How to grow out highlights gracefully? 2 foolproof methods by a pro hairdresser

medium length hair

  • If you’re tired of your highlights and don’t want your hair to look messy as it grows, you’ll have two choices.
  • With the first option, you’ll have to be willing to apply the same color of your roots, covering the highlights up to your ear lobes.
  • If you don’t want to depend on color touch-ups, you can always trim your hair. All you have to do is grow out your roots four centimeters and get a modern and sophisticated Bob haircut.


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Highlights are one of the most popular hair coloring techniques. I see that in my salon every day. They all come with a great desire to have highlights as if that would get them a date with Maluma.

However, days and months go by, and the date with Maluma doesn’t happen. And, those highlights that you got so happily once, make you feel a slave now.  A slave to having to maintain your highlights.


I understand you perfectly well. For your highlights to look perfect at all times, you must touch up your roots every two months if you care properly for your hair. That’s in addition to following a rigorous hair care routine with specific products.

Not to mention, of course, washing your hair with the coldest water you can stand, even in winter.



That’s why I perfectly understand it if you want to forget about Maluma and your highlights altogether.

  Now, is there any way to grow out your highlights and not look like a bad, ugly witch? 


Of course, there is!

However, like most things in life, you have to be willing to do your part. It’s like it happens in fairy tales, where you must make a sacrifice in return for a granted wish.

So, make a decision.

Are you willing to grow out your highlights by paying a small price?


Don’t get scared. You won’t have to sell your soul.

 But, you’ll have to choose between coloring your roots or trimming your hair. 

They seem to be extreme solutions but believe me, they aren’t. Many of my clients choose either and they don’t regret it.


So, before making the final decision, keep reading because I’ll tell you:

  • How to grow out your highlights by coloring your roots.
  • How to grow out your highlights with a new look.

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How to grow out your highlights gracefully coloring your roots

the same color as the roots

This option is only for those who are not willing to trim their hair at all. Instead, they’d apply hair color.

Think about it. You’ll leave behind those boring hours in the salon and, what’s better, the painful pull-through cap.


To leave highlights behind, you’ll have to use the same color as your roots. You’ll only need one box dye.

 Remember: the color you choose has to be identical to your roots because, this way, you won’t need to return to the salon for a few months. 

with brush

Coloring tips to grow out your highlights

  • Section your hair down the middle to expose your roots.
  • Mix the developer with the hair dye included in your kit and put the gloves on.
  • Apply the mix in your roots and, using the coloring brush, comb the mix through your hair up to your ear lobs with short and long strokes. By brushing irregularly, you will produce a more even color between your highlights and your roots.
  • Leave the dye on your hair for 40 minutes. Then, rinse it with lukewarm water and apply the after color treatment.


When your hair dries, you’ll notice that your roots are gone and that your highlights were blended elegantly.


How to grow out your highlights gracefully with a new look


If you don’t want to be keeping an eye on touching up your roots, it’s time for a more radical change: trimming your hair.

However, don’t be scared. I won’t advise you to shave or anything like that. It’s about achieving movement with haircuts like Bob, Long Bob, and natural waves.

Also, these trendy haircuts get along very well with dark roots. What’s the result?


 You’ll get a trendy, cool look when you were only looking for growing out your highlights gracefully. 

Can you see it? This is your chance to say goodbye to highlights forever! Or, at least, for a while.

Are you ready?


Then, you only need to grow out your hair a few centimeters until your roots appear. How long? Approximately, three or four centimeters.

Then, just head to the salon. You can ask your stylist to show you pictures of all the Bob haircuts out there, or search for some online and save them on your mobile to show them to your stylist.


You can be certain that a Bob haircut will look good on you because it adapts to all faces and hairs. Do you want some ideas?

  • You can ask for a long Bob: Shoulder-length long Bob.
  • You can ask for a short Bob: Ear lobe length Bob.
  • You can ask for a layered cut for a fresh and wavy look.


As time goes by and you regularly trim your hair, your highlights will eventually disappear.

You won’t have Maluma, but you won’t see your highlights again.



You have two options to grow out your highlights gracefully.

  • Touching up your roots with the same color as your highlights up to your ear lobs to get an even color.
  • Or, getting a short or long Bob haircut you can regularly trim until highlights disappear.

Now, tell me, what will you do to grow out your highlights gracefully? Will you color your hair or get a new look?

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