Does blonde hair dye have bleach in it? No! An expert answers your questions

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  • No, blonde hair dye doesn’t have bleach in it.
  • If you want to dye your hair blonde, you will need to bleach it first.
  • Depending on how blonde you want your hair to be, you may need to use either bleach or a super lightener.
  • In this article, we’ll take a look at which products you should use to lighten or bleach your hair, whether you have virgin or dyed hair.


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Are you craving to dye your hair blonde? Are you wondering if the hair dye product itself already contains bleach?


Well, as I was saying, it doesn’t.

 Hair dye doesn’t include bleach,  but bleaching and dyeing are two separate processes.

So, in this article. I’ll tell you which product you need to use to get to blonde, depending on what your base color is.


Stay reading until the end, and I’ll give you tips on what you should and shouldn’t do during the bleaching process.

Let’s go!


Do you have virgin hair? This is for you

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If you have natural black to dark blonde hair, applying a blonde dye directly will be the worst disaster you could imagine. Because  your hair will turn out a coppery color. 

As the dye has no bleach in it, its power of action is very limited and you will get a copper color, because of the heap of red pigments in your natural hair.


To achieve an ultra-light blonde,  you must bleach your hair with bleach and peroxide of between 20 and 30 volumes. 

You may even need more than one bleach if your hair is very dark.

Once you have reached the base color you need, you should then apply the blonde dye.

 You may want to use a dye that brings the shade into the butter color range. 


For this, I generally recommend you use a mauve shade, but that will depend solely on the degree of fading you have achieved on your hair with the bleach.

Remember to be very precise when mixing dyes if you don’t want to end up with any random colors in your hair.


If your natural hair is between medium blonde and light blonde,  you can try a super lightener. 

The super lightener is an intermediate product between dye and bleach. It has greater lightening power than a dye but less than bleach.


The super lightener is a more aggressive product than a conventional dye, but not as harmful as bleach.

Therefore, if your natural hair is between medium blonde and light blonde,  this product could become an excellent ally to avoid bleaching your hair. 


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Is your hair already dyed? If you want to lighten it, you’ll need to bleach your hair

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  • If your hair is dyed black, dark brown, or medium brown, you should bleach your hair with a 30-volume developer.

After that, you should bleach as many times as you need to (so that your hair will stay healthy) with developers of lower and lower volumes.

 Once you have reached the desired level of fading, apply the appropriate color toner. 


  • If your hair is dyed light brown, dark blonde, or medium blonde, you will also need more than one bleach, but you can use less powerful bleach.

You’ll also need to apply a color toner to remove the redness.

  • If you have light or very light blonde dyed hair,  a very light bleach will be more than enough  to achieve the goal.


Here’s what you DO need to do after bleaching your hair

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Tip 1: After bleaching, always do an intense nourishing treatment to keep your hair healthy.

Tip 2: Every 15 to 20 days you should do a maintenance treatment after bleaching.

 You can re-color or use a violet or blue shampoo  to remove unwanted yellows and keep the shade in the butter color range.


What you should NEVER do when bleaching your hair

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There are some things you should NEVER do. Because not only will they not give you any results. But you will also put your hair and scalp’s health at serious risk.

 Among the forbidden things to do are mixing hair dye with bleaching powder. 

The dye has an action time of between 30 and 40 minutes, while bleaching powder isn’t governed by time, but by action. So they aren’t compatible; you can’t apply them together.


 Another thing you should never do is mix a dye with a peroxide greater than 30-volume,  because you would be applying a very aggressive oxidant for that length of time. This could damage your scalp and weaken the hair fiber.

 Mixing them to accelerate the process is an absolutely unnecessary risk and gives you no guarantee of success .

Rather than helping you, it will create a risky situation with little chance of a solution.


Conclusion: dye and bleach are different products and you should use them separately

We’ve seen that  dye doesn’t include bleach. So if you want to lighten your hair you should use bleach or maybe a super lightener  (only if you have virgin hair).

If you follow my post, you’ll know that my advice is always the same.  Make an appointment at the salon and design your next look.  Your hairdresser will always be ready to help you innovate, without getting a disaster on your hands.

Don’t hesitate, GO FOR IT!

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