Can I use 10-volume developer with toner? Yes, if your hair is very light

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  • If your hair is extra light or very damaged, you can use 10-volume developer. Because this way you can remove any harsh colors without damaging your hair.
  • But if your hair is dark or healthy, you should use 20-volume developer. And I’ll tell you why later on.


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So now you know  you can use 10-volume developer with the toner if your hair is very light or damaged. 


Toner is a professional tool that hairdressers widely use in salons. I would say it’s almost as important as a blow dryer or scissors. It’s used whenever any coloring process is applied.

Thanks to toners, my clients can dye their hair unique blondes without yellows, browns without oranges, and avoid extra bleaching to remove those harsh shades.

When you bleach your hair, it’s common for orange, yellowish and reddish tones to appear. This happens because of the accumulation of dyes, and the solution is always the same: apply a toner.


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But toner doesn’t work by itself. You must mix it with a developer. In most cases, toner is applied with a 20-volume developer.

But there are two cases where you can use a 10-volume developer.

What’s the advantage of using 10-volume developer?


The 10-volume developer is softer on your hair than the 20-volume developer, so it damages and dries the hair out less.

Do you want to know when you can use 10-volume developer with toner? Read on.


When you can use 10-volume developer with toner

lightens hair half tone

You can mix 10-volume developer with toner if your hair is extra light or if it’s damaged.

The function of the developer is to open the cuticles of the hair so the toner can penetrate, neutralizing the harsh colors.

 When your hair is extra light , you don’t need to use a strong developer to open the cuticles. It’s likely your hair has already been through several bleachings, so it’s probably fine hair.

The 10-volume developer will open the cuticles for the toner to penetrate.


I also advise you to use 10-volume developer with the toner if your hair is damaged.

Because if you use 20-volume developer, you will weaken your hair more and it can cause breakage.


Now  if your hair is dark, you should apply toner with a 20-volume developer. 

Because dark hair, whether natural or dyed, contains enormous amounts of color molecules.

Yes, believe it or not, the molecular composition of dark brown 3 is not the same as that of very light blond 9. Imagine the molecular composition is like a kind of shield.

To open the cuticles, you need to use a developer with more volume, so the toner can penetrate. Therefore, you need to mix the toner with 20-volume developer.

I also recommend that  if your hair is healthy , you use 20-volume developer. Because healthy hair has low porosity. Therefore, you need more chemical power to open the cuticles.


How to prepare the 20-volume developer mixture with the toner

 The relation of toner to developer should be 2 to 1.  This means that for every 2 parts of developer you should add 1 part of toner.

For example:

  • If you use 50 ml of developer you should use 25 ml of toner.
  • If you use 100 ml of developer you must use 50 ml of toner.
  • If you use 150 ml of developer you should use 75 ml of toner.


Once you have measured the proportions, mix the ingredients in a plastic container and apply the mixture to your hair.

Finally, leave the toner on for a maximum of twenty minutes, but check your hair continuously. Why should you do that? Because the toner starts to take effect almost immediately.


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Therefore, if you notice that the toner removes the harsh colors before twenty minutes,  rinse your hair with cold water. 

If you overdo the toner exposure time, you run the risk of your hair color changing completely.



If you need to remove harsh colors from very light hair, you can use a 10-volume developer with the toner. You can also use 10-volume developer if you have damaged hair.

Remember to leave the toner in for a maximum of 20 minutes to avoid changing the color of your hair completely.

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