How to lighten black hair with hair dye step by step (virgin and colored hair)

  • It is possible to lighten black hair with dye, as long as the hair is virgin. Please not that you can only lighten it by two or three shades.
  • If your hair is colored with a black dye, you’ll need to bleach or lighten it firstly. I’ll tell you more about this in a few moments.


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All women are looking for magic solutions to their hair problems!

  • “I want my hair to be longer, now”
  • “I want to have golden kissed-by-the-sun highlights, now”
  • “I want my black hair to be lighter, now”


Our society is suffering from a new syndrome: the “right now” syndrome, which, in other words, it means the cult of immediate results. All changes must take place in the blink of an eye.

However, some changes are not possible with such immediacy.

Is your hair black and you dream of transforming it into a beautiful honey brown?


Well, that will only be possible with a lot of care and investment, both in time and money.

First, let’s get to the core of the matter.

Is your hair black because of nature’s decision or because you’ve tried to outwit genetics?


  • If your hair is black by nature, that is, it is virgin, and that is your birth color, you can lighten it with hair dye.

But, don´t get crazy fantasies! You won’t become the next platinum-haired Bond girl!


 One hair dye can only lighten a virgin hair up to two or three shades.  That means, you’ll go from black to brown hair. Even if you think the difference is minimal, I can assure you that you will notice it very much.

You can even choose a color with some highlights, which will give your new color a very fun look


  • Now, if your hair is black because you dyed it, things change completely. In that case, you’ll have to bleach your hair or do a color lightening before applying the new color.

Too discouraged?


Don’t worry, today I will help you control your anxiety, because I will tell you:

  • How to lighten virgin black hair with hair dye
  • Two ways to lighten black colored hair


Can you see those black clouds slowly moving away?

Let’s make them disappear completely.

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How to lighten virgin black hair with hair dye

Before applying a hair dye to your black hair to lighten it, are you sure about the step you are about to take?


Coloring your hair, no matter what color you choose is a commitment. That commitment will have to be sustained over time so that your hair looks absolutely neat, every time.

 Also, don’t forget that hair dyes contain chemicals, peroxide, and ammonia, so your hair fiber, until now a virgin, will suffer.  That means you’ll have to increase your care.


For example, by applying moisturizing masks and staying away from heat tools.

You’ll also have to invest in special products for colored hair, such as sulfate-free shampoos.

Still want to lighten your black hair?


Then, let’s move on.

To lighten your natural black hair, you’ll need a coloring kit that you can easily buy.  But, before you buy it, you need to choose the right color to leave black behind. 

To choose the color, you must take into account the international color scale, which is divided into 10 colors, from 1 to 10, with black being number 1 and 10 being platinum blonde.

What number can you reach with hair dye?


 You can reach color number 4, which corresponds to brown. You can only lighten two or three shades with one hair dye.  

So, you will have to choose between a brown, a dark brown or chestnut. And you can also choose a highlight to match that color.

For example, 4.3 is a golden brown, and 4.1 is an ash brown.


Once you choose the color, it’s time for the application. Here is a step by step procedure.

  • Untangle your hair, make a middle parting, and separate your hair into four sections. One section will go from the beginning of the hair to the nape of the neck. Then, divide the rest from ear to ear.
  • Mix the elements of the coloring kit as indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Start applying the dye from the middle to the ends, and from the front sections.
  • After the leave-in period, apply the rest of the dye to the roots, and leave the dye in for another ten minutes.
  • Afterward, rinse your hair with warm water, using colored hair shampoo


Now, you only have to look in the mirror and recognize yourself with your new color. Satisfied with the results?


Okay, now it’s the turn of women who have dyed their hair black and want to lighten it.


2 ways to lighten black colored hair

with paintbrush

To begin with, I have to tell you an absolute truth: “dye on dye does not lighten up”. That said, when was the last time you dyed your hair black?


If your hair has recently been colored with a black dye and you want to lighten it, you’ll have to bleach it.

That’s the only way you can remove the dye´s black pigment. I recommend that you go to a salon because this is a very aggressive chemical process for your hair.

At the salon, they will tell you how many bleaching sessions you need to lighten your hair to the color you want.

But remember,  more bleaching, more damage to your hair. 


If you have applied the black dye at least six months ago, you can do a color lightening.

In this case, you probably have grown roots between 7 and 9 centimeters. This means that you have 4 to 6 fingers of virgin hair, and underneath, the black color of the dye.

Don’t apply a lighter color directly. If you do, the roots will have one color and the rest of the hair will have another.

What you need to do is a color lightening and, then, apply a lighter color. After a few months, you can even add some highlights to your hair



To lighten black hair it is important to take the hair history into account.

  • If the hair is virgin, you can lighten it with a hair dye, up to two or three shades.
  • If the hair is dyed black, to lighten it, you'll need to do, firstly, a chemical process to extract the dye´s pigments. It's best to do this in a professional salon.


Now tell me, do you still want to lighten your black hair?

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