How to protect your highlights when dyeing your hair to not ruining them

  • To protect your highlights when coloring your hair, preparation is very important.
  • It is necessary to protect the highlights correctly by either wetting with water the parts you want to preserve, or applying a mask all over the hair, except for the roots.
  • Once you’ve protected the highlights, it’s also very important to be careful when applying the dye, so as not to spoil the highlights.


how to protect hair

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It comes the day when you look in the mirror to see your beautiful highlights once again and… you get scared!

Your roots have grown and are crying out for a touch-up.


However, just this month, your economy is not very good, and you don’t have enough money to go to the salon.

For a moment, you think about going for your mom’s wallet. However, the little voice of conscience that is never missing whispers to you that, maybe, you can try to do the coloring session yourself.


You’re about to jump for joy when the other little voice, that of insecurity, whispers to you, “What if you mess up your highlights?” “What if you accidentally cover your highlights when you apply the dye?”


 Don’t worry, that is the voice of experience. Today, that voice of experience or, better yet, the voice of a stylist’s experience, will tell you everything you need to know so that your highlights don’t suffer any damage when you color your hair. 

In war, love, and hair, all it takes is a good strategy.

Do you want to know which one will be yours so that your highlights emerge triumphant and unspoiled after applying the dye?


Then read on, because I will tell you:

  • How to protect highlights when applying hair dye
  • How to apply the dye so as not to spoil the highlights

Today only one voice will win, and it will be mine. Are you ready to follow me?

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How to protect highlights when applying hair dye

before coloring highlights

If you love your highlights, you will take the trouble to cover them in the best way so that the dye will not change them.

Here’s a very important question: are you a meticulous person that takes all the time in the world to do things exactly as they have to be done?


Then, the element that you will use to protect your highlights from the dye is water.

Yes, just like you read it. Plain and simple, water. The same water that comes out of the restroom or kitchen faucet.

How will you use water?


  • Of course, it will not be to drink but to wet all the sections where you have highlights.  When I say wet, I mean soak, because water will act as a barrier so that the hair dye won’t damage your highlights. 
  • The best thing is to help yourself with a spray. Also, of course, avoid getting the roots wet, because that’s where the dye has to work.
  • If you wet the roots, the dye will not be able to deposit the color pigments there.


Do you find this method very complicated?

Are you afraid of making a mistake by wetting your highlights or forgetting about some sections?


Use a mask to protect your highlights

Then, the best thing is to deal with the problem directly. How?

By covering all your hair, except for the roots, with a good hair mask or moisturizing hair mask.


  • This method,   requires less precision. The only thing you will have to concentrate on is not applying the mask in the three centimeters of growth. 
  • Make sure you do not touch the area where you will be applying the dye later, because, otherwise, the dye pigments will not penetrate the hair fiber.


Why does the mask work to protect highlights from hair dye? Because it seals the cuticles and does not allow the dye to penetrate the highlights.


Now that you’ve prepared your hair for coloring without spoiling your highlights, you must focus on the correct application of the color.


How to apply hair dye so you don’t ruin your highlights

with paintbrush

Have you wetted your highlights enough with water?

Have you protected your highlights with your mask?

Then, it’s time to apply the dye.


This is achieved by dividing the hair in half and then, once again, from ear to ear, creating four quadrants that can be held perfectly into place with clips.

These quadrants will keep each section of hair stay apart so that the color can be applied easily and you can see the growth.


  • Take thin layers of hair from the top of one of the quadrants and cover each one with the dye. Continue until all the sections of the hair are covered.


  • You can help yourself with a dye brush to avoid dye from escaping away from the growth zone.


  • Wait for the indicated time, rinse and dry your hair.


Now, look in the mirror. Are your highlights safe?

Are they still as great as they were before you dyed your hair?


Congratulations, it’s time for you to show off your color, without even the slightest hint of roots regrowth.

Would you like to know a secret? Before rinsing out the dye, distribute it with the help of a rat-tail comb, one centimeter towards the center, in each of the sections. With this secret, you will fade the root and you will love it.



To protect your highlights when applying a dye, it is best to wet completely them with water, avoiding the roots.

You can also choose to apply a hair mask or moisturizing hair mask to all your hair, except for the areas where you will apply the color.

Finally, apply the color with dedication and care to achieve the best result.

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