Does bleached hair get lighter in the sun? Yes, in winter as well as summertime

woman with bleached hair in the sun

  • Bleached hair becomes lighter in the sun. After bleaching, it’s more sensitive to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. These fade the color more easily.
  • It’s also more sensitive to other external factors such as chlorine or salt water.
  • Therefore, you should protect your bleached hair from the sun’s rays by using hats and hair sunscreens.


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I guess you’re not too surprised, are you? But now you know for sure.

 The sun lightens bleached hair. 


We all know that the sun can fade the color of dark clothing. It can even fade the color of plastics exposed for a long time to the sun’s rays.


But if you bleached your hair, you should know it will be more sensitive to the sun’s rays. After it undergoes that chemical process, the hair fiber is prone to fade further.

So, if your hair is light or very light after bleaching, the sun will lighten it even more. Even if you bleached your hair to a light brown 5 or dark blonde 6, the sun will also lighten your hair.

Do you want to know why? I’ll tell you about it below.


Why does the sun make bleached hair go lighter?

woman with bleached hair in the field under the sun

Bleaching is the most aggressive chemical process you can apply to your hair because it uses two very powerful chemicals, peroxide and bleaching powder.

What happens during bleaching?


  • The bleaching mixture opens the cuticles in your hair so the chemicals can reach the core of the hair. They remove the artificial and natural color.
  • This is why bleaching changes the structure and color of your hair permanently.


But, the process doesn’t end there. For several days after bleaching, your hair will continue to shed color. This will leave your hair fiber very vulnerable, as some cuticles will not be able to close and others will break.

Therefore,  any external factor, like the sun, for example, will quickly reach the hair fiber and core, lightening the hair further. 


And while we’re talking about the sun lightening bleached hair, there are also other things like chlorine and salt water, which will also remove hair color.

Once you bleach your hair the change is permanent and you will have to be much more careful with your hair.

Is there anything you can do to prevent the sun from lightening your bleached hair? Yes, I invite you to find out below.


How to prevent bleached hair from fading in the sun

blonde woman with hat in the field

Before I tell you how to protect your bleached hair from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, I want to clarify something.

 You should take care of your bleached hair from the sun in both winter and summer .

In other words, although the intensity of UV radiation is lower during the winter, the damage caused by UVB and UVA rays is cumulative.

Therefore, the sun can also lighten your bleached hair in wintertime.


So, let’s see how you should protect your bleached hair from the sun, both during summer and winter.

  •  Use hair products with UV protection . You can opt for sunscreen styling creams or leave-in conditioners. If you’re going to enjoy a few days at the beach or pool, I recommend you reapply these products after swimming.
  •  Protect your bleached hair with hats or scarves . These accessories are essential whether you’re at the beach or even in the mountains if you will be exposing your hair for many hours to the sun’s rays. Remember it’s also a good idea to wear a swimming cap when swimming in a pool, to prevent the chlorine from fading your bleached hair. And after swimming either in the sea or the pool, rinse your hair with tap water to prevent your hair from turning greenish.
  •  Apply micellar water to your hair every two to three hours . This product keeps your bleached hair moisturized and prevents the hair fiber from expelling nutrients due to excessive heat.



The sun makes bleached hair go lighter. Because after bleaching your hair is more sensitive to external factors such as the sun, chlorine, or salt water.

You should therefore protect your bleached hair from the sun in both winter and summer.

Cover your hair with hats or scarves if you will be exposed to the sun for long hours and apply sunscreen to your bleached hair.

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