How to use purple shampoo to get white hair?

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  • Purple shampoo is ideal for keeping hair white or highly platinum blonde after bleaching because it neutralizes unwanted yellow tones that may have remained after the bleaching process.
  • You should replace your usual shampoo with it and use it every time you wash your hair, leaving it on for about five minutes.
  • It is important that you understand that you should only use the purple shampoo after you have bleached and toned your hair.


  As you can see, purple shampoo is a product that is used in the last stage of the process to obtain a white or very platinum blonde hair.  

If you use it before bleaching your hair to a very light blonde, you will not achieve much. Mostly, purple shampoo is a helpful tool for maintaining that white shade you want so much.

Is your hair still not light enough? Is your hair yellow or orange?

how to use it in red hair

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Then, you’ll have to keep bleaching your hair.

However, you can only bleach it if it is in very good conditions.


White hair is great but it takes a lot of time to achieve. It is a long process which involves several bleaching sessions, the application of a toner and, finally, the use of purple shampoo.

So, whether your hair has a platinum blonde shade, or if you’re still a little behind that ideal shade, stay with me because I’ll explain to you:

  • How to use purple shampoo to maintain super blonde platinum hair
  • What to do to get white hair


Let’s begin with those women who have already achieved a buttery blonde hair. How do you keep it away from the yellow locks?

Of course, with purple shampoo!

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How to use the purple shampoo to keep your platinum blonde hair almost white

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If you’re reading this, it’s because you’ve already been through the bleaching sessions necessary to achieve a butter-colored hair. You’ve probably also used a platinum toner to remove the remaining yellow tones from your hair.

So, now you can start using purple shampoo, which will keep the platinum toner longer and gradually neutralize any traces of yellow that may arise.


  Purple shampoo is very easy to use, and nowadays, there are many brands on the market. Some of these shampoos have stronger purple pigments than others. 


  • From now on, purple shampoo will replace your usual shampoo.


This means that when you wash your hair, you should use the purple shampoo. If you wash your hair every day, which I don’t recommend, you should use it every day.

If you wash your hair every three days, you should use purple shampoo every three days.


This is one of the most important differences with your regular shampoo.  When you use any other type of shampoo, you rinse it off immediately. But when using purple shampoo, you must let it deposit the purple pigments   that will neutralize the yellow ones.

Never leave it on any longer, because your hair can end up lilac, which is probably not what you want.


  • Once that time is up, rinse thoroughly.

Rinsing is also essential to prevent the product from continuing to act on your hair. If you leave any traces of purple shampoo, your hair may also end up purple.


Remember that it is essential that you always wash your hair with purple shampoo because, otherwise, it will lose its white color.

Now, what if you don’t have a very light blonde base in your hair yet? Can you use the purple shampoo to get a very platinum blonde?


No! In this case, purple shampoo won’t do. You’ll need to get to a buttery shade firstly. That’s what I’ll talk to you about next.


How to get platinum blonde or white hair

three shades

To turn your hair white, you need to get to a very light blonde base, which is what we stylists call buttery blonde.

  It’s not enough for your hair to be a light blonde tone 9, it must be a buttery color, which would be a tone 12 or 13. 


In order to get it, you’ll have to bleach your hair. What do you need to do it?

  • Coconut oil.
  • Lightening powder.
  • 30-volume Peroxide.
  • Hair dye brush.


Once you gather all the elements, you can begin the process.


How to bleach your hair

  • Moisturize your hair with coconut oil, You should apply it from root to tip 3 or 4 hours before bleaching. Coconut oil will moisturize your hair, protecting it from the damage of the bleaching mixture.
  • Comb your hair and make sure no knots are left.
  • In a plastic container, mix the 30-volume peroxide and the lightening powder. Add 10 or 15 drops of coconut oil for extra protection.
  • Use the hair dye brush to apply the discoloration mixture. Begin with the lengths and tips, then follow with growth and roots.
  • You must cover your hair completely with the mixture, so that the bleaching process is smooth.
  • Cover your hair with a shower cap or simply a plastic bag. It is very important that your hair does not get cold because bleaching works on temperature.
  • Let the mixture work for 20 to 30 minutes, checking the color every 5 minutes.
  • Afterwards, rinse with plenty of warm water to remove all the mixture from your hair.
  • Remove excess water with a towel, comb and dry with a hair dryer.


At this point it is essential that you check what shade of blonde the bleaching process left.

  • If your hair has reached a buttery blonde, you can continue to the next step.
  • If your hair has not yet reached the blonde shade you need, you will need to bleach it again.
  • If you must bleach it again, I recommend that you wait 2 weeks to go through the chemical process again, while you hydrate your hair every night with coconut oil.


Once you get the buttery blonde color, it’s time to tint your hair with a platinum toner, which will neutralize and remove any remaining blonde in your hair, leaving it almost white.


How to tone your hair after bleaching

  • Untangle your previously bleached hair.
  • Mix the toner bottle and the 20-volume peroxide in a recipient.
  • Apply from root to tip, covering the entire surface of the hair.
  • Leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water.


Now that your hair is platinum, it’s time to use the purple shampoo, which will keep your hair spotless white.



with no yellow shampoo from fanola

Purple shampoo will help keep your hair white for much longer. Just replace it for your regular shampoo every time you wash your hair, and leave it on for 5 to 7 minutes.

Remember that purple shampoo will only work on hair that has been bleached to a buttery blonde tone, and then toned with platinum toner.

Have you reached the ideal shade of white you need to use purple shampoo?

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