Can I bleach my hair again after a month? Yes, but do this first

surprised woman wants to know if she can bleach her hair again

  • You can bleach your hair again after one month only if it’s healthy.
  • If your hair is seriously damaged, dry, brittle, and dull, you shouldn’t bleach it again after a month because it may not withstand the process.
  • To check if your bleached hair will resist a new bleaching session after a month, I advise you to perform the strand test. I’ll tell you how to do it.


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Colorists and hairdressers have different working styles. However, we all agree on one thing:   you can bleach your hair again after a month only if it’s in good condition.  


That is why, stylists generally recommend waiting for at least three weeks between bleachings. Of course, you should also prepare your hair to withstand the new process.


So, to make sure you won’t ruin your hair if you bleach it again after a month, I’m going to tell you how to do the strand test. It’ll determine if your hair will resist the new process.

hand shows strand of hair after bleaching test

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I’ll also tell you some important details about how to prepare your hair for bleaching and how to take care of it after having a fantastic color in a healthy mane.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!


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How to evaluate your hair before bleaching it again after one month

bleaching mixture before bleaching again
First, look at your mane.

  •   If it’s frizzy, curly, brittle, or stiff,   unfortunately your hair is damaged.


However, in some cases, these are also characteristics of curly hair.

Therefore, to make sure your hair will withstand a new bleaching process, you should do the strand test.

It’s a test that professionals perform in the salon to know everything about our client’s hair.

What will you know after the strand test?

  • The color your hair will achieve when you bleach it again.
  • The unwanted colors that will appear and the toner or shampoo you can use to remove them.
  • The condition your hair will be in after bleaching it again.

The strand test is very easy to perform, and has three advantages:

  • It’s very easy.
  • You can do it at home in a short time.
  •   You’ll avoid damaging your hair irreversibly.  

mix of developer and bleaching powder for bleaching test
Before you start, get the necessary elements:

  • A 30-volume developer
  • Bleaching powder
  • Plastic container
  • Gloves
  • Dye brush

Blend the developer and the bleaching powder in the plastic container and put on gloves.

  • Comb through all your hair and gather it into a ponytail leaving a strand loose, preferably from the back.
  • Apply the bleach to the strand from root to tip with the dye brush and leave it on for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse and dry your strand.


Once the strand is dry, it’s time for the truth. Look at your strand.

  • Does it break when you comb it?
  • Is it gummy? Does it stretch and come back?
  • Do you lose hair from the root?
  • Does it feel straw-like?

woman observes her hair after bleaching test
  If you answered yes to any of these questions,   I have bad news: your hair won’t stand a new bleaching session.


According to the strand test, your hair will suffer if you bleach it again one month later.

In this case, I advise you to wait for one more month. In the meantime, apply nourishing and moisturizing masks at least twice a week. You can also do protein or moisturizing treatments.

  •      If your hair is soft and doesn’t break,   you can bleach it again.


I imagine that if this is the result of the strand test, you’ll be more than happy. Still, I’ll tell you how to prepare your hair for the new process.


How to take care of your hair before and after the new bleaching process

apply oil before bleaching again
Before you apply the bleach before you apply the bleach, you can apply coconut oil to your hair and rinse it.

It’ll moisturize your hair and strengthen the cuticles so that they won’t suffer so much from the bleaching process.

Also, coconut oil won’t interfere with bleaching because it’s a light oil that’s absorbed quickly without reaching the core of the hair. You can even add four or five drops of the oil to the bleach.


I also recommend you   rinse the bleach with cold water.   This will stop the chemical reaction and close the cuticles.


Remember that you must remove all the bleach. If necessary, shampoo your hair two or three times.

Then, apply conditioner, leave in for five minutes, and rinse with cool water.

Finally, apply four or five drops of coconut oil to your damp hair to start repairing it.

Also, during the following days, apply nourishing or keratin masks.



Many women have to bleach their hair once a month to maintain their desired blonde color. Bleaching is a damaging process for the hair fiber.

Now you know how to do a strand test before bleaching your hair again to preserve its health.

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