How long does permanent hair dye last on bleached hair? 4-6 weeks

How long does permanent dye last on bleached hair

  • Permanent hair dye can last 4-6 weeks on bleached hair, always depending on your hair care routine.
  • If you want your hair color to remain intense during those six weeks, you should use sulfate-free products and not abuse heated styling tools.
  • It’s also important to wash your hair less often.


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Can I condition my hair after coloring it? What products should I use?


What’s the good news?

That  if you bleached your hair and you use a permanent dye, the color will stick much faster and will be much more intense than if you used it on hair that hasn’t been bleached. 



Your hair probably feels straw-like after bleaching it, because it lost vitamins, minerals and moisture, essential elements for having healthy hair.

Because of that, your hair is completely dehydrated and “thirsty,” which means that anything you use on it, it will absorb.


And that’s good news.

Now, that doesn’t mean your work is done.

To make the dye last in your bleached hair four to six weeks, you need to up the ante on your hair care routine.

  • If you take care of your bleached and dyed hair,  the permanent dye will last six weeks. 
  • If you just go about your normal routine, using any old product on your bleached and dyed hair,  the dye will last four weeks. 

Now what do we mean when we’re talking about how long permanent dye will last on bleached hair?


At this point, I’d like to clarify one thing.

  •  If you’re talking about how long the dye lasts in your hair, period, , ti’s going to last until your hair grows out and your natural color appears from your roots.
  •  If you’re talkinga bout the intensity of the color of the permanent dye , it will last between four and six weeks.


Because permanent dye doesn’t disappear as you wash it, like what happens with semi-permanent dyes. What does happen is that the color  loses its intensity. 


So, which side are you on?

Do you want the dye to last six weeks on your bleach hair? If so, then keep reading.

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How to make permanent dye last longer in bleached hair

use of permanent dye after bleaching

Let me ask you a question:

Do you know what a grimoire is?


Well, grimoires were spellbooks, usually written during the Middle Ages. To tell you the truth, I think they were books more about pagan rituals than what people think of as magic.

But that’s another story.

Why am I asking you about grimoires?


Because if you want to make your permanent dye last longer in your bleached hair, I’m not going to give you any ancient magic spells or hexes that you need to perform under the glow of a full moon.


 Caring for permanent dye in bleached hair just takes a few almost basic principles  that you might even already be familiar with.


But since I’m more of an alchemist than a witch, I’ll give you the secret (or, not-so-secret) formula. So, pay attention and forget about bat wings and frog feet because you won’t need them.


Wash your hair up to three times a week to make permanent dye last longer in bleached hair

how often to wash bleached and colored hair

That simple action will make  the color of your dye stay more intense for up to six weeks  and it will also help protect your hair.


Yes, washing your hair more than four times a week is really a crazy idea because all that’s going to accomplish is drying out its natural moisture.

Your scalp expels natural moisture that maintains the nutrients in your hair’s roots. But every time you wash your hair, those nutrients disappear and not magically. The fault lies with shampoo and water.

If you wash your hair up to three times a week, the color will last longer and that will help stop your hair from weakening and breaking.


Use cool to cold water to wash your hair

 The ideal temperature for washing your hair, especially for bleached and dyed hair, is room temperature. 

Want a magical secret?


Regulate the water temperature until it feels warm on your body and cold on your head. That way you’ll be able to hydrate and clean your hair without ruining the color of the dye.

Warm water opens your hair cuticles so your dyed hair will lose its intensity quickly in hot water.


Wash your dyed and bleached hair with sulfate-free products

after coloring hair

I understand it’s a hard time economically for most people and that a lot of supermarkets tempt you with discounts, like “two for the price of one.”


But, think about it for a minute.

You may very well have spent a fortune bleaching your hair, and you also took on a good deal of risk because bleaching your hair is an aggressive chemical process for your hair.


If you’ve been through all that, isn’t it a good time to give your hair a little love?

I’m not saying that you need to go out and buy the same shampoo the Kardashians use, which probably is one of the most expensive ones out there.


But  you should at least invest in sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners and hair masks. 

That’s the minimum you should do for your hair; it’s not optional.


Sulfates are the worst enemy of bleached and dyed hair, and that’s why using products that don’t contain them is the best thing you can do to maintain your dyed hair.

  • Because they make your colored hair lose its intensity.
  • Because they dry out your hair, since sulfates are detergents.


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Do you see now?

Three simple things you should do if you want to make permanent dye last longer in your bleached hair.


What can you do to fade permanent dye from my bleached hair

Unfortunately, not even all the magic in the world – not even Harry Potter’s – can make permanent dye disappear from your hair once you’ve used it.

Because permanent dye will last until your hair grows out.


In order to  completely get rid of permanent dye, you should bleached your hair again   or use a color remover.

And as a professional stylist, I’d recommend you go to a salon.

Because both bleaching your hair and color remover can cause your hair to fall out at the roots. And that would be a very serious problem.


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Permanent dye on bleached hair lasts four to six weeks, but it all depends on your hair care routine.

If you want the intensity of the color to last longer, wash your hair less often and use sulfate-free hair products.

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