6 Differences Between Jet Black Hair and Black Hair, which one should you choose?

black hair with subtle bluish highlights

The six main differences between classic black and jet black are:

  • the color intensity
  • the way they work with the skin and eyes
  • their duration
  • the presence or absence of undertones
  • the required maintenance
  • and how difficult they are to apply


Black hair dye is the darkest one in the color palette. It can bring out a unique and sensual style in you that is never old-fashioned.

Coloring your hair black is a great idea. Although it may seem simple, it’s really not.


To choose a suitable shade of black for you and your style, you need to know the differences between them.

I want to tell you the six  differences between classic black and jet black to help you make the best decision. 

Will you join me?


  • Diference 1: Classic black flatters all skin and eye colors. Jet black, on the other hand, highlights lighter skin and eyes.
  • Difference 2: Jet black fades more quickly than traditional or pure black.
  • Difference 3: Classic black doesn’t have undertones, while jet black does.
  • Difference 4: Jet black is even darker than conventional black.
  • Difference 5: The jet black shade requires more maintenance than the pure black shade.
  • Difference 6: Jet black hair is more difficult to color than pure black.


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Let’s look at the differences one by one to easily identify these two shades of black and choose the best one for you.


Difference 1: The recommended black hair dye for your skin tone and eye color

black hair highlights eyes

The black hair dye is a beautiful color that doesn’t go unnoticed. It brings out all the mystery and sensuality of those who wear it.

That’s probably why you’ve decided to wear it. Good for you!

I want to help you choose the one that best suits your skin tone and eye color. Let’s go for it!


  • The classic black shade flatters all skin tones and eye colors.
  • Jet black, on the other hand, looks better on fair skin because it could overshadow people with dark skin.


 So, if you have light eyes, you can choose either shade. However, jet black would look better on you  because it would enhance your clear eyes.

This is not to say that if you have brown eyes, you can’t use jet black. It’s just a general recommendation because the most important thing is that you wear the black color you identify with.


But  if you have doubts about which of the two shades of black will look better on you, my advice is to choose classic black. 

Being slightly lighter than jet black, it flatters all skin tones. At the same time, it softens the features.



Difference 2: Jet black fades faster than traditional black

jet black and black hair are difficult colors to maintain

Did you know that a hair dye color lasts approximately 23 washes?

Also, that it fades faster when it has undertones?


That’s why jet black loses its bluish tone quickly.

 Although the jet black shade is more intense, it fades faster than the pure black shade because its undertones fade progressively. 


So, it’s likely that soon after you dye your hair jet black, those dark reddish undertones that make up this hair color will appear.

Traditional black, on the other hand, has no highlights. It’s just black. And because it washes out less, it’ll never reflect reddish tones. Did you know that?


Difference 3: Classic black has no undertones, and jet black does

black hair subtle blue highlights

As we have already seen, jet black has tones ranging from blue to purple.


 The way jet black reflects light can give your hair a spectacular shine and a deep bluish tone. It’ll catch all eyes in daylight. 


Pure black, on the other hand, will give you intense shine and depth without any undertones. That is to say, it’s a classic black tone with which you’ll avoid any kind of reddish or bluish tones.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a uniform black color with a beautiful silvery bright, pure black is the best option for you.


Difference 4: Pure black is lighter than jet black

We know that black and jet black are two of the darkest shades on the color chart.

However,  unlike pure black, jet black is even darker because of the visual effect it produces. 


If you want depth and an even darker black shade with bluish undertones, go for jet black.

Your lifestyle will also influence your choice.

As I said before, jet black fades faster than the classic black. So, if you’re always out of time, you might be better off choosing the latter.


Difference 5: Jet black requires more maintenance than classic black

dyeing hair traditional black vs jet black

If you choose jet black, you’ll need to dye your hair at least once a month because the undertones wash progressively.

Still, don’t worry. You shouldn’t discard this color for that reason. Every time you touch up the color, you strengthen and fix the jet black even more.


 You may have to color your hair quite often in the first few months. Then, after several applications, the jet black color will settle more. 

However, traditional black has much more pure pigment. That’s why it’s more resistant and long-lasting. Therefore, it requires less maintenance.


On the other hand, keep in mind that the duration of the black hair color you choose also has to do with your activities and hair care routine.

It will be affected by how often you wash your hair and with what products. Also, if you use heat tools or practice water sports like swimming. In that case, you’ll need more frequent touch-ups.


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Difference 6: It’s harder to color jet black hair than pure black hair

If you cannot go to a salon to color your hair frequently, you’ll probably face the only disadvantage of these hair dyes: they both stain.

Still, I must confess that the jet black shade is even more of a challenge.

Don’t panic!


I just want to warn you that  you’ll have to be much more careful, protect your clothes and everything around you before, during, and after dyeing. The dark tones of the color palette usually stain. 

In the case of jet black, it’ll stain until it settles. That’s why you should use a dark towel to dry your hair.

Also, you should apply the jet black shade carefully all over your hair to make sure that all areas are covered with beautiful blue tones.


Now that I’ve told you about the six differences between these two black shades, I’d like to hear from you. Which shade of black have you chosen, classic or jet?

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