How to Get Rid of Grey Tones in Blonde Hair Like a Pro

get rid of unwanted tones

Does your blonde hair have grey tones that you don’t like?


Don’t worry, there’s definitely a solution.

And I’m going to help you find it.


There are four reasons why grey tones might have appeared in your blonde hair.

  • They might have appeared because of toning your hair after bleaching it
  • They might have appeared because you used an ashy dye
  • Maybe because of a toner
  • Or because of an ashy toning shampoo


So, let me ask you.

Do you know why these grey tones appeared in your blonde hair?


If you color your hair on your own at home, you probably already know why those grey tones appeared after you read these four options.

But, if you get it done in a salon, you might not be so sure.

 Let’s take a closer look at each of these possible reasons why grey tones have appeared in your hair.  


If that’s the case, don’t worry because, after a few washes, these grey tones will disappear. It might only take 3-4 washes for the grey tones to go away completely.


  • They also might have appeared because you used an ashy dye.

If that’s the case, let 15 days pass, then use a golden dye on your hair.


  • Another reason why these grey tones might have appeared in your hair is because of using an ashy toner.

If that’s the case, you should wait 4-5 washes, and if in that time, the tones don’t disappear, you should bleach your hair.


  • And lastly, those grey tones might have appeared because you’ve been washing your hair with a toning shampoo.

If that’s the case, stop using the toning shampoo, and the grey tones will start to disappear soon.


Now let’s take a closer look at each of the possible reasons why your hair has those grey tones and their corresponding solutions.


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How to get rid of grey tones from toning your hair after bleaching it

unwanted gray tones

This is very normal. When you go to a salon, and they bleach your hair, yellow and orange tones tender to appear.

To then neutralize them, you need to apply a purple toner mixed with shampoo, which ultimately makes it, so you have those ashy tones in your blonde hair.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything extreme. You need time and patience.


 After 3-4 washes with your normal shampoo and conditioner, you’ll see that the grey tones disappear without leaving any trace, and your blonde will look perfect.  

If you want to speed up the process, instead of washing your hair every other day, you can wash it every day.


Did you use an ash-colored dye on your hair, and now you have grey highlights? Here’s the solution

This is one of the most common errors that women that come to my salon make.

They all love those ashy blondes that they see on Instagram or Pinterest, so they buy the kit and dye their hair.

They don’t know if that most of the time, those colors have been retouched with a computer program and don’t look like that in real life.

Then, when they apply the ashy blonde dye, their hair ends up ashy and can even look kind of green.

But don’t worry, it’s easy to get rid of unwanted tones.


 First, you’ll need to buy gold or copper-colored hair dye. For example: 8.3 or 8.4 or 9.3 or 9.4. 

Those tones instantly neutralize the grey, green, or blue tones in ashy dyes.


But, before you use dye again, I’d recommend that you wait 15 days, which is the amount of time it takes for your hair to expel the leftover dye and for you to see the real color.

Maybe your color won’t look so ashy after 15 days.


Did you use an ashy toner, and now your hair has grey in it?

This situation is pretty similar to the dye problem and the one where you got your hair toned in a salon.

Toner is still a dye; you use it to toner your hair or neutralize certain tones, not color your hair.


If you used a grey toner and your hair is a smoky color, you should wait 4-5 washes until the leftover pigment is expelled.

Toner doesn’t last very long in your hair, so don’t worry too much.


 If after those washes, your hair still looks grey, you should bleach it lightly with a 10 volume developer in cream form.  


  • Mix the 10 volume developer with a little bit of your normal shampoo in a plastic container.
  • Wash your hair with that mix.
  • Let it sit for 5 minutes, then rinse.


You’ll see that your tone changes quickly.

You can repeat this process once a week until the grey has completely disappeared from your hair.


Have you been washing your hair with purple or blue toning shampoo?

If you’ve been washing your hair with a toning shampoo, whether purple, blue, or grey, it might be time to stop using it.

When your hair is really blonde, it will absorb whatever pigment you put in it quickly, and toning shampoo contains pigments.


 You should stop using the toning shampoo immediately. 

You can replace the toning shampoo with a hydrating keratin shampoo, and you’ll see that after 2-3 washes, the grey tones completely disappear.


2 alternative solutions to get grey tones out of blonde hair

And now I want to tell you about two alternative solutions for getting grey tones out of your hair.

  • Clarifying shampoo
  • And hydrating masks used in conjunction with heat


Clarifying shampoo

These kinds of shampoo are strong enough to remove artificial pigments from your hair. All you have to do is wash your hair with the shampoo a few times in a row until the grey tones have entirely disappeared from your hair.

NOTE: Don’t do this while you shower. It’s better to do this outside of the shower in a well-ventilated space because these kinds of shampoos usually have a strong odor.

Hydrating mask with heat

Heat masks are regular cream baths that many women do at least once a month.

But in this case, they can help get grey out of your hair.

All hair products contain sulfates, which are chemicals that can remove pigment from your hair.


  • So, all you have to do is dampen your hair, apply the mask from your roots to your ends, and put on an aluminum cap.
  • If you don’t have one, a nylon bag will work too.
  • Let it sit for 20 minutes, then rinse.


If you repeat this twice a week, the grey tones will have disappeared within 15 days.

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