Can I dye my hair again after a week? Short answer: No!

dye your hair twice in a short time

  • As a colorist, I’ll tell you that you can NOT dye your hair again after a week.
  • Why not? Because coloring your hair so soon can be very damaging.
  • However, in this article, I’m going to show you that there are exceptions.
  • With a 4-step test, I’ll help you check if your hair is fit for a new hair dye.
  • Finally, if your hair doesn’t pass the diagnostic test, I’ll give you some tips to do while you wait for a few days.


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Undoubtedly, coloring your hair twice in one week is too much damage for it.

However, my blunt and negative answer is because I don’t know your hair.

Neither do I know why you want to dye it again.

So, as I don’t know  if your hair could stand a new dye after a week, I prefer to tell you not to do it. 


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BUT! If you read up to the end, I’ll tell you why there are exceptions. That’s right!

 I’ll help you find out if your hair is fit to recolor in less than seven days. 


Having said that, let’s find out with this professional diagnosis if your hair is ready for a double coloring process.

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Test to see if you can color your hair again

porous hair without elasticity

The following is a very professional test, which is usually performed in many salons.

What does it consist of?


It tests the resistance of the hair.

You’ll evaluate your own hair. So, you must be honest. It’d be useless to lie to yourself and put the health of your hair at risk. Are you ready?


 There are 4 characteristics that will tell you if, as an exception, you can dye your hair again in a week’s time: 

1) Elasticity

2) Porosity

3) Softness

4) Body


1) Elasticity

You can test the elasticity of your hair by wetting a single strand.

Did you know that hair tends to stretch like a rubber band?


If it’s in good condition, it springs back into place.

So, wet that strand of your hair and slowly stretch it.

 If the hair is too brittle, it’ll break. This indicates that you can’t color it, and you didn’t pass the elasticity test. 


What might happen if you still chose to dye again anyway?

Your hair (or part of it) could cut or become gummy. Avoid it!


2) Porosity

When hair is porous, it’s damaged, and the cuticles are open. These cuticles may open by different causes: coloring, highlights, or excessive heat.

So if you notice that your hair is too porous, I advise you to do treatments. That is the only way to improve porous hair.


Also, porous hair tends to retain color differently than normal hair.

In other words,   the hair dye colors are not quite perfect on porous hair. That may be one of the reasons why you want to dye your hair again. 

Do you have porous hair?


Then, you’d better wait to dye it again. In the meantime, apply protein masks and coconut or argan oils to your hair.


3) Softness

The softness of your hair is an indicator of health. If your hair is rough, it’s almost likely damaged. If this is the case, you have failed the softness test, and I don’t advise you to color your hair again after a week.


Instead, you should let your hair rest. While you wait, you can apply treatments for damaged hair.


4) Body

Voluminous hair that moves reflects health. It shows your hair can withstand a coloring process after a week.

Is your hair stiff and lacking movement?


Stop! This is an indicator of damaged hair.

To check for volume or body, you should take a strand of hair, and lift it up.


If the strand of hair falls, it’s because it has body. On the other hand,  if your hair is stiff and doesn’t move even with the fan, don’t dye it! Wait, and get busy repairing the damage. 


To dye your hair again after a week, you must pass the 4 tests: elasticity, porosity, softness, and movement.


I didn’t pass the test. What do I do while I wait to color my hair again?

repair hair before re-dyeing

I really don’t know why you want to color your hair again.

Maybe you went to the salon, or you dyed it yourself and you didn’t like it. Maybe, it was too dark or too light.


While dyeing is the quickest way to change your look, it involves exposing your hair to a harsh chemical process.

 So, if you colored your hair, and the results were not what you expected, leave it for a few weeks. 

You may be wondering: should I wait with my arms crossed?


Of course not!

I’ll give you some tips to put into practice while you wait for your hair to be ready for a new color.


  • If your hair didn’t pass the porosity test, chances are you also have frizz. Use anti-frizz products that will also help you repair it.


  • If your hair is porous, you probably didn’t pass the porosity test either. In that case, you can apply nourishing masks.


  • If you have failed in elasticity, your hair needs protein. Use masks with keratin and argan or coconut oil. These products will help you relax your hair. Then, you’ll probably be able to dye it again after a month.


Wait until your hair is healthy. Then, your color will look fantastic

We learned why you shouldn’t dye your hair twice in such a short time.

I also recommended a very professional diagnostic test that allows you to evaluate the condition of your hair to see if you can exceptionally dye it again.


You should know that healthy hair reveals the perfection of color.

If the hair has problems in any of the characteristics I mentioned above, the color will not be perfect, and you won’t be able to show it off.

Cheer up! Good products recover hair faster than you think!

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