Does bleached hair need protein or moisture?

woman with damaged bleached hair

  • If your bleached hair is frizzy or has split ends, I’d recommend moisturizing it with natural oils and deep hydration masks because it needs moisture.
  • If your bleached hair is weak, breaks easily and you’ve noticed you’re losing lots of hairs, it needs protein, which you should give to it with products that contain keratin or hydrolyzed proteins.
  • I’ll tell you how to use these products based on your hair’s state.


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 Did you bleach your hair and you want to know if it needs moisture or protein? 


You probably have this question because your hair doesn’t feel the same as it was before bleaching it.

Of course your hair isn’t the same. Because when you bleach your hair, in reality, you’re doing one of the most intense kinds of chemical processing that exists on your hair.


Yes, it might be nice to finally fulfill your dream of being blonde.

But, to fulfill that dream, you’ve definitely paid a price. Or, really, your hair paid a price.

bleach removes moisture from the hair

Because the mixture you use to bleach your hair is made of strong chemicals.

And those chemicals,  besides getting rid of pigments into your hair, also drain it of moisture and nutrients. 

And among those nutrients is protein.


It’s like when you do an intense workout. Your body eliminates hydration and essential minerals for your metabolism through sweating.

That’s why physical trainers recommend isotonic drinks to hydrate and regain minerals that were lost during the workout.


And you should do something similar for your hair.

 You need to return to it the moisture and protein it lost. 


Because moisturizing it will give your bleached hair shine and softness, making the fizz disappear.

And proteins will give your hair back the elasticity it lost when you bleached it, stopping it from breaking.

Now, how do you know if your bleached hair needs proteins or moisture?

The answer is in your hair.

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If your bleached hair has split ends and a lot of frizz, you should use moisturizing treatments

bleached hair with split ends

Because during the process, your hair dried out and because of that, it broke.

So, your hair will also probably seem opaque, feel rough to the touch and be difficult to detangle.


 The solution for your bleached hair is moisture.  And to moisturize it deeply, you need to use specific products.


Natural oils or deep hydration masks

moisturize bleached hair with coconut oil

If you opt for oils, like coconut oil, argan oil, flax oil or olive oil, they’ll hydrate your bleached hair and soften its texture.

And that  will make the frizz disappear. 

They will also give your hair essential vitamins like A, B, C and D.

You should use them two times a week as a nighttime mask and rinse when you wake up.


Super moisturizing shampoo and conditioners

shampoo for washing permed hair

How do you know if a shampoo or conditioner is extra hydrating?


 You should read the labels and look for the phrase “dry hair.” 

Because super moisturizing shampoos and conditioners contain natural oils, deep hydration oils and proteins. Once you start to wash your hair with these shampoos and conditioners, you’ll notice that your hair is brighter and has more movement.

And remember that it’s important to wash your hair a maximum of three times a week. Because washing your hair gets rid of natural oils that your scalp produces to hydrate your roots.


If your bleached hair breaks easily, you can’t detangle it when it’s wet and you’re losing hair, you need protein

woman tries to untangle her protein-deficient hair

Because protein is very important for your hair since its structure is made up of long chains of proteins. When those chains break, your hair loses more moisture.

So,  if you repair your hair with protein you’re also moisturizing it. 


What kinds of products contain proteins?

I’ll recommend to read the product labels again. You should look for works like “repair,”recuperate” or “fortify.”

Because  these hair products are full of hydrolyzed proteins that will help repair your hair after the bleach. 

Let’s take a look at what these products might be.


Shampoo and conditioner with keratin

shampoo with keratin for daily use

Keratin is the protein that gives your hair movement and elasticity. And it’s once of the proteins you lose the most of when you bleach your hair.

If you use shampoo and conditioner with protein you’ll notice that your hair is heavier after each wash. That’s because protein fills those empty spaces in each strand of hair.

You should wash your hair three times a week with these products.


Masks with hydrolyzed proteins

hair mask hydrate colored hair

You should use this kind of mask  once a week  because it has a high protein content. They usually contain keratin, wheat, flax, silk and collagen, so they are a great source of protein.

You should use them on wet hair and leave in for 20 to 30 minutes, based on what the packaging says.


Keratin treatment with heat

If you don’t have time for a daily hair care routine, you can get an appointment at a salon where they can apply keratin to your hair with heat.

These treatments  should be done by professionals , because otherwise they can hurt your hair, sometimes in a really serious way.


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After bleaching your hair, you probably need moisture or protein treatments.

If your hair has split ends of a lot of frizz, you should use intensive hydration treatments. And if your hair breaks easily and you notice it’s falling out, you should do protein treatments.

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