’t put your hair through any more chemical processes! It can’t resist and the only option is to cut it.


If your hair ends up like gum, apply a nourishing mask for 1 month every 2 days. Don’t apply dye.

After a month has passed, you can go to the salon and do a hair cauterization or a botox. This will seal the fibers and fix the structure of the hair.

After some time has passed, you can cut it.

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