Can you get your hair white/gray without bleach or dye?

without bleach

These types of questions make my hairs stand on end.

Because when the word bleach appears, all the cells in my body go on the alert.


You may say that I’m exaggerating, but no.

Bleaching is a chemical process that always, always, will end up affecting the health of your hair.

Can I dye my hair white without bleaching it?


You can dye your hair white without bleach only if your base color in the moment that you are asking the question is an almost platinum blonde.


 If the tone of your hair is dark, you will undoubtedly have to bleach your hair.  

And it depends on the grade of dark, meaning if its light brown or black, you may have to bleach your hair even a couple of times to get to white.


I invite you to read this information before following any in-style trends about new colors to put in your hair.

And after reading everything that I have to tell you, you can seriously think about if you really want to dye your hair white.


I’m going to say something that few people say.


 Don’t be fooled by a photo.  

Many people dye their hair white and afterwards proudly show it off in Instagram, Facebook, or wherever.

But what these people don’t tell you is how damaged their hair is after having bleached it so much. Many of them have probably ruined their hair permanently. And all to follow a new trend.


Because believe me, getting your hair to white will not be a process like how they describe it on the internet where in barely ten minutes you go from black hair to white with the speed of a bullet train.

You will be playing with chemicals and with the natural pigments of your hair or with those that you have already dyed before.

We aren’t talking about trying and seeing what type of hairstyle looks best on you.


We’re talking about modifying the molecular structure of your hair. And that is a serious topic. It has nothing to do with black or white.

Sometimes, in life, it’s better opt for gray.

Despite my point of view, which is absolutely personal, I want to tell you how the process is to get to white hair.

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Can you really dye your hair white?

without ruining damaging hair

I’m sorry if I break hearts and dreams about of beautiful white hairs blowing in the wind.

But unfortunately, not all hair can be dyed white.


If you already have dyed hair, it’s difficult to completely bleach your hair because the artificial pigment in the dye is much more resistant than melanin, the natural pigment of your hair.


This means that that artificial color won’t completely erase with bleaching.

At most, you can color your hair platinum blonde or light blonde, but never white, at least not with bleach.


Now, if you have naturally blonde hair or a light brown tone, you can get to white without making your hair suffer as much.

If your hair is brown or black, you will have to bleach it at least three times to get the white you want.


Look at yourself in the mirror.

Look at your hair.


 Apart from the hair color you have, it’s the moments to decide at put your wish for white hair on one side of the balance and on the other side of the balance, the damage to your hair.  


The one who ultimately decides is you.

Keep evaluating your hair.

In order to face the process of getting to the white you desire, it should be in the best conditions.


Is your hair weak?

It won’t be able to resist the process, especially if you hair is dark.

Is your hair fine?

It also won’t come out a winner from bleaching.


If your hair is thick, then you have something in your favor, because generally, thick hair can better resist the effects of bleach.

Now that we have analyzed the current state of the health of your hair, let’s analyze the products we need.


Choose the best products for drastic color changes

up to three bleaching sessions

If you have already decided to dye your hair white, choose the best products for the bleaching process, because they will reduce the damage to your hair and you will end up with a more uniform color.

The products that hair stylists and salons use are the most adequate since you will need to drive out those red pigments to get to a pale yellow.


The professional products complete the process in less time and with less damage to the hair fibers than the generic products, or what you can find on the supermarket shelves.

This is not minor information, because the less time your hair comes in contact with the bleaching product, the more you conserve the proteins of your hair.


Bleaching demands fast and precise work

The most important factors for a successful bleaching that ruins your hair as little as possible is precision and speed.


I recommend that you divide your hair into sections to better control the time that the bleach is applied.

Be patient and divide the hair into four quadrants, forming a part directly in the middle of your hair from your forehead to the back where your roots end.

After, divide this section in half from ear to ear and you will be left with the perfect sections for bleaching.

What will this do for you?


You can apply the bleaching product in layers from the top part down covering the entire surface of the hair.

Once you have bleached your hair, you will see the obtained results.


Remember that you should get to an almost platinum blonde.

If you haven’t gotten there, then you need to bleach your hair again.

Do you remember when I told you that this was a serious topic?

Now, you understand why I don’t sell beads and mirrors. Bleaching is a process that damages your hair even with the precautions that you take.

Last step for getting to white hair

You’re there.

You’re just about at the goal and I hope that this whole process has been worth it.

All that’s left is to neutralize that yellow tone that you have in your hair.


That tone that you have is because of the small amount of melanin that is still in your hair and of the natural color of the keratin that is made visible on the surface of the hair fibers.


The time has come to use a toner, that is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel. So you should use a violet toner.

Can I tell you another secret to keep your hair impeccably white?


Every five washes, use purple shampoo. This will help keep the white from fading so quickly.

That’s it.


Now you can magnificently play the part of the snow queen.


Are you going to bring yourself to finally dye your hair white?

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