How many times can you dye your hair in one day? Just once! Learn why…

woman looks at her hair after dyeing it once in a day

  • You can only dye your hair once in one day.
  • Because if you dye your hair more than once on the same day, the color will turn out uneven, and you will damage your hair.
  • You’ll have to wait at least a week to dye your hair again.


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How Soon Can I Recolor My Hair if I Don’t Like the Color?


 Have you dyed your hair, but you don’t like the result? Was it too dark? Was it too light? 


 Unfortunately, the solution is not to dye your hair again straight away. You can only dye it once in one day. 


I understand you might be desperate because you feel like your hair color is terrible. But trust me. It’s better to live for a week wearing hats every time you go outside than to risk damaging your hair so much that it starts to fall out in clumps.

hair loss after dyeing more than once in a day

The truth is that  you should always wait at least a week before applying a new dye. 

So, you have three options:

  • Wait a week to dye your hair again.
  • Go to a hair salon for professional advice.
  • Find other solutions to correct the color without risking your hair’s health. And I’ll tell you about those alternatives later.

But for now, focus on the present.

Why should you only color your hair once in one day?

developer and dye to dye hair more than once

Permanent hair dye penetrates the hair fiber by opening the cuticles to fix the color inside each strand of hair.  If you apply another dye on the same day, your hair will start to expel the previous dye. It won’t have room to absorb all the color molecules. 


The core, the inner layer of the hair, has a certain amount of space to absorb color molecules. When it reaches that capacity, the hair becomes saturated with color and begins to expel it.

So what happens if you color your hair more than once on the same day? When you rinse out the second dye, the color will fade. Your hair will have a mixture of the two shades. Ultimately, it can’t hold either of the two dyes.


And this will be the least of your problems. Because since  you apply the dyes with the 20-volume developer and they contain ammonia to lock in the color, these chemicals will destroy your hair. 

Take a look at the math.

Let’s say you dye your hair three times on the same day because you don’t like the color.

  • 20 volumes of dye 1 + 20 volumes of dye 2 + 20 volumes of dye 3 = 60 volumes


At the end of the day, you’ll have applied 60 volumes of developer and huge amounts of ammonia to your hair.

And that decision will leave your hair cuticles rigid, causing breakage and hair loss. Do you want to know what your best option is in that situation?


Your best option will be a haircut to remove all the damaged parts. These may include five, ten, fifteen, or even twenty centimeters of your hair.

So,  ideally, you should wait two weeks to dye your hair again. But if your hair is healthy, you can dye it again after a week. 


But wait two weeks if your hair is dull, coarse, and hard to detangle. In the meantime, do repairing treatments with oils.


Now,  you can also fall back on some alternative solutions, taking into account what you don’t like about the color of your hair after you’ve dyed it.  You can use these alternatives the same day you dyed your hair if you want to correct the color.

color remover to correct color of dyed hair

  •  If your hair color is too light , you can apply a darker semi-permanent hair dye. This hair dye doesn’t contain ammonia, and you don’t apply it with developer.
  •  If your hair color is too dark , use a color remover to remove the dye.
  •  If your hair is orange , you can use blue shampoo to neutralize it, making it more ashy-colored.
  •  If your hair is yellow , you can use violet shampoo to neutralize it, turning it more pearly-colored.



You can only dye your hair once in one day. If you’re unhappy with the color, wait a week to dye your hair again or use some of the alternatives I suggested above.

Your hair’s health will depend on your decision.

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