3 Best Deep-conditioners for bleached hair

gummy texture

Have you bleached your hair and you feel that every time you brush your hair, you are about to go bald?

Did you bleach your hair because you wanted to be a radiant blond and your hair ended up looking like a straw broom?

Do you feel your boyfriend looking at your bleached hair as if he was looking at Frankenstein’s Bride?


Don’t worry.

I have the solution for you.

Deep conditioner.


An almost miraculous product.


 Because to repair the damages done to your bleached hair, you need a miracle. 

Don’t panic.

I know it’s much easier to say it than to do it.

But the miracles in the 21st century can also come in the form of small bottles of conditioners.

What do you say?


Do you want to get back the health of your bleached hair?

Then, time to put those hands to work and that deep-conditioner on your head.


Because today, I will tell you:

  • Why deep conditioners are ideal for bleached hair
  • Which are the three best conditioners for bleached hair
  • Other ways of strengthening hair damaged from bleaching


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Why deep conditioners are the best option for bleached hair

brittle hair after bleaching

About a year ago, I decided to go from dark brown to blonde in practically two days.

Yes, just as you hear it.

It was something really stupid, but in that moment, I wanted to be blonde and I didn’t have the money nor the patience to be able to do it gradually in a salon.

I’m not going to lie.


 I regretted the decision of bleaching my hair almost immediately, because I used cheap, poor-quality products. 

Not just because I ended up with horrible chicken yellow streaks in my hair.

But for everything that came after…


A really chilling experience.

I don’t wish it on my worse enemy.

Because when my hair was wet, it fell out.

Even though my hair was just under my shoulders, I could grab a chunk and stretch it down to my chest.

Yes, it was practically like gum.


I spent weeks crying for how thin and tangled my hair had become.

It looked unhealthy and it made me feel miserable.


 Many friends recommended that I cut all my hair and start over. 

But my hair took a long time to get to the length that it was at.

In the end, one of my best friends recommended that I use a deep conditioner.


That was the point of salvation.

Because the conditioning something means bringing that something to its appropriate state.

In this case, hair.


Shampoo only cleans your hair, while a conditioner provides materials that protect and make your hair beautiful.


 When you apply common conditioner to hair damaged by bleaching, in most cases, it causes slight inflammation in the layer of the cuticle. 

Cuticles, which normally cover the stalk of the hair in an even and uniform, like shingles on a roof, lightly raise up from the stalk of the hair.

In this state, the hair is more vulnerable to the influences of environmental damages and to heat.

This is where deep conditioners show their benefits.

very weak and it breaks

They reduce the inflammation of the cuticle, which once again form a tight layer without spaces nor elevated cuticles.

Your hair is ready to be brushed, preventing breakage and falling out at the same time.


Your well-conditioned hair is flexible and retains moisture to obtain a brilliant shine.

Also, if your hair is really greasy, the conditioner will moisturize the parts of the hair that really need it.

Which in our case, could be the ends of the hair or the roots where you always need more volume to counteract the lifeless look.


 Many deep conditioners also contain keratin, oils, and other ingredients to combat frizz, dryness, and damaged hair and it restores the natural proteins of the hair, strengthening it and nourishing it.  


Deep conditioners are heavier with ingredients that penetrate the length of the hair.

They are meant to temporarily repair and nourish the cuticles of the hair with the most viscosity.

They are heavier and should be left on the hair for longer to completely penetrate the stalk of the hair.


Do you want to know which are the deep conditioners that saved my bleached hair?

I’ll tell you know.


But first, you should know.

Getting back the health of your bleached hair is a long process.

It took me almost a year.


But don’t lose hope.

Because month by month you’ll see changes in your hair that will renew your motivation and energy.


It’s also important that you know that deep conditioning your hair can over hydrate your hair.

The only thing that you will achieve is interrupting the adequate balance of moisture and proteins that your hair needs.

Deep conditioning once or twice a week is more than enough.


Now, the moment has arrived.


These are my miracle products.


What deep conditioner should you choose?


It´s a 10

restores the elasticity of bleached hair

Check it’s a 10 deep conditioner price on Amazon


I love this product.

It really is a ten.


Now, I don’t need to fight with the comb to detangle my hair, which now also don’t end up on the bathroom floor.

I also noticed that I have a lot less frizz, which inevitably comes from when the hair fibers are broken.


Apart from that, I noticed that my scalp was a lot less irritated.

I use it once a week, because I alternate it with some of the other products that I’m going to recommend to you in a bit.


  • I wash my hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and squeeze out the water with a towel.
  • With wet hair, I apply the conditioner and wrap my hair in a shower cap, and I apply heat for 5 minutes with a hair dryer
  • I leave it on for 10 more minutes and then I rinse.

And there you have it.


Really easy, right?

I recommend that you try it and you will see that it works well.

Now, let’s move on to the second conditioner.


Deep conditioning mask to renew hair, Shea Moisturerestores the helath of the hair

Check 10-IN-1 Renewal System price on Amazon


I only use this product once a month, because it contains a lot of proteins and I noticed that if I used it more, my hair would dry out.

Differently from the previous product, I leave this on for barely five minutes and I don’t apply heat.

After, I simple rinse it out with cold water.


What I achieved is that I can detangle my hair easily, without needing to pull at it.

I am able to brush my hair neatly and so that my hair looks shiny and clean almost instantly.

Also, you get a lot out of it. With just a few drops well distributed on the head, you can easily detangle it without problems.


Tgin Honey Miracle

with olive oil and honey

Check Honey Miracle Hair Mask price on Amazon


If you are one of those that bleaches and dyes your hair, I’m sure that you have listened to the miracles of honey to moisturize and smooth the hair fibers.

Well, this conditioner doesn’t just contain honey, but also olive oil and jojoba which deeply hydrates hair damaged by bleaching.


Thanks to this product, I was able to combat that gummy texture and look in my hair.

After a few months of using it, I also noticed that my hair was stronger and thicker.

 As such, thank God, less hair ends up in the bath tub after I wash my hair. 


When I use it, I let it sit for an hour on my wet hair, applying heat for the first ten minutes with the hair dryer.

After an hour, I rinse with lukewarm water to finish off with a good hit of cold water.


And the good thing is the price is super accessible, if you compare it with other products.


Oher cares that help repair and strengthen your bleached hair

  • Forget the shampoos that they sell in the supermarket

 It can be very tempting to buy shampoo when you run to the supermarket to do your weekly shopping.

But most of them are not the best option for your bleached hair.


Use sulfate-free shampoos, if possible, made with a base of coconut oil.

Coconut is a rich source of lauric acid, which strengthens broken hair and at the same time, nourishes it.


  • Stop using the flat iron and hair dryer on your hair

I know that this can be difficult.

But if you can’t get them out of your life completely, at least reduce their use as much as you can.


Flat Irons and hair dryers can burn and damage your hair without you even knowing.

Too much hair causes breakage in your hair, which is what we are trying to repair.


The only thing I use a hair dryer for is when I want help getting the deep conditioner to penetrate the hair.


  • Cut your hair

I know.

This is bad news.

Especially for those of us who have slow growing hair.

But cutting the damaged hair is necessary.


Now, this doesn’t mean that you should shave your hair or cut off 20 centimeters.

The ends of your hair are most prone to breaking.

Which means that every time it grows, especially with damaged hair, you are risking that it separates.


So, trimming just the ends of your hair every four months will give you maximum growth and you will minimize bigger breakage.



Now you know why deep-conditioning treatments are ideal for bleached hair.

It took my hair a year to be repaired.


But my patience, consistency, and a change in the use of hair products finally gave me results.


Did you already know of these types of conditioners?

What results did they give you?

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