How Long to Leave Bleach on Roots 30 vol? It depends on your current hair color

match roots with the rest of the hair

  • To calculate how long you should leave 30 vol bleach on roots, you must start with the base color. That is your current hair color.
  • If your roots are brown 4, light brown 5, or dark blonde 6, you should leave the bleach for 20 minutes.
  • If your roots are blonde 7, light blonde 8, or extra light blonde 9, you should leave the bleach for 10 minutes.
  • You need to respect those exposure times because the roots are fragile hair that can burn and break during the process.


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Should you wash your hair before bleaching it? Is it better to bleach clean or dirty hair?


Roots are virgin hair that hasn’t been colored or exposed to any coloring process. You shouldn’t lose sight of this.



  When you bleach your roots, the process progresses much faster than when you bleach the rest of your hair.  

If you leave the 30-vol bleach longer than indicated, you could damage your hair. It could start to break from the roots.


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The 30-volume developer opens your cuticles, which are small scales that protect your hair, for the bleach to penetrate to the core and expels all the artificial or natural pigmentation.

This whole process requires heat.

Can you imagine what happens to your roots during bleaching?


Well, some good things happen during the process.

  • When you bleach your roots, you can lift up to four or five levels to match the color of the rest of your hair. That would be the good news.
  •   However, during the process, your hair also loses nutrients and moisture.   That’s the bad news, and that will always happen. There’s no way to stop it.


Bleaching is a chemical process.

When you bleach your roots, the chemicals won’t only remove the natural pigments. They’ll also remove moisture and nutrients.

Is there a way to minimize the damage?



  What you should do to avoid ruining the health of your roots is to respect the 30-vol exposure times during bleaching.  

That’s what I’ll tell you about next.

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How long to leave the bleach on roots 30-vol according to their color

to lighten hair

Your roots color is essential to determine how long you should leave the 30-volume bleach in.


If your roots are dark, you should leave the 30-vol bleach on for 20 minutes.

Brown 4, light brown 5, and dark blonde 6 roots have a persistent natural pigmentation.

Therefore, you’ll need to leave the bleach on longer to process.


Of course, you can’t just apply the bleach and sit back and enjoy your favorite show on Netflix.

No, you can’t.

You’ll need to keep an eye on the process.


  You should check the color every five minutes because the roots are virgin hair.  

Therefore, bleaching progresses faster on the roots than on chemically treated hair.

  • If you notice that you reach the bleach level before twenty minutes, you should immediately rinse the bleach out.
  • Instead, if the roots didn’t reach the color you were looking for, you should bleach them again. However, you’ll have to wait three weeks to give it another go. In the meantime, moisturize your hair to strengthen your bleached roots.


If your roots are light-colored, you should leave the bleach on for 30 to 10 minutes.

In this case, you should be careful with the exposure time.

Your roots are probably blonde 7, light blonde 8, or very light blonde 9.

  If you leave the bleach on for more than 10 minutes, your roots will turn almost white, but you’ll also damage them severely.  


Naturally light hair is fragile and fine, and bleach can easily damage it.

What should you do when bleaching your light roots with 30-vol?

  •   Check your roots every two to three minutes   to monitor the process.
  • If you reach the required bleach level before ten minutes, rinse the mixture off immediately.
  • If you didn’t reach the color you wanted after ten minutes, wait three to four weeks to bleach your roots again.


How bleach your roots with the 30-vol

Now that you know how long you should leave the bleach on your roots, it’s time to act.

Remember that you need to control your hair during the process.


I also recommend that   you don’t wash your hair for at least 48 hours before bleaching the roots.  

This way, the natural scalp oil will protect your roots from the chemicals’ action.



  • Bleach powder
  • A 30-volume developer
  • Plastic container
  • Dye brush
  • Gloves
  • Hair tweezers


Bleach application:

  • Comb and divide your dry hair into four sections, from forehead to nape and ear to ear, holding each section with hair clips.
  • In a plastic container, place the bleach powder and the 30-volume developer, and mix to blend.   You can add a few drops of natural coconut oil to protect your roots.  
  • Apply the bleach to the back roots first.
  • With gloves on. With the help of the dye brush, apply the bleach only to your roots. It’s two to four centimeters off your growth.
  • Repeat the procedure on each section of your hair.
  • Leave the bleach on and control the process.   If your roots are dark, wait for twenty minutes. If your roots are light, it will be ten minutes.  
  • Then, rinse your hair with plenty of cold water and massage your scalp very gently.
  • You can use shampoo and conditioner to remove any remaining mixture.


Let your hair air dry to check the color of your roots.

If you want to apply hair dye, you can do it after your hair dries.

Alternatively, moisturize your hair with natural oils to restore the moisture lost during bleaching.


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The 30-volume bleach can cause a lot of damage to the roots if you don’t respect the maximum exposure times.

The maximum exposure time of the bleach on dark roots is twenty minutes, and ten minutes on light roots.

If you don’t have experience in coloring, I recommend that you go to the salon so that your colorist can bleach your roots without risking your hair health.

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