When will my hair stop falling out after bleaching? It depends!

blonde girl scared because her hair falls out


There are 4 reasons why your hair falls out after bleaching. Depending on the reason, your hair will take more or less time to stop falling out.

  • Reason 1: Your hair falls out because you have fine hair and you bleached it. Solution: Cut your hair and it will stop falling out very soon.
  • Reason 2: It’s your second bleach and it’s falling out because of the damage the process caused. Solution: Take care of it by avoiding the straightener and blow-dryer and it will soon stop falling out.
  • Reason 3: You used strong bleach with high volume peroxide. Solution: Use premium quality products to restore your hair and it will soon stop falling out.
  • Reason 4: You were overexposed to the bleach and it probably damaged your scalp. Solution: Visit a dermatologist, your hair will eventually stop falling out but you’ll have to wait a long time.

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How long does bleached hair take to grow out? Does it grow out faster or slower than normal hair?



Does your hair fall out after bleaching? Were you wondering when it will stop falling out?


Well, I’m sorry, but this question doesn’t have just one answer… or does it.

The answer is that IT DEPENDS.

As I was saying, it’s necessary to evaluate the reasons why your hair falls out after bleaching. Then from that, you’ll know when it will stop falling out.



To begin with,  your hair shouldn’t fall out after bleaching if the bleaching was done properly. 

Therefore, if your hair falls out it’s because whoever did the bleaching failed in some way. Now let’s take a look at the reasons.


Reason 1: Your hair falls out because you have thin hair and you bleached it. Solution: Cut your hair

young girl with thin and bleached hair is sad
If you have very fine hair, it’s best not to bleach it.

But if you’ve bleached it and you start to notice it’s falling out, one of the possible causes is that the peroxide damaged the internal structure of your hair and  that caused it to break and fall out. 


You’ll notice the hair is breaking in different parts of your head and that the new “ends” are more unstable. Because of this, your hair will probably have more volume. Don’t worry, there is a solution.



 To solve it, cut your hair: ask your hairdresser to give you a good trim. 

That way, you’ll have put an end to the problem of watching your hair fall out. And in turn, you’ll improve that straw-like, unkempt look of burnt hair.

Don’t want to cut your hair?


Check out some ways to get your bleached hair back to normal without cutting it.



Reason 2: It’s your second bleach and it’s falling out because of the damage the process caused. Solution: Don’t use the straightener or blow dryer

woman with bleached hair drying her hair with a hairdryer
When you need to touch up an existing bleach, try not to further damage the already bleached hair.

Because, if this happens, in that small strip of hair between what was already bleached and the new bleach,  the hair could easily break. 


If you want your hair to stop falling out, do this:

If the damage isn’t too extensive and if you give your hair the necessary care,  in a very short time it will stop falling out. 


Reason 3: You had intense bleaching with high-volume peroxide. Solution: Use premium products to restore your hair

girl with bleached hair applies products
 Bleaching is a very high-risk job,  especially when using bleaches mixed with peroxides of more than 30 volumes.

These are  highly aggressive chemicals  that can severely dry out the hair fiber. And then what happens?



Well, your hair becomes very weak and consequently, it gets shorter and falls out.

If you were unlucky enough to have this happen to you,  I suggest you spend a lot of time restoring your hair  that was damaged by the bleaching process.


The most important thing is that your hair regains its internal structure, as this is what will slow down hair loss.

So,  if you apply high quality treatments and products, your hair will recover faster  and hair loss will soon stop.



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Reason 4: You were overexposed to bleach and injured your scalp. Solution: Visit a dermatologist

Girl with bleached hair clutches her head in pain
Do you know what an inexperienced hairdresser’s worst nightmare is?


Applying bleach to the roots and leaving it on longer than it should be left.


In other words, causing  overexposure to the bleach. 


 When applying bleach to the scalp you must be very careful  and constantly monitor how the process is going.

Rest assured that there are ways to bleach your hair without damaging it. But if you leave the bleach on for too long, you could damage your scalp.

What kind of damage are we talking about?


A  superficial redness or blisters  may appear on your scalp and, consequently, the hair loss you are suffering from today.


In this case, what I describe  are very serious injuries. Therefore, recovery will be slow and gradual. 


First of all, you’ll have to go urgently to see a dermatologist. Why? Because  you’ll need much more than styling products  to solve the problem.


To know when your hair will stop falling out,  you’ll have to take into account the recommended times of each treatment the dermatologist recommends.  But in my opinion, most will be long-term treatments.

In this case, the important thing is that your hair grows back.




The key answer to the question “when will my bleached hair stop falling out?” is still IT DEPENDS.

There is a way to avoid all these issues and it’s the advice I’ll never fail to give you:  next time make an appointment at the hair salon  and leave such a delicate job as bleaching in the hands of your hairdresser.

They’ll be able to explain  why bleaching is not advisable , if it isn’t, and what other options you have for your hair. Don’t hesitate, GO FOR IT!

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