What does purple shampoo do to RED hair? It’ll turn it purple

effects of purple shampoo on red hair

  • If you use purple shampoo on your red hair, it’ll turn purple. In general, if your hair is dark red, it’ll turn deep purple after shampooing. If it is light red, it’ll be a light, warm purple.
  • The purple shampoo will help you give your hair a new shade without the need to apply a dye.
  • However, if you dyed your hair red and the color has faded, purple shampoo won’t help you to refresh the color. What you need in that case is to use red toning shampoo. I’ll explain which brand to choose.


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 Do you want to know if you can use purple shampoo on your red hair? 


The correct answer is that you can use purple shampoo on your red hair.

However, the next question is: why do you want to use purple shampoo on your red hair?


You may not like the results you get…

It all has to do with your expectations.  If you use a product and you know about the expected results, chances are your expectations will be met. 

Alternatively, if you want to experiment and see how it goes, go ahead. Experiment.


You can experiment in the kitchen, for example, by trying different seasonings for rice. However, that’s not the same as experimenting with toning shampoos.

If the rice doesn’t taste good after trying a new seasoning, the worst that can happen is that you won’t eat it.

But, if the toning shampoo makes a mess of your red hair, you’ll have to wear hats and scarves until the effect of the shampoo wears off.

So, if you want to use purple shampoo on your red hair, you must know why you want to do it.

And that’s what we’ll start talking about next.

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The purple shampoo will turn your red hair purple without having to color it with hair dye

red hair after using purple shampoo

  If you’re tired of your red hair and want a new shade, the purple shampoo is ideal for you. 


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Purple Dye Over Red Hair: a foolproof guide to DIY with free tips from a pro hairstylist

How deep-purple will your hair be?


It’ll depend on the red dye you’ve used.

  •  If you dyed your hair with a dark red dye,  such as 3.6 or 4.6, the purple shampoo will turn it deep purple, which is a color similar to burgundy or red wine color.
  •  If you dyed your hair a medium red,  5.6 or 5.5, the shampoo will turn it medium purple.
  •  Finally, if you dyed your hair a light red,  6.6 or 7.6, the shampoo will turn it light purple or lavender.


I have to be honest with you because I don’t want to raise your expectations too much.

You’ll need to use the purple shampoo several times to turn your red hair purple. In other words, the dark shade will depend on how often you use the purple shampoo on your red hair.

How many times should you use purple shampoo on your red hair?


 I recommend you start using it three to four times a week.  Check your hair after each wash.

Once you’ve reached the intensity of purple you want, space out the washes with the purple shampoo to maintain the color you’ve reached.

For example, if you started out using the purple shampoo four times a week, start using it once or twice a week when you reach your desired color.


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Don’t leave the purple shampoo on longer than indicated. Otherwise, you’ll saturate your hair with pigments, and the color will quickly lose intensity.

Instead, leave the purple shampoo in for a maximum of five minutes to absorb the maximum amount of color and avoid saturation.


Finally, remember that purple shampoo isn’t a dye. Therefore, your hair will be red again when you stop using it.

There is only one situation in which you shouldn’t use purple shampoo on your red hair. And that’s what I’ll talk about next.


If you want to extend the duration of the red shade, use a red toning shampoo

Joico color infuse
  Otherwise, you’ll only change the color of your hair. 


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Red is a unique color, but it’s one of the most difficult ones to maintain because it quickly loses intensity.

You’ve probably noticed that the red dye begins to fade after four or five washes. Your red hair has lost its intensity.

Do you know why?


The color molecules of the red dye are very large and the hair has a hard time absorbing them. Therefore, it only absorbs small parts of each of these molecules.

That’s why the dye fades faster.

What can you do about that?


  • Check your regular shampoo and conditioner because they shouldn’t contain sulfates. Sulfates are detergents that fade the dye more quickly.
  • Use a  red toning shampoo. 


Of course! What did you think?

Did you think that the only toning shampoo out there is purple?

Of course not. There is blue, green, purple, and red shampoo. The latter is the right one for your hair.

It’ll help you maintain the intensity of the red dye for much longer. Every time you wash your hair with red shampoo, you’ll deposit red pigments. They’ll refresh your hair’s intensity and shine.


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In this case, I recommend JOICO COLOR INFUSE RED.

You should apply it once a week and leave it on for five minutes.



You can use the purple shampoo on your red hair to achieve deep purple or lavender hair according to how intense your red hair is.

However, you should use a red toning shampoo to intensify your shade of red.

Remember that toning shampoos fade very easily with hair products.

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