How to Blend Grown Out Highlights? You have 2 great options

woman with grown out highlights that she wants to blend with roots

  • To blend grown-out highlights with your roots, you can either apply lowlights or a dye of the same color as your roots.
  • If you decide to apply lowlights, you will need to go to a salon. It will take four months to blend the highlights into your roots.
  • If you want to blend your highlights with the roots immediately, applying a dye throughout your hair with a special technique is best. I’ll tell you about this in a moment.


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How long does it take for highlights to grow out completely?


 Now you know you can blend grown-out highlights with your roots by applying a few lowlights or a dye. 


Both options have advantages and disadvantages.

  •  If you apply lowlights , you’ll have to go to the salon for two months, and that can be a disadvantage if you get tired of maintaining your highlights. But the advantage of applying lowlights to blend grown-out highlights with your roots is that your hair will retain soft and natural highlights.
  •  If you apply a dye , you’ll be able to blend the highlights with the roots at home for less money. And that’s an advantage. The disadvantage, to some extent, is that you’ll have to apply the dye with a special technique. But if you’re up for it, I’ll tell you how to do this step-by-step later.


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Have you decided how to blend your grown-out highlights with your roots? Let’s move on to the details of each option.


Blending highlights with roots by applying lowlights

lowlights on grown highlights

When you’ve been getting highlights in your hair for a long time, your hair will unavoidably go blonde. And you’ll lose the effectiveness of the highlights, which give the hair different shades.

To stop this from happening, colorists apply  lowlights. These small highlights are the same color as your natural hair or roots. 


This way, your blonde highlights are mixed with darker highlights. But it’s necessary to go to a salon. Blending highlights with roots requires experience and knowledge to achieve an even color.


At the salon, the colorist will separate as much hair as possible with a cap and apply your natural hair color, i.e., the color of your roots. This will cover a large part of your blonde highlights.

When you remove the cap and rinse your hair,  the lowlights will be combined with your roots. Only a few blonde highlights will be left to brighten your hair naturally. 


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After four weeks, you’ll have to go to the salon again to apply more lowlights and continue blending your highlights.

Your hair will continue to grow out evenly, and you’ll achieve a faux balayage look thanks to the highlights you have left. From now on, you will need to go to the salon twice more to achieve a harmonious look without clashing colors.


Blend your grown-out highlights with your roots by applying a hair dye

dye to blend highlights grown with roots

 The secret of this technique for blending highlights with roots is to apply the dye by alternating long and short strokes. 


You can use permanent or semi-permanent dye if it’s the same color as your roots.


  •  Comb your dry hair with a middle part to expose the roots . Separate your hair into several sections.
  • Prepare the dye and start working on one of the sections of hair.
  • With a dye brush, cover your roots and highlights with longer strokes that go below your ears, and shorter strokes that go above your ears.
  • Separate another section of hair, exposing the roots. Repeat the process, always with longer and shorter strokes.
  • You can also apply a few strokes of dye to the ends.
  •  Leave the dye on for 45 minutes . After this time, rinse your hair with lukewarm, almost cold water, letting the water run through until you see it crystal clear.
  • Remove the excess water from your hair and wrap it in a towel, letting it dry naturally.


Once your hair is dry, look in the mirror. Your highlights are scattered, and the growth line is gone.



If you don’t have experience in coloring, as a professional colorist, I recommend you go to a salon if you want to mix highlights with your roots. Because this way, you’ll be able to blend your highlights without risking your hair’s health.

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