Can I tone my hair again the next day? Yes, but do this first

using purple toner on bleached yellow hair

  • You can tone your hair again the next day, but you’ll need to mix the toner with a 10 volume peroxide.
  • That way, you’ll reduce the damage to your hair when toning, and the color will settle evenly.
  • You have to choose the right color toner and respect the exposure times.


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Can I tone my hair twice the same day? And twice in a week?


Have you noticed I always mention that a toner is a professional tool?

I insist on it because I want to help you prevent mistakes. For example, that  after toning your hair, you have to tone your hair again the next day because things went wrong the first time. 

Why could they go wrong?


Well, I can think of a few reasons and possible causes.

Let’s see if you relate to any of them.

  •  You toned your hair, but your hair still has strident colors.  Evidently, you didn’t let the toner work long enough.
  •  You applied a toner to your orange hair, and now it’s red.  Bad news! You made a mistake in your choice of toner color.
  •  Some strands of your hair were not toned.  It’s a common mistake. In this case, you didn’t distribute the toner evenly.

Have you identified with any of these situations?


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I won’t let you trip over the same stone twice.

Also, I’ll give you some excellent news. Or rather, I’ll give you two pieces of great news.

  • You can tone your hair again the next day.
  • Secondly, I’ll explain how to apply the toner like a real pro so that you tone your hair perfectly well the second time.


However, being the second toner you’ll apply in a row, I recommend using a 10-volume developer instead of a 20-volume one.

This way, you’ll be able to get rid of the strident colors and reduce the damage to your hair.

Let’s start with something very important.

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Before toning your hair again the next day, choose the right toner color for your hair

toning dyed hair with box dye

How can you choose the right toner color?


It’s easy.

You’ll use the help of the neutralization chart, which is based on the color wheel.

I’ll make it simple for you.

  •  If you want to tone your hair orange,  you should use a toner with blue pigments.
  •  Alternatively, to tone your hair yellow,  you should use a toner with violet pigments.
  •  Finally, if you want to tone your red hair,  you should apply a toner with green pigments.


If you don’t apply the correct toner color, the neutralization won’t work and may even worsen the situation.

For example:

  • If you have to neutralize orange and you apply violet toner, your hair will be red because violet contains red as well as orange.
  • If your hair is yellow and you apply a blue toner, your hair will be green because it’s the result of mixing blue and yellow.


We have already established which toner you should choose to tone your hair again.

Another important issue is how long you let the toner work on your hair.


I know that the toner starts to take effect immediately, but we shouldn’t overdo it.

If your hair is dark orange, you’ll have to leave the toner in longer than if it was light orange.


So, to know the minimum amount of time you should leave the toner on the next day, you should observe your color permanently.

No distractions. At this point, your priority is to check how the toner acts minute by minute on your hair.

The maximum exposure time of the toner will always be twenty minutes.


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We have already clarified two very important issues to prevent mistakes when you apply the toner again the next day.

So, let’s get to work!


How to apply the toner again the next day like a real pro

toner and developer mix

Now that you have chosen the right toner color, I remind you to  check the exposure times minute by minute. 


You also need to detangle and separate your hair into several sections to make sure that all strands are covered.

Shall we start?


What do you need?

  •  A 10 volume developer. Remember not to a use 20 volume developer to avoid drying out your hair.
  • Toner of the color you need.
  • Plastic container
  • Gloves
  • Hair color brush
  • Hair clips, comb, and old towels.


How to do it:

  • Separate your dry, detangled hair into four sections, from forehead to nape and ear to ear, holding each section with a hair clip.
  • In the plastic container, mix the 10-volume developer with the toner to integrate.
  • Put on your gloves and release one of the sections of your hair. I recommend starting with the back strands. With the help of the dye brush, apply the toner from root to tip.
  • Repeat the procedure on each section of your hair, making sure you cover each strand.
  • Once you have finished applying the toner throughout your hair, cover it with a shower cap and leave the toner on for up to 20 minutes.
  • After the exposure time, rinse your hair with plenty of lukewarm, almost cold water until you have removed all traces of toner. I recommend using shampoo to remove toner residue and toner stains from the scalp and conditioner to restore moisture to your hair.


Wait for your hair to air dry. Then, look in the mirror.

Surprise! You’ve toned your hair again the next day and you’ve done it like a real pro.



Now you know you can tone your hair again the next day.

You also know you should use a 10-volume developer, choose the right color toner, and leave it on long enough to avoid mistakes.

If despite following these instructions, you don’t achieve the results you want, ask a professional, and don’t experiment with your hair.

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