Can you bleach greasy hair? What precautions to take before doing it?

  • Oily hair is one of the hair types that best withstand the harmful effects of bleaching.
  • It is so because the scalp produces natural oils that form a protective barrier against ammonia and peroxide.
  • The only precautions you should take are to not wash your hair for three days before bleaching it and to moisturize your ends with coconut oil three hours before the process.


suffer the process less

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Do you want to know what we do in the salon when a client with oily hair wants to bleach her hair?

We jump for joy! Yes, all we have to do is open a bottle of champagne and recreate one of the Zumba classes we attend.

Why so much joy?


Well, firstly, because joy is not only Brazilian.

 Secondly, because we know that greasy hair suffers the bleaching process much less.  


We are not going to fool ourselves.

Bleaching is such an aggressive chemical process that even professional hairdressers and stylists take it very seriously.

Do you know how many clients leave the salon every day angry because I refuse to bleach their hair?


I prefer anger to having to pick their hair up off the floor with a broom and shovel afterward.

  • Healthy and strong hair will resist bleaching.
  • Weak and brittle hair will not resist bleaching.

Do you have greasy hair?


Then, you probably have strong, thick hair that you don’t have to care for and moisturize intensively, once a week, religiously.

I know it can be a real headache for other things. For example, if you spend more than two days without washing it, it looks very dirty.


However, perfect things don’t exist.

 In this case, if you want to bleach your greasy hair, you have an advantage. Be happy! For once in your life, your greasy hair is an advantage. 

Do you want to know why?


Keep reading, because I’ll tell you::

  • Why oily hair is an advantage when bleaching
  • What precautions to take to bleach oily hair


Today, you will fall in love with your greasy hair.

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Why is greasy hair an advantage when bleaching?

Do you know exactly what bleaching is?


Let’s see, this chemical process expels artificial and natural colors from the hair. To achieve this, the 30-volume peroxide and the ammonia or bleaching powder must penetrate the hair fiber.

Ammonia removes all the moisture from the hair because it is a corrosive powder. Peroxide raises temperature so that the cuticles open and the ammonia penetrates the fiber.


 So, it’s a very aggressive process for the hair, and I always recommend my clients not to wash their hair for at least 72 hours before bleaching. 

Did you know that it is always recommended to apply coconut oil before bleaching your hair?

Coconut oil makes the hair fiber more flexible. So, when the cuticles are opened, they do not break.

That’s where your greasy hair will have an advantage.   Thanks to the excess of natural oils and fats, oily hair naturally has the protection that coconut oil gives to other hair types. 


That brings us to a second advantage.

Your greasy hair will save you a few dollars on hydration treatments when you bleach it because you won’t have to buy repair masks and essential oils for dry ends.


However, you also need to be realistic. Just because your hair doesn’t suffer terribly from bleaching, it doesn’t mean you can bleach it twice a day or five times a month.

When you bleach your oily hair, the damage will be minimized because the hair fiber will be naturally protected, more flexible, and less prone to breakage in the process.


So, can you bleach your oily hair without any precautions?

Precautions will always be necessary when talking about chemical hair processes, and that’s what I’ll talk about next.


What precautions to take when bleaching greasy hair


If your hair is oily, it’s because the sebaceous glands produce an excess of oil or sebum on the scalp. That’s why your hair is heavier and looks dull, as if dirty, even if you wash it every day.

One of the first precautions you should take is to wash your hair. I know you hate your hair to look dirty because it’s greasy, and that is why you wash it every day.


However, if you’re going to bleach it, you’ll have to resist that temptation. You have to resist, standing up to everything, and not being ashamed. Why?

Because that’s the first recommendation.


  • Do not wash oily hair for at least 72 hours before bleaching.

With this, you will protect your scalp, roots, and lengths with the natural oils of the aggressive action of chemicals.

What’re two days in someone’s life compared to a hundred days of having ruined hair?

Just think that, after bleaching, you will want to have an amazingly healthy hair color.


The second precaution you should take is to pay special attention to the ends. The oil produced by the scalp doesn’t usually reach the ends when you wash your hair every day.

What can you do about it?


  • Three hours before bleaching your hair, apply 5 drops of coconut oil and massage the ends.

Don’t you have coconut oil? Water comes to your aid.


  • Wet your hair and comb it from root to tip with a fine comb.

You should not use shampoo or conditioner. When combing your wet hair, you will distribute your hair’s natural oil over the entire hair surface.

Once your hair is dry, you can start bleaching your hair protected with its natural oils.


  • Finally, once you finish bleaching your greasy hair, you must apply coconut or argan oil to your ends.

As they are the most sensitive parts of your hair, they will surely have lost moisture.

These oils will restore the lost moisture of hair and prevent it from breaking.



Greasy hair is one of the best at resisting the bleaching process. The natural oils produced by the scalp protect the hair fiber from chemical damage.

It is important that you don’t wash your hair for at least 72 hours before bleaching it and that, three hours before the process, you deeply moisturize the ends.

I’m sure you’ll love your greasy hair from now on.

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