Why Does My Hair Feel Better After I Dye it? A hairdresser tells you…

touching up roots of highlighted hair

  • Your hair feels better after you dye it because you “nourish” it with the new dye application.
  • How does “nourish” work here? That’s what happens with the chemical process of dyeing.
  • I’ll tell you about the dyeing process, its advantages and disadvantages.
  • I’ll also give you some tips to keep your hair looking like it did when you first dyed it.


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Have you dyed your hair and now it feels softer, silkier, and full of life?

Would you like to know why?


Let’s take it one step at a time.

You have virgin hair, and you want to dye it because you’re bored with your natural color, incipient gray hair, etc.

No matter what color you apply, you should know that, from that moment on, your hair will never be the same again.


  From now on, your new hair will need a lot more attention   to keep a neat color and nourished and shiny hair.

Is it possible to do all this together?

Yes, it is!


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Dyeing: the process explained by a professional hairdresser

decolorar pelo en un salon

The dye’s chemical process is what performs the “magic” of the new color. In a nutshell, it makes your hair feel so beautiful and silky today.


In the case of virgin hair, the dye and peroxide form a duo.

Peroxide creates an alkaline field that opens the hair cuticles.   Then, the product extracts the natural pigments and deposits the new color.   This is a very summarized way to describe the coloring process.


As regards colored or bleached hair, the chemical process is the same. However, as the hair is already dyed, the peroxide can’t find any pigments to extract. So, it only fills in the empty pigments. Which ones?

When the peroxide opens the cuticles, the dye penetrates the hair, empties the natural pigments, and deposits the artificial pigment.


Then, hair washes and nourishing treatments close the cuticles again. Eventually, sun exposure and other agents open the cuticles and the artificial pigments start to fade.


In the process, they empty the pigments. At this point, we say that the color “wears out” or “washes out.”

In fact, what happens is that your hair gets a straw-like texture that is hard to style because the cuticles are open, and the color starts to look faded.

Yes, it’s time to go back and repeat the coloring process to get your hair looking vibrant again.


Does your hair feel better after coloring? Here’s why

handle dye with gloves

Once you repeat the process, the dye colors your hair fiber again. When you color your hair again, the hair dye can saturate your hair and darken the final color.

To prevent this, you should first touch the roots because they’re virgin hair. Then, wait for half the total exposure time indicated by the manufacturer.


In the meantime, the dye in the bowl continues its oxidation process. When the first half of the time has elapsed, apply the remaining product to the rest of the hair.


Since it will already be oxidized, it won’t have enough strength. Then, it’ll color your hair strands again.   In this way, the dye “nourishes” the hair. This is when your hair feels good again.  

If you apply the dye all at once from root to tip, it’ll be more intense, and you risk darkening the tone you’re wearing.

Other treatments to help keep your colored hair looking radiant

toning dyed hair with box dye

Once the dyeing process is complete, the most important thing is to keep the hair cuticles tightly closed. You must make sure that all the processes that you apply after coloring are acid-based.


  • It’s necessary to apply good-quality dyes to ensure a successful result, but it’s not the only important issue.


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  • Using premium shampoos, of course, helps too.

On the other hand, using medium or low-quality shampoos will prevent your cuticles from sealing and the color will fade faster.


Use fresh water. A good tip is not to wash your hair in the shower. How come?

  As heat opens the cuticles, you need to wash your hair with cold water to help keep your color vibrant.  


agua de romero

  • Therefore, a good piece of advice could be to wash your hair in the shower, apply a nourishing mask, and leave it on.

After your shower, rinse your hair with the coolest water you can stand. That way, your hair cuticles will be sealed and the nourishment will stay inside the hair.


Of course, there are plenty of products and treatments on the market to help your hair stay hydrated and nourished:

  • Ampoules (argan, flax, etc.) for quick nourishment.
  • Masks provide intense nourishment.
  • Keratin shock, hair botox, or hair lifting are intensive treatments that nourish your hair and extend the duration of the color.


Conclusion: follow my advice on how to make your hair look great

In this article, I’ve explained why once you’ve finished the coloring process, your hair regains that vibrancy and shine you love to wear. The big myth is that your hair never looks the same the day after you go to the salon.

What shampoo does the stylist use that gives us that shine? What’s his secret?


In truth, there’s no secret.

What makes your hair beautiful is having it freshly colored, moisturized, and nourished. Those processes will make your hair look gorgeous.

Of course, if you dye your hair on your own, you can achieve the same results, but you risk damaging your hair by making mistakes during the process.

That’s why I invite you to make an appointment at your salon and leave the dye application in the hands of professionals. You’ll always have the peace of mind to go out and enjoy a hair worthy of a diva. Let’s go!

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