My Hairdresser Dyed My Hair Black instead of Brown, What do I do?

Black haired woman covers her face

If the hairdresser dyed your hair black instead of brown, here are 2 possible solutions:

  • Solution 1: You can get highlights. These will blend in with your black hair and it will look lighter.
  • Solution 2: Another option is to do a sweep, but I don’t recommend it because the process is very aggressive.


That’s not all.

In this article, we’ll find out together the reasons why your hairdresser ended up leaving your hair black instead of brown:

  • Reason 1: You took a picture from the internet as a sample and now you look nothing like your sample picture.
  • Reason 2: Communication failed. Maybe you didn’t explain well or your hairdresser didn’t understand exactly what you wanted.


If you want to go straight to the 2 solutions to stop your hair from looking black, click here.


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Did you go to the hair salon to color your hair and your hairdresser left your hair black instead of brown?


Believe it or not,  this kind of situation is pretty common.  I’ll tell you all about it in this article.

Let’s get started!


2 reasons why your hairdresser dyed your hair black instead of brown

Woman showing hairdresser on phone what she wants to her hair

If your hairdresser dyed your hair a black color instead of brown, the following will interest you. Learn the reasons why it can happen!


Reason 1: You took a picture from the internet as a sample and now your look looks nothing like the model’s hair

Did you know that  99.9% of magazine and website photos are digitally retouched? 


So when you ask the hairdresser to dye your hair the same color as a photo,  that’s why the results are very different  and usually not what you wanted at all.

What’s more, if you could meet that model in person, your disappointment would be huge, because  when they come out of the photo set, their hair will looks nothing like the photos. 



So, imagining that your hairdresser can get the exact same color you see in an internet photo can sometimes lead to  your hair looking black instead of brown. 

Anyway, don’t worry! It has a solution and I’ll tell you about it in a moment.


Reason 2: Communication problems: you didn’t explain well or your hairdresser didn’t understand what you wanted

Client viewing the dye sampler with her hairdresser

Miscommunication or misunderstandings can lead to problems when you go to the salon.

What do I mean?


For most people, there are three hair colors: black, brown, and blonde.

But there are actually  9 shades that mimic natural hair colors:  black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, dark blonde, medium blonde, light blonde, extra light blonde, and super light blonde.

So what’s up with that?


The problem is that  there’s very little difference between a light brown and a dark blonde they are both “light browns”. I’ll give you an example.


For most people, the typical blondes are Marilyn Monroe and Madonna, but they actually wear a super light blonde.

 If you ask a hairdresser to dye your hair dark brown  and they take your request at face value, guess what?


Your hair will look black and not brown!

In cases like this, both the hairdresser and the client are responsible for the mistake. Why?


The client is  responsible for not making sure the color they asked for is exactly what they want . And the hairdresser is also responsible for not being suspicious enough to show the client a color chart, so they can confirm this is what they want and not another color.


I’ll tell you a 100% true story of a client whose hair turned black instead of brown

Applying dye to dark hair

A new colorist had started working at the hair salon. At that time, a client came in; Nelly (a very prestigious lawyer from our city).

She had a very washed-out brown color, with two months of growth.  Without seeing the color chart, she asked us to dye her hair a not very light brown. 

The new colorist, in her lack of experience, applied a mixture of dark brown with a little medium brown.

Can you imagine what happened?


 Nelly almost fainted when she saw her hair so dark. 

Of course, she complained loudly that the colorist had applied black instead of brown, which of course wasn’t true.


When I managed to calm her down and explain everything, she acknowledged that they had both been wrong.  Everything would have been solved with better communication. 


2 possible solutions to stop your hair from looking black

clean hair after doing highlights in salon


First of all, you need to calm down. You can’t turn time back. How about we look for a solution?


Since it’s the first time this has happened to you, your hair isn’t yet as over-pigmented as if you always apply black dye. Therefore,  removing it won’t be that difficult. 


  • Solution 1: Apply a highlights cap and  lighten your hair up with a medium intensity bleach. 

This way,  you’ll leave the hair salon with a beige color, a product of the mix  of highlights and your black hair.

I know it’s not exactly what you wanted, but  it’s a great alternative if your hair is black instead of brown. 


  • Solution 2: This is the most dangerous of all and the one I recommend the least: do a sweep of all your hair.

Why don’t I recommend it? Because the process is very aggressive and can leave several different tones in your hair. In addition, lowering the tone progressively instead of doing a sweep will ensure you have healthier hair.



As we’ve seen in this article, communication with your hairdresser is fundamental:  you must be absolutely clear in your request.  If you have any doubts, don’t stay quiet.

What else?


Ask for the color chart and make sure your hairdresser has understood what you want. Cheer up, you’ll soon have the look you wanted.


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