How long should you leave Wella T14 toner in your hair? Between 20 and 40 minutes

woman with orange hair thinks about leaving wella toner on

  • The manufacturer indicates you should leave Wella T14 toner in your hair for 30 minutes.
  • But according to my professional experience, it’s a good idea to leave the Wella T14 toner in some people’s hair for longer, up to 40 minutes, and in other people’s hair, for less time.
  • If your hair is dark blonde 6, you can leave it in for 30 to 40 minutes.
  • If your hair is blonde 7, you can leave it in for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • If your hair is light blonde 8, you can leave it in for 10 to 20 minutes.


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Surely  you want to know how long to leave Wella T14 toner in your hair because you want to get rid of those harsh orange tones.  And you’re well on your way. Because you already know that you use toner to remove harsh colors.


The manufacturer recommends leaving it in your hair for thirty minutes. But the truth is,  everyone’s hair is different. Therefore, each person’s hair reacts differently to the same product. 


I see dozens of clients in my salon who use Wella T14 toner monthly. And according to my experience which is backed up by concrete data, in some cases, you should leave the toner to act for 15 minutes, while others need 35 minutes.

And in a few moments, we’ll go into this question in more detail. But what should be clear to you now is that you should never leave Wella T14 toner on for more than 40 minutes. Otherwise, your hair will become dry, dull, and frizzy.

You may also run the risk of turning your hair blue.


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Wella T14 exposure times according to hair color

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Wella’s T14 toner removes  orangish or orange colors  on bleached or dyed blonde hair. After you apply the toner, which acts immediately, your hair will turn ashy blonde.

 Did you notice I highlighted ‘orangish or orange colors’? 


I did so because although they look the same, they aren’t. Orange contains more red, while orangish tones have more yellow. Therefore, it’s imperative that before you apply Wella’s T14 toner, you check if your hair is orange or orangish.

How can you tell?

before and after using Wella T14


Try to establish what blonde dye number you either used in your hair or achieved with bleach. And when you know that, you can work out with almost absolute precision how long to leave the Wella T14 in your hair.

  •  If your color is a dark blonde 6 or a faded orange from dyeing or bleaching , you can leave the toner on for 30 to 40 minutes.
  •  If your color is a blonde 7 or a coppery orange , you can leave the toner on for 20 to 30 minutes.
  •  If your color is a light blonde 8 or a light yellow or copper from a bleach , you can leave the Wella T14 on for 10 to 20 minutes.


I suggest you check the color every four to five minutes once you apply the toner. It starts working immediately.

Once you see your hair is toned, rinse the toner out with plenty of lukewarm or cold water. Then apply a sulfate-free deep moisturizing mask 72 hours after applying the toner. Since you applied the toner with developer, this takes out nutrients and moisture from your hair.



Now you know how long to leave Wella T14 toner in your hair. If this is the first time you’re using it, do a test by applying a small amount of toner on a small section of hair at the back. Leave it on for the time I’ve recommended for your hair color.

This way, you’ll know how your hair reacts to the toner. You’ll be able to use it throughout your hair without any unforeseen problems.

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