How to darken highlights naturally? Should I go for it?

darken highlights naturally

  • It’s not advisable to darken your highlights naturally because no homemade or natural option has been designed to color your hair.
  • If you want to darken your highlights without damaging your hair, you can apply a semi-permanent hair dye to create lowlights.
  • I’ll tell you more about the technique your colorist will use to achieve this.


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How to fix overdone highlights? Are your highlights too light or too dark? Too wide or too thin?


Yes, I know you’ve seen countless YouTube videos  looking for ideas to darken your highlights using a natural product like coffee,  for example.

What’s more, I just went through some tutorials myself, and I can’t believe how many hilarious things are posted.


For example, I just watched a video of an American Youtuber who soaked her hair in a bowl full of coffee to try to dye her hair dark.

Do you know what she achieved?


coffee to darken hair

  • Leaving all her clothes and towel stained with coffee, which, of course, can never be removed again.
  • Screaming like a fool because the coffee was sliding down her cheeks, getting into her eyes, and irritating them.
  • Showing that people are willing to do any kind of thing just to appear on social networks.

What couldn’t she achieve?[/su_list]   She failed to darken her hair. 

I mean, she managed to stain and ruin all her clothes, irritated her eyes, and proved that she knows nothing about hair coloring. But she didn’t manage to darken her hair.


Coffee can’t darken all of your hair or some sections of your hair, such as highlights.


I love to use homemade remedies for cosmetic purposes.

  • For example,  I usually use olive oil as a nourishing hair mask once a fortnight. 
  • I even recommended a friend of mine to apply a homemade mask made from avocado and natural yogurt once a fortnight.


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But when it comes to coloring, nothing you have in your fridge or kitchen pantry will help you darken your highlights.

If your highlights are too light, and you want to darken them naturally to avoid damaging your hair, there’s a solution that I’ll tell you about later.

But for the moment, I want to call your attention to a piece of important information. I want to make it clear to you.

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You can’t darken your highlights naturally because many options could damage your hair

It may seem contradictory for me to tell you that coffee can cause damage to your hair because you usually have breakfast with a delicious cup of this infusion.

But having a cup of coffee isn’t the same as to use coffee to darken your highlights. 


Coffee isn’t good for coloring your hair. The same goes for tea or colas.



Because they were meant to be drunk.

When you drink a cup of tea, coffee, or cola, the stomach acids break down their components to absorb the proteins and nutrients.

And your body can absorb them properly.


 Does your hair have acid to disintegrate the components of coffee or tea to absorb them? 

Why do you think that tea or coffee will darken your highlights?


Also, many cosmetologists agree that many natural products can cause irritation or allergies to the skin.

 And don’t forget that your scalp is skin. 


So, if you want to darken your highlights, and want to find an option that isn’t too hard on your hair, there’s only one option left.

And that’s what I’ll talk about next.


If you want to darken your highlights with as little damage as possible, you should use semi-permanent hair dye

darken highlights with dye

The semi-permanent dye doesn’t contain ammonia and isn’t applied with peroxide. A semi-permanent dye helps you avoid the most powerful and aggressive chemicals used in hair coloring.


Also, semi-permanent hair dye fades with every wash. It means that, after a few washes, you can renew it without causing extreme damage to your highlighted hair.

Chances are you’ve been applying highlights to your hair for quite some time. And in each of those renewals, small strands are separated and bleached to achieve very high levels of blonde.


 So, as you renew your highlights, you’ll notice all your hair gets much lighter. 


And to solve this problem, we colorists apply lowlights.

Have you heard of them?


They’re applied just like highlights but with a difference.

 Instead of applying bleach, colorists use a darker dye to bring the highlights down a few levels. 


If you’re concerned about your hair health, I recommend that you use semi-permanent dye. It doesn’t contain ammonia, and no peroxide is necessary.

Therefore,  you’ll be able to darken your highlights with only slight damage. 


One more piece of advice: I’d tell you to go to a salon to darken your highlights.


Only a stylist will know what color to use so that they aren’t too dark.

She’ll also know which highlights to separate to create that “lowlights” effect.

Want one more reason?


Usually, when a client asks me to darken her highlights, I use the cap to do the lowlights technique. Believe me when I tell you that using the cap is a bit complex.

For example, the hair strands you pull through the holes must have a specific width so as not to ruin the technique.

Also,  if you don’t have experience using the cap, it could break. The only thing you’ll achieve is to stain your hair with dye. 


How will the stylist darken the highlights?

  • Your colorist will separate the strands with the cap, and apply the semi-permanent dye.
  • She’ll leave the dye on for about 20 minutes.
  • Rinse your hair and dry it.


Finally, your highlights will be darker while maintaining the coloring technique, and without damaging the hair.



Natural remedies don’t work to darken highlights.

Also, if you use products such as coffee or tea, you risk irritating the scalp.

The least damaging way to darken your highlights is to apply semi-permanent hair dye, especially if you let a professional colorist do it.

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