Can I go from stripey highlights to balayage? Yes, but only in some cases

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  • Yes, you can go from stripey highlights to a balayage.
  • In this article, I’ll give you 2 options to disguise stripey highlights: balayage from (almost) the roots or dyeing them with your original color.
  • I don’t recommend a balayage if you have very dark-colored hair.
  • Also, if your hair is very fine or damaged.


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Don’t Like My Highlights, I hate them! What can I do?


Did you get stripey highlights and want to fix them with a balayage?


Don’t worry. Almost everything has a solution in the hairdressing world.

The answer is yes: you can go from stripey highlights to a balayage.


Now, let’s analyze what happened to you.

The stripes could be fine or   thick. 

There are two possible solutions. You could  ask for a position at the zoo as a zebra   or ask for an appointment in a beauty salon.


If you go for the latter, I’ll give you a series of tips to keep in mind when you look for the solution to this problem.

Let’s go!


2 methods to get rid of stripey highlights with a balayage

Girl with blonde balayage at beauty salon

Stripey highlights are usually unwanted.   

People usually prefer soft and smooth highlights.

I’ll give you 2 options to correct them with a balayage.

Get a balayage from (almost) the roots

Generally, a balayage starts in your mid-hair instead of very close to the root.

A balayage is  a slow gradient from the darkest roots to a very light shade at the ends  without divisions along the way.


But if you’re trying to disguise stripey highlights, this technique will help you pretend they were done on purpose.

 The result will be a very blonde balayage. 

While it may not be the best solution, it’ll help you get through a few months  until the stripes start to fade as your hair grows out  and you can get a real balayage.

Dye your roots with your natural color and imitate the classic balayage

Another solution is to apply a dye of your own shade on the roots and have the balayage from mid-length.

This job will take hours of hairdressing, but it’s the right solution. 


First, your hairdresser will divide and locate as many highlights as possible.

Once this arduous task is completed,  he should pre-pigment those highlights.  Then, dye your hair with your current color.

This can be done with a dye without ammonia so as not to damage the hair. Finally, go for a balayage.


In this case,  you’ll have to softly bleach it because you’ll have traces of the stripey highlights  that were previously bleached.

Therefore,  the result will be a balayage with highlights in two shades of blonde,  which will look beautiful.

But wait! That’s not all.


Another alternative is to apply the dye at the roots without pre-pigmentation and do the balayage.

In this case, the result will be  darker roots but with lighter highlights  of the same shade. Then, the balayage.

It’ll look very nice. However, washes will fade the streaked highlights and they’ll start to show.  


If that happens, you must tone your roots every 15 to 20 days to keep the dark tone in perfect condition.


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If your hair is dyed very dark or if it’s fine, forget about a balayage

woman with balayage clutches her head

 Still, a balayage is not always a solution  for stripey highlights. Sometimes, it could worsen the condition of the hair.


  • If your hair was dyed dark, the balayage will be a copper tone.
 Then, you’ll have an unpleasant range of colors in your hair.  


  • If you have very fine or chemically treated hair, a balayage could damage it.

You couldn’t disguise the original problem, and your hair would look very dry.


In both cases, one possibility could be to apply a tone-on-tone of the same hair color  so that the stripey highlights look faded   until your hair grows out.

That way, in 5 to 6 months the highlights will have grown enough to simulate a kind of balayage.



If you have stripey highlights,  a balayage could be the solution, but it could also complicate your situation.

Make an appointment at your regular salon and talk to your trusted hairdresser.

 They’ll find the right solution  to improve your hair.


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