Can I dye my hair again the next day with the same color?

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  • You shouldn’t dye your hair again the next day with the same color or a different one.
  • If you do, you’ll damage your hair in such a way that it could cause cuticle breakage and drastic color changes.
  • You should always wait at least fifteen days to dye your hair again.


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Can I color my hair two days in a row? Or two days in a week?


  Have you colored your hair and want to dye it again the next day with the same color?  


As a professional colorist, my only possible answer is that you’re about to do something crazy. It’s not the kind of insight that makes our lives brighter, like a weekend getaway to a remote beach.

Dyeing your hair again the next day is CRAZY.


I know that color kits can seem harmless.

After all, anyone can buy them over the counter.

But the truth is, those little boxes are harmless if you use them wisely. Instead, if you use them in “madness” mode, they are a time bomb.

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Why could a color kit be a ticking time bomb?

It hides potent chemicals that produce a chemical reaction in the hair that changes its color.

  • Apply the dye once, and you’ll change the color and notice it a bit drier, but you can easily moisturize it with a keratin mask or coconut oil.
  • Apply a dye again the next day, and you’ll ruin your hair. There are no grays here.

Do you want to know why? Keep reading.


If you dye your hair again the next day with the same (or another) color, you’ll ruin your hair

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Let’s start with the slightest damage your hair could suffer.


Drastic color changes

When you color your hair, the molecules of your hair fiber are filled with color. You should empty the hair fiber molecules to fill them with color again.

  If you color your hair two days in a row,   the developer will lighten some areas and darken others. What’s more, your hair will be saturated with color.


When you rinse your hair, you remove all the dye but not evenly. You’ll only remove the dye that wasn’t fully absorbed in some sections.

Then, if you reapplied a dye to even out the color, it’ll turn even more uneven.


Drying and frizz

When you apply permanent hair color, the developer opens the hair cuticles so the dye can penetrate your hair fiber. During this chemical process, your hair cuticles break.

As a result, when your hair dries, frizz will appear. What’s worse, it’ll be hard to detangle it. Touching it? If you want to know what the texture of sandpaper is like, touch your hair after coloring it two days in a row.


And this is not all….

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Hair breakage

Picture this. You dyed your hair yesterday, and, as you didn’t like the color, you colored it again. Whether it’s the same or a different color, I leave it up to your imagination.


The next day, when you wake up, you notice a few hair strands on your sheets and pillowcase. Two days later, while washing your hair, you notice that quite a few hairs come out. And when you try to untangle it, several strands get caught in the brush.

woman looks at strands of hair on the brush after detangling it

This could happen if you dye your hair the next day with the same or another color. This situation has a diagnosis: extreme dryness and cuticle breakage.

If this happens, make sure you can call your trusted stylist because you’ll need to start a professional hair repair treatment.


I think you’ve been warned.

So, it’s time to calm down and analyze why you want to dye your hair again the next day and find some alternative solution.


Why do you want to dye your hair again the next day? Alternative solutions to avoid disaster

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What do you want to achieve, and why do you want to reapply the same color?

  •   Is the color uneven?   You should wait at least 15 days to reapply the same color. At that time, pay attention to how you prepare the blend and the exposure time of the hair.
  •   Is the color too light?   You should apply a darker color after at least 15 days.
  •   Is your hair too orange or yellow?   You can use a blue or purple shampoo, and you don’t have to wait 15 days because they don’t contain ammonia or developer. The toning shampoos are applied up to twice a week to replace your usual shampoo. They don’t damage the hair, and neutralize strident colors.


There’s also another alternative.   If the color has become uneven or too light or dark, you can apply a semi-permanent dye in the same color.  

The semi-permanent dye is not applied with a developer and doesn’t contain ammonia. So it won’t damage your hair or ruin its color.

As it fades gradually, you can reapply the permanent dye. It’s likely to be a month since the last permanent coloring.

CLAIROL NATURAL INSTINCTS, for example, offers you a wide range of traditional colors in semi-permanent dyes.



You can’t dye your hair again the next day because you would risk your hair’s health. You have two alternatives: wait at least fifteen days to apply a dye of the same color or use semi-permanent coloring.

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