The Best Ammonia-free dyes for Pregnant Women (and some important advice)

At least once a week I get these types of consults.

Carina, “Can I dye my hair if I am pregnant?”

Or, “Carina, is it bad to dye your hair when you are pregnant?”

“Should I use ammonia-free dyes, or can I use classic ones?”

And other questions like that.


So, finally, I decided to talk a bit about this polemic problem.

It’s a polemic problem because according to who you ask, they will tell you one thing or another.


Some hairstylists will say that you can dye your hair without any problems.

Other more conservative ones, will tell you that it’s best not to color your hair while pregnant.

Do you want me to give you my opinion?


I think that with such a delicate topic as this one we have to be responsible.

 This means that the only person that you should ask is your obstetrician (read that again, please)  

Not your hairstylist.

Not your best friend.

Your obstetrician.

colored hair

Asking your hairstylist if you can color your hair is the same as asking me about auto mechanics.

I know absolutely nothing about auto mechanics.

In fact, the other day, I thought my mechanic had taken advantage of me and charged me a fortune for simply tightening the nuts.


But that’s another story.

The point is that a hairstylist understand as much about pregnancy as I do about cars.

Meaning, nothing.

I understand that you want your hair to look beautiful those months that you are pregnant.

We all like to have impeccable hair and we even obsess over it.

The problem is that most hair dyes have ammonia, a pretty toxic ingredient that could affect the baby.


If you are going through a hormonal and emotional revolution that comes up during pregnancy, and in addition, you want to play a bit with your hair color, (or better yet, cover up your gray hairs) we have to follow have some precautions to get that.


So, for those women that with a big stomach and bodily changes, want to look nice or change the look of their hair to always look nice, I have some advice to share with you.


First, I’m going to talk about some ammonia-free dyes that are safe for pregnant women.

 And after, I’m going to tell you some cool tips so that your hair looks great during your pregnancy.  

When your baby meets you, I’m sure that they’ll think, “Look how beautiful my mom is.” Hahaha.

Let’s start right away.


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Are you pregnant? This is what you should do to dye your hair

before coloring hair

Although today there are many ammonia-free dyes, it is fundamental that before starting the first step, we get our doctor’s approval.

The obstetrician will orient us about if we can color our hair and in which stage is coloring permitted.

Some consider that during the second trimester of the pregnancy, the baby is less vulnerable.


Once we get the guarantee from the health professional, we have to keep in mind the pros and cons of the different products offered on the market.


3 brands of ammonia-free dyes (permanent and semi-permanent)


1- Inoa from L’Oreal

loreal brand ammonia free

Check Inoa Dye on Amazon


Ammonia-free semi-permanent dyes add a superficial layer of color, since they fade rapidly with washing.

On the other hand,  this is a permanent dye. 

That means that the color penetrates the hair fiber, so the color stays for longer in the hair. Not just this, but the hair will have a more intense and shiny color.


The best thing about this dye, in addition to being ammonia-free, is that it has no smell. Something fundamental if you decide to dye your hair during your pregnancy.

This dye is a bit more expensive than traditional dyes, but believe me, the difference in quality is notable.


2- Wella Color Touch

semi permanent hair dye

Check Wella Color Touch on Amazon


Are you one of those that enjoys changing the color of your hair pretty often?

Then this is the ideal dye for you.


Different from Inoa, this is an ammonia-free, semi-permanent dye. That means that   it naturally disappears as you wash it. 

With the mood swings from pregnancy, maybe today you want to dye your hair one color and within a few days, another color.

With this dye, you can do it.


3- Revlon Colorsilk

ammonia free hair dye with proteins

Check Colorsilk on Amazon


Do you have dry and mistreated hair?

This dye is perfect for you.

In addition to dyeing your hair, it will help you revive it if it is dry and mistreated.


It is an ammonia-free, permanent dye.

One of the most interesting things about this dye is that it contains added silk proteins.

And what is the benefit for your hair? I’m sure you’re asking.


 The proteins that the dye gives will leave your hair much healthier and shinier.  

Some people that use this dye frequently explain that every time they dye their hair, it transforms.


ATTENTION: be very careful with natural products

Many products are advertised as natural because they don’t contain ammonia but, actually, they have other synthetic chemical components that can be just as damaging or cause allergies.

That’s why it’s always best to prevent and be attentive.


Use one of the three brands of dye that I shared with you above, or if you use another dye, make sure that it really doesn’t contain ammonia.


A safe option for dyeing your hair

If we are too doubtful, we have another, safer option.

 Instead of completely coloring your hair, you can just color a few pieces without touching the roots of the hair nor the scalp.  In this way, if the dye is only on the hair, there is no risk that it will pass to your body nor to the baby.

We also have to consider that when we go to dye our hair, that we do it in an open space that is well-ventilated to avoid breathing in the chemical products.


5 tips so that your baby meets you with amazing hair

highlighted hair

Pregnancy is a beautiful and difficult stage for all women.


It’s a beautiful stage because waiting for your child to come is an immense happiness that only those that have experienced it can understand.

Knowing that there inside of you a little person is growing that you will meet in a few months is an incredible feeling.

That is the beautiful part of pregnancy.

But after comes the difficult part, that of the hormonal changes that your body produces.


This hormonal effervescence can also create changes in your hair cycles.

It is possible that you note that your hair is thicker or has more volume.

Or also that your hair has more frizz and becomes frizzier, something that in normal circumstances doesn’t happen to you.

A few days ago, a client wrote to me that she was expecting her first child.

“Hi Carina, I’m very upset. I’m losing a lot of hair.

When I wake up, the pillowcase is full of hair. After, I shower, and I lose more.

Let’s not even mention when I brush my hair. It’s horrible.

What can I do to stop the hairloss?”


 If you are experiencing hairloss like this girl or any other changes that we commented on before, you shouldn’t worry.  

It is completely normal.

It’s part of the process of changes that are going on in your body because of the pregnancy.


Now, many girls ask me, “Carina, how can I make my hair look better during pregnancy?”

Or they say to me, “Carina, I want to look good during my pregnancy. I don’t want people to see my gray hairs or my hair full of frizz.”


Also, modern women will keep working or doing their daily work well into their pregnancy.

Some even keep working until the eighth month of their pregnancy.

Of course, this means you have to look presentable, especially if your job requires it.


That’s why I want to share with you 5 tips so that you look fabulous for those months that you are waiting.

They are very easy tips for applying and making your hair look healthy and shiny.

So that when your child meets you they will think their mother looks beautiful.


We are going to divide these tips into two groups.

First, tips related to your hair.

And then, tips that have to do with your lifestyle and food.

Let’s start with your hair.

How to wash your hair during pregnancy


1- Shampoo and conditioner

ruined hair

For pregnant women, I always recommend this shampoo and conditioner from Art Naturals. Check price on Amazon


Don’t abuse your hair by washing.

Even though it can seem counter intuitive, washing your hair every day is not a good idea.

Washing products have chemicals that accumulate on the scalp and this isn’t good at all for your hair.


That’s why you should wash your hair as little as possible, three times a week would be a good balance.


Use sulfate-free products or the most natural that you can get.

Don’t forget to use conditioner, especially on the ends to prevent split ends.


2- Apply natural oils in your hair

This is a good idea especially if your hair tends to be dry or opaque.


Natural oils help you get back the moisture in your hair. As an added benefit, they will help you strengthen your hair and avoid hair loss.

It is best to choose good-quality organic oils. My favorites are argan oil, which I have talked about a couple times, and coconut oil.


Apply the oil twice a week according to what your hair needs. Let it sit for 15 or 20 minutes and finally, rinse it out.

Some people prefer to leave the oil in their hair overnight.


3- Don’t brush your hair when it is wet

Wet hair is more elastic, which will make it more prone to possible breakage or damage.

It’s best to let your hair dry naturally, and then brush or comb it. This way, you will help prevent your hair from falling out.


Very good, up to there we have advice related to your hair.

As you can see, we aren’t talking about anything too complex.

It simply has to do with small changes that will surely give you the biggest benefits for the appearance of your hair.

Now, let’s move on to lifestyle tips.


Let’s start with food.


4- Food and your hair during pregnancy

I’m not a doctor, so I’m not going to drown you with details.

But as I’m sure you know, eating a balanced diet is important during pregnancy.

 Good food is important for proper growth and development of your baby, but also, to get through the hormonal changes that we talked about before.  


So, it’s best to eat a balanced diet. Include proteins, fruits, vegetables, dairy, legumes, nuts, etc. in your diet.

It’s always a good idea to talk to your primary physician or your obstetrician about this.


5- Avoid stress

Maybe you think that stress doesn’t have much to do with your hair, but the truth is that it does.

The best that you can do for your baby is be calm and relaxed. No stress.


First, choosing a name for your baby.

Everybody has an opinion.

Your grandparents.

Your aunts and uncles.

Your friends.

Everyone things that they have the right to have an opinion about the baby’s name.

Then, preparing the baby’s room, buying the crib, the stroller, the clothes, the…

All of this creates stress.

A stress that accumulates.


To reduce stress, I recommend that you look for relaxing moments in activities like yoga for pregnant women or even meditation which you can do in the tranquility of your home.


 Listening to the heartbeats of your baby is a unique and unforgettable experience that you will keep with you for your entire life. 

But of course, many mothers focus so much on buying this and that or choosing the color of the baby’s room that they forget about the most important thing.

And of course, being more relaxed will also help your hair.



colored her hair blonde

And that is all for now, my dear mommies.

I told you everything that you need to know about ammonia-free dyes for pregnant women. I told you ideas so that your hair looks more attractive than ever during those sweet months of waiting.

I hope that you have gotten something from all of this, and if you have any doubts, let me know.


And you? What dye will you use to color your hair while you are pregnant?

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