How soon can I dye my hair again to fix it?

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  • If your hair is too dark or has unwanted colors after dying it, you should wait at least three weeks to fix it.
  • Alternatively, if it’s too light, you should wait for two weeks to dye it again.
  • Following these times will help the pigmentation of the dye to settle to, eventually, correct the color.


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Of course, these recommendations are necessary if you’ve colored your hair at home.

However, if you had your hair colored at a salon, I’d advise you to ask for an appointment with your colorist to fix the color.

She’ll find the best alternative to re-dye your hair with the best color option.


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Before doing any color correction service, you need to identify what you don’t like.


 Each of these situations has different solutions. 


They’ll also determine how soon you can dye your hair again.

  •  If your hair was too light,  you should wait two weeks to lift two levels to fix the color, for example.
  •  But, if your hair is too dark,  you should wait three to four weeks to apply a new hair dye.
 What you shouldn’t do is correct the color by immediately coloring it again. 



  • Because the color you applied is still settling in your hair.
  • Also, you’ll expose your hair to the damaging dye chemicals again, which will cause increased frizz and dryness.

Unfortunately, if you don’t like the resulting color, you’ll have to wait a few weeks to apply for a new one.

How many weeks?


It all depends on what kind of color correction you’re going to do to your hair.

And that’s what I’ll talk about next.

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If your hair is too dark after coloring, you’ll have to wait at least three weeks to dye it again

semi permanent dye in bowl


Unfortunately, this is a difficult situation to solve, and you won’t be able to apply a new dye soon.


 For example, if you wanted to correct the color immediately, you’d have to bleach or fade your hair with a 30 volume developer. 


I don’t recommend you do that at home.

It’s very aggressive to the hair.

If your hair is weak or brittle, and you bleach your hair yourself, you could burn and irreversibly ruin it.


Therefore,  if your hair is too dark, I recommend you wait three to four weeks. 


In the meantime, the color will fade out with washes.

After waiting at least three weeks, you can apply the dye you want and lift two levels without bleaching.

For example:

  • If you applied brown 4, you could choose dark blonde 6.
  • If you applied blonde 7, you could choose very light blonde 9.
  • If you applied dark brown 3, you could choose light brown 5.

This way, you’ll lift a few levels without exposing your hair to such an aggressive chemical process as bleaching.

 If you want to lift more than two levels, you’ll have to bleach your hair. 


And in this case, I recommend that you go to the salon to have a professional colorist do the color correction.


If your hair is too light after dyeing, you should wait at least two weeks to dye it again

hairdresser applied a dye too dark

 In the meantime, the color will settle in your hair and will finish expelling the excess pigmentation. 


Also, two weeks later, you’ll be able to clearly see the final color in your hair.

Then, if your color is still too light after two weeks, you can make a decision.


 If you want to go darker, my advice is not to go more than three levels down on the color scale. 


It could be a very noticeable change, and you might not get used to the new color. And if that new color seems too dark for you, you’ll have to bleach your hair.

Which new hair color to choose?

  • If you applied very light blonde 9, you can choose dark blonde 6.
  • If you applied extra light platinum blonde 10, you can choose light blonde 8.
  • If you applied blonde 7, you can choose brunette 4.


If your hair turns too bright after dyeing, you should wait at least three weeks to fix it

using purple toner on bleached yellow hair

This means that you need to neutralize your hair if it’s too yellow or too orange.

 To neutralize your hair color with dye, I recommend you wait three to four weeks so that the hair is free of pigmentation. 


If you don’t wait the suggested time to fix it, you’ll interrupt the coloring process, and your hair will be dull.

Which dye should you use?


Box dyes have several numbers.

The first number indicates the color, such as blonde or brown. Then, the number after the comma indicates a secondary pigmentation or shade, which can be ash, gold, copper, or auburn.

For example:

  • If your color is light golden blonde, the dye you applied is 8.3.
  • If your color is a mahogany brown, the dye you applied is 4.5
  • If your color is a dark ash blonde, the dye is 6.1.
 The secondary pigmentation of the dye will neutralize yellowish or orange hair. 


  • If your hair has orange colors, you should neutralize it with ashy 1 hair dyes with blue pigmentation.
  • Alternatively, if your hair has yellow colors, you should look for dyes with 2 iridescent/peach finish because they contain purple pigmentation.


Why should you look for blue or purple secondary pigmentation?

Because the neutralization works by cancelling opposite colors.

  • Orange neutralizes blue.
  • Yellow is neutralized by purple.


So,  all you have to do is look for the color number that you have applied on your hair with the corresponding secondary number. 

  • If you applied light blonde 8, and you want to neutralize yellow, you should apply iridescent light blonde / pearlescent 8.1.
  • If you applied a light brown 5, you’ll need to apply a light ash brown 5.1 to remove the orange.


Now, you’ll only be able to fix your hair like that at least three weeks after coloring your hair.

Alternatively, you can use a blue or violet toning shampoo to gradually neutralize the yellow or orange unwanted undertones.



If your hair doesn’t turn out the way you wanted, you cannot re-apply a dye immediately.

If your hair is too dark or has bright colors, you should wait at least three weeks to dye it again. And, if it is too light, you can only apply a dye after two weeks.

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