How to use hair toner after bleaching without ruining your hair?


how to use it after bleaching

It doesn’t matter how much care you put into your hair the moment you bleach it.


Most times, you will end up with a color that you don’t want.

And experience and age teach you a lot.


I have tried every type of blonde in my hair, from platinum blonde to ashy blonde, even strawberry blonde.


But I always have to correct the color after I bleach it.

Do you want to know how I do it?


I simply used toner to match the color and get the tone that I want.

Once you start experimenting with different tones in your hair, you discover that coloring and bleaching really are complex techniques that require precision and patience to get the desired results.



And thank God, and hair cosmetic companies, that there are always new products coming out to beautify and protect our hair.

Toner is a blessing for those of us that bleach our hair.


That’s why today, I want to share my experience using toner after bleaching my hair.



What is toner and how is it different from permanent dye?

deposits the pigments on the surface

Toner, also called gloss, is a semi-permanent color.

That means that it has a small amount of ammonia, that can change the composition of the pigments in the hair shaft.


 Toner is basically used to alter copper, orange, and yellow tones that stay in the hair after bleaching.  

In addition, it contains very little ammonia, which is why it doesn’t alter the internal structure of the hair like hair color does.



Once you bleach your hair and strip out the natural pigments of your hair, some yellow or orange-toned streaks. That is where the toner works, converting the tone of those streaks to a more natural color.


What Brand of Toner is Best?

toner best brands

I don’t want to pull a Pontius Pilate, who as history shows, washed his hands when presented with a difficult situation.  

But I repeat that it is very difficult to recommend a hair product.




Because each person’s hair is different.

Because each person’s hair history is different. Because each person is different and their genetics, like allergies for example, determine their reaction to the product.

 For some people, a toner works wonders, while for others, that same toner is the worst product that they could have bought in their life. 


Nevertheless, I’m going to recommend three brands of toner that have worked marvelously for me throughout the years.

I repeat, these worked for me, which is why I’m excited to share them with you.



  • Manic Panic Toner

violet for toning yellow or orange hair

This is, without a doubt, my favorite brand of toner and it will take you far away from a panic situation. This is the one I use when I want to get away from blonde tones to shine with turquoise and pink tones.

It allows you to give fantasy tones to your hair, and you can choose between a wide variety of colors. The product is totally vegan, so it doesn’t have chemicals that dry out your hair.


I have a friend that uses it in her hair without bleaching, but logically, the results are not the same.


If after bleaching your hair you want to try a new crazy tone, this toner if for you because if you get bored with the new color, it’ll fade quickly with washing.


  • Wella Color Charm Ash Blonde Toner

for ash blonde hairs

If you are bleaching your hair to dye it a lighter blonde than what you have, this is the toner for you.


It was one of the first that I used on my hair, and I was able to get rid of those chicken yellow streaks that stay in your hair when you wash out the bleach.


Also, I can assure you that it will last even five weeks after you apply it to your hair. Of course, this depends on how often you wash your hair every week.

For this one, you shouldn’t use any type of conditioner before applying the toner to your hair because it will close the cuticles and prevent the pigments of the toner from entering.

I was able to match the color of my hair and also, it looked shinier.


  • Blond Brilliance Toner

it works in 15 minutes

This toner is idea for those that want to get rid of red and orange colors that stay in your hair after bleaching.


Match the color, which will allow you to not have to put your hair through the chemicals of permanent dye.


Also, it leaves your hair shiny, it doesn’t contain ammonia, so it doesn’t dry out your hair and it even allows you to lighten your hair a tone.

Its natural ingredients like papaya extract and mango oil condition and protect your hair.


Once again, I feel the need to repeat that these products have given me fantastic results.


My hair looks healthy, shiny, and smooth, so I can be sure that at least these products didn’t destroy my hair.

How To Use Toner After Bleaching Your Hair?

After the bleach has taken effect, rinse out your hair to get rid of the rest of the bleach residue.

Get rid of the excess water, drying your hair with a towel.


Apply the toner in your bleached hair and let it work according to the instructions that come attached to the product.

Since a lot of toner brands exist and each one can work in a different way, I can’t bring myself to recommend a time to leave it on your hair.



What I can recommend is that you test it on a chunk of hair, meaning, separate out a chunk of your hair and apply a small amount of toner.

After, watch the process minute by minute. In this way, you’ll be able to see how your hair reacts to the product.


Keep in mind that the results of the toner can vary from person to person, even when they use the same brand because it depends on the type of hair, if it is more or less porous  and the general state of the hair.



Once the correct time has passed, which you now is right because of the test you did on the chunk of hair, you can wash all of the product out of your hair.

Do you want some advice?


Apply a few drops of coconut oil, if it’s organic, even better, to increase the level of water in the hair fibers once you wash out the toner.

What color is your hair right now?

And what color do you want your hair to be after toner?

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