How can you fix orange spots in bleached hair? You have 2 options…

bleached hair with orange spots

  • If you still have spots or stains in your bleached hair, it’s because the bleach mixture wasn’t prepared well or because you distributed it unevenly in your hair.
  • In this situation, you have two alternatives: bleach your hair again or apply a dye.
  • But, as a professional, my recommendation is to go to a salon to fix any orange spots in your bleached hair. And I’ll tell you why later on.


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Now you know  how to fix orange spots in your bleached hair. 


You can either bleach your hair again or you can apply a dye to even out the color and make the orange spots disappear from your bleached hair.


But let’s think about it together:  why do you have orange spots after bleaching your hair? 


Basically, because you have little or no coloring experience.

How do I know this?

20 volume developer and bleaching powder

If you had prepared the bleach mixture correctly or had distributed it evenly in your hair, the orange spots wouldn’t be there.


And now you want to fix your hair color.

But think about it. If things didn’t go right the first time, what makes you think the second time things will finally go as expected and the orange spots will disappear from your bleached hair?

Furthermore, what makes you think you won’t ruin your hair while you’re trying to fix it after bleaching?


Humans are definitely the only creatures willing to make the same mistake twice.

But think of it this way: if you make the same mistake twice, you might just make your hair color even worse.

Let’s start by taking a closer look at why you got those orange spots in your hair after bleaching. Then you can finally decide if you want to make the same mistake again or if you prefer to let a professional help you out.

Why do you get orange spots in your hair after bleaching?

hair with orange spots after bleaching

As I mentioned before, the orange spots appeared because you have no experience in bleaching.

And it all starts with the bleach mixture.


 Either you didn’t prepare the bleach mixture correctly or you didn’t distribute it evenly in your hair. 


In order to bleach your hair, you need to mix developer and bleach powder. And that mixture must be precise. You have to use the correct proportions of developer and bleach powder and achieve a creamy and homogeneous consistency.

If you used more bleach powder than developer, the mixture will be lumpy. When you apply the mixture to your hair and then rinse it out, your bleached hair will have orange spots.


And if you prepared the bleach mixture correctly, but distributed it unevenly, orange spots will appear on your bleached hair.

This is what happened. Is there a solution?

Yes, but I recommend you don’t try it on your own.


To fix orange spots in bleached hair it’s always best to go to a professional

Because you actually have two options.

The first is  bleaching your hair again to even out the color. 


But bleaching is a process that can ruin your hair if you don’t do it exactly right. And the proof is in the pudding. After all, there are orange spots in your bleached hair.

You have orange spots now, but can you imagine what bleaching again could do? What if you make a mistake again in preparing or applying the bleach mixture to your hair?

You can cause breakage from the root.


My advice is to go to a professional salon and have a colorist evaluate your hair to offer you the best solution.

stylist assesses stained bleached hair

 The other option you have to remove the orange spots from your bleached hair is to apply hair dye. 

To cover the orange spots, you will need to choose a medium dye:

  • Brown 4
  • Light brown 5
  • Dark blonde 6


This way, you’ll even out the color of your hair, but your hair will be darker. After four to five weeks, you can go to a professional to bleach your hair again and achieve the blonde color you want.


Finally, if you don’t currently have the money to go to a professional or don’t want to risk making your hair worse, you can apply a semi-permanent brown hair color.

This type of coloring fades with washing. By the time you can bleach your hair again, the semi-permanent dye will be gone.



Orange spots in bleached hair appear basically due to a lack of experience and knowledge of the process.

To fix it, you can either bleach your hair again or apply a dye. And for either of these two options, I recommend you see a professional. Because a colorist will be able to match the color of your hair, without putting your hair health at risk.

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