Does dyeing your hair damage it forever? It depends on who applies the dye

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  • Dyeing your hair DOESN’T damage it forever as long as the dye is applied by a professional stylist.
  • Despite that, if you decide to dye your hair yourself with low-quality box dyes, the result will be uncertain. Also, your hair may suffer damage.
  • In any case, even if there’s no damage, the dye changes the structure of the hair. After dyeing, your hair won’t be the same.


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Are you thinking about coloring your hair? Are you afraid of damaging it?


I understand your concern.

  When you color virgin hair, it’ll never go back to that mane you knew.  

However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll always damage your hair if you dye it.

It only means that once your hair has been colored, it’ll never return to its original state.


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In this article, I’ll tell you about the coloring process in a salon and at home so you can evaluate what is best to color your hair without damaging it.

First, let’s look at what happens to the dye in your hair.

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The dyeing process explained by a professional

takes several bleaching sessions

Hair is like a strand full of little balls. Those little balls are the natural pigments, and the strand covered by a system of scales.

Think of the tiles on a roof. The scales, which are the cuticles of the hair, are arranged in the same way.


When you color your hair, the peroxide forms an alkaline field to open those cuticles for the dye pigments to enter. Then, they deposit the new artificial dye pigments.

When you wash your hair, the cuticles are sealed, and the color is locked within.


Over the days, as you wash your hair, the cuticles eventually open, and the artificial pigments start to fade.

  This is when you say “my color washed out”. Actually, the artificial pigments are being lost.  


Virgin hair, in turn, doesn’t go through this process. Its cuticles are naturally sealed by a waterproof liquid shield.

After a coloring process, natural pigments are lost, and the cuticles never fully seal again.

Therefore, from then on, it’s necessary to “fill in” those hollow pigments and re-seal those cuticles.


The bleaching process happens month after month. So, you need to repeat the coloring process monthly for your hair to retain its color and nourishment. This way, you prevent hair damage.

It may seem easy to color your hair, but it’s not. Are you afraid of damaging your hair with box hair dyes? The following will surely interest you.


“Do-it-yourself”: Box dyes and hair damage

cover ombre with dye at home

As in life, you need to study to succeed at any activity. Nothing in life comes without effort.

However, you may have watched tutorials on social networks that show you how easy and simple it’s to apply hair dye yourself.

But what’s the catch?


Hair dye application may be the easiest part.

The rest is not only hard, but it also requires specific knowledge.

Your hair being damaged or healthy after coloring depends on this knowledge.


5 common mistakes when applying box hair dyes

If you decide to dye your hair yourself, try not to make these mistakes:


  • First of all, check the quality of the product you are going to buy. Box dyes generally are medium or low quality.


  • The picture of the box isn’t accurate.

The model on the box may sport super shiny and silky hair. However, when you apply that tone, your hair doesn’t look even close.

The first thing you notice is that the tone doesn’t look like the one on the box. Why? You may have chosen the tone according to what you wanted, but didn’t consider the color you already had in your hair.


  • The above is the most common mistake in the world. What’s worse, you may try to fix it. Then, you color your hair again and that’s when you start to damage it.


  • Another common mistake is underexposure.

If you leave the dye for less time than necessary, your hair won’t be less damaged. On the contrary, you’ll only damage it more. Removing hair dye before the indicated time won’t complete the pigmentation process.

In short, the resulting color won’t get even close to what you were looking for.


  • The opposite case is also very common: overexposure.

If you exceed the time indicated on the box, the result will be a darkening of the pigments, a short-lasting seal, and hair fiber damage. Again, you won’t get the desired results.


Could coloring my hair at the salon damage it?

plan highlights sessions to get to blonde

Nowadays, professional and box dyes are two worlds apart.

Cosmetology companies have the latest advances in pigments and ingredients related to dyes.


Also, professional hairdressers have all the training and necessary equipment. So, it’s no longer worth it to dye your hair at home.

In the salon, you’ll get the color you wanted but also better quality results for your hair.

  In other words, if you dye your hair at the salon, it won’t be damaged.  


The professional hairdresser who works on your hair will do so with your wishes in mind.

  He/she will also evaluate if you have already colored your hair in the past and check its health.  

They’ll also know which alternatives are best for you and which products are the right ones to care for your hair.


  There are very big differences in quality between box dyes and professional dyes.  

What’s more, professional stylists beat online tutorials.

These factors result in either permanent hair damage or healthy and amazing hair.


Conclusion: to avoid damaging your hair, make an appointment at the salon

If you want to color your hair and avoid damage, my best advice is to make an appointment at your regular salon.

Always talk to your trusted hairdresser. Hair beauty isn’t something easy or simple.


Too many times, I see clients in the salon who come in with damaged hair because of poor hair color application. Avoid that trouble!

To keep your hair looking fresh, shiny, and healthy, follow my advice and use quality hair dyes. Avoid the bad news of damaged, dull, and lifeless hair. Go for it!

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