The toner didn’t work on my orange hair, what can I do?

after bleaching

  • If the toner didn’t work on your orange hair, a blue toner will need to be reapplied to neutralize the unwanted tone.
  • If you notice that the orange color is too intense, you should bleach your hair again before applying the blue toner to get a lighter blonde.
  • You should respect the exposure times of the blue toner. Also, make sure that there isn’t any residue of other products in the hair to prevent it from turning orange again.


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When it comes to neutralizing orange tones in the hair, things can be unpredictable.

The results depend on many things such as the color of the toner you apply, how long you leave it on your hair, and even the natural tone of your hair.


 Also, the results of toning will never be the same on dark orange hair as on light orange hair. 

I know many clients who, after bleaching and toning their hair, it’s still orange. Therefore, what do they usually do, driven by fear?


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They apply a hair dye to cover up that color they dislike!

However, that’s not the solution. The only thing you’ll achieve is to darken your hair. Surely, what you wanted was to achieve a stunning blonde. That’s why you bleached your hair.


A few weeks ago, Clara came to my salon with a strident orange color in her hair. She told me that she had tried to tone the unwanted orange following the steps of an internet tutorial.

Of course, she didn’t get the results she wanted. After applying the toner and rinsing her hair, she discovered in horror that the orange was still there.

In the end, you’ll see that everything has a solution.


So, are you in the same situation?

Then, let’s see what made the toner didn’t work on your orange hair.


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Why didn’t the toner work when applied on orange hair?

before applying to hair

Orange tends to appear in hair that is originally dark blonde or brown. Some people, in turn, simply have a tendency to orange because of the condition of their hair or genetic inheritance.

I know you’re worried, but don’t be. There’s always a solution. After all, what you’re dealing with is orange hair, not burnt hair.


So,  I’m going to ask you for a moment to go back in time right to the moment you decided to apply toner on your hair. 


Are you there?

All right. Now tell me, did you check the color wheel before you applied the toner?


  • I can imagine your face. You’re thinking, “Is she talking to me about art or about hair?”

My answer is that I’m talking to you about hair issues. After all, hair colors are ruled by colorimetry.

One of the fundamental tools of colorimetry is the color wheel.


Imagine yourself in front of the color wheel and find the orange color. Can you see it?

Okay, what color can you see opposite to it?


  • Blue!

The opposite of orange is blue. It’s the color that neutralizes orange.

So, if you wanted to tone your orange hair, you should’ve used blue toner.


  • If you used purple or another color toner, that’s the reason why your hair is still orange. Purple neutralizes the yellowish tones in the hair.

Now, what was the orange color of your hair like before you applied the toner? Was it a very intense orange?


  • Then,  unfortunately, even if you applied a blue toner, the orange won’t disappear because you need to lighten your hair even more. 

If your hair is healthy, you’ll have to bleach it. The toner doesn’t color the hair. It just tones down some unwanted tones.


  • When you applied the toner on your orange hair, was it free from other hair products?

For example, if you hair has traces of styling cream or is badly rinsed, the toner won’t be able to penetrate it to tone the orange.


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  • Finally, did you patiently read the toner manufacturer’s instructions?

This is essential. If you don’t respect the toner to developer ratio, or the exposure times, your hair will remain orange regardless of the blue toner.


The same will happen if you wash your hair immediately after toning.  Tthe tone will fade faster with each wash. 

So if you’re used to washing your hair every day, it may be the reason why the toner ended up fading quickly.


Let’s return to the present because that’s where you’ll find the solution to put an end to the orange tone in your hair. How to do it?


If the toner didn’t work on your orange hair, you have to tone your hair again with a blue toner

toner, developer, bowl and brush

If you want to achieve an even, ashy tone on an orange base, now you know you have to apply a blue toner.

If you’re looking for a lighter blonde, you’ll need to lighten your hair a bit more. Then, apply the appropriate toner to tone it down.

Do you just want an even, ashy tone on your hair?


Then, apply the toner again. This time, you’ll need to follow a few instructions:


  • You must use a blue toner.

It’s the opposite color to orange on the color wheel.


  • Follow the product instructions.

Use your creativity for other things, like decorating your room, planning a surprise party for your best friend, or innovating on a cooking recipe.

In this case, the toner manufacturers ensured that they created a product that works for toning orange hair.


For that to happen,  you must follow the directions and the exposure time on your hair. 

Or you could just not do it and stick to the consequences. What will those consequences be? Your hair will stay orange.


  • Start the application from the roots to the ends.

This is also very important to achieve an even tone. Do you know why? Because the ends are always lighter than the rest of the hair.

If you don’t respect the order, your ends will look blue.


  • Also, you must be quick at the time of application.

No more getting distracted by WhatsApp groups, a must-see episode of your favorite series, or a chat with your boyfriend.

 Once you start applying the toner to your orange hair, you need to be quick. 

Make sure you cover all areas of the hair evenly. Also, if you don’t have much coloring experience, apply the toner to your wet hair with no hair product residue.


If your hair is wet, the product will be distributed evenly. If it’s free of hair products, the toner pigments will penetrate the hair cuticles.


What happens once the blue toner removes the orange tone from your hair?

The orange tone will reappear in the long term.

Therefore, after four to six weeks, you’ll need to reapply the blue toner to keep your color flawless.

This will depend on your washing habits. The more often you wash your hair, the more often you’ll need to apply the toner.



If your hair is still orange after applying toner, the solution is to tone it again. Something obviously went wrong with the first application.

Please, don’t beat your chest because you can solve it by toning your hair with a blue toner, respecting the application times and product preparation.


  Believe me, the blue toner won’t let you down. It’ll neutralize unwanted tones and give your hair shine and vitality. 

If not, ask Clara. After I applied the blue toner to her hair, the color changed from a garish orange to a stunning ash-blonde.

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